It may be art to Shepard Fairey, but if it looks like graffiti to you, call (323) 848-6557 to report any unauthorized paintings or writing on public or private property.

The city will remove graffiti free of charge, usually within three days of notification. Graphic or obscene graffiti is removed immediately.


Property Maintenance

If the apartment you rent or a nearby property isn’t being maintained properly, and the owner isn’t responsive, call the city’s Property Maintenance Complaint Line at (323) 848-6505. State your name, address, phone number, the nature of the problem, and whether the landlord has been informed of it. A Code Enforcement officer will call you back, usually within two working days.


Rodents and Bees

Call the Los Angeles County West Vector Control District at (310) 915-7370 to report rats and mice and dangerous bees (not the sweet honey kind).


Sidewalk Repair

Call the Transportation and Public Works Department at (323) 848-6375 to report broken or damaged sidewalks. Note the address closest to the problem, landmarks such as “next to the street light” or “a couple of feet south of the driveway,” and a brief description of the problem.



Streetlights are under the jurisdiction of Southern California Edison. You can report street light outages at (800) 655-4555. Or you can go to SCE Street Light Outage to report online.