Crime Mapping: Find Out When and Where Crimes Occur in West Hollywood

Welcome to Crimemapping, a website that allows you to track both serious and not so serious crimes throughout West Hollywood, using data provided by the LA County Sherff’s Department.

The map is interactive. You can scroll around and zoom in on a block either using + or – symbols located at the bottom left of your screen.  On a mobile device, pinch to zoom.

An icon denotes a crime. You can view details on a particular crime by clicking or tapping the icon. Then  a post will appear with details. What do the icons mean? Click or tap on the What icon on the left side of the map for the legend.

The data is updated automatically throughout the day, Why is a crime you know about not on the map?  It either may not have been uploaded yet or law enforcement officers are working on reports, investigations, etc. Some crimes do not appear until days after they’ve occurred.  If you want further information on a crime listed below, contact the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station at ‭(310) 855-8850‬.