1. I appreciate Alan Strasberg’s opinion… specifically in his article addressing the image WeHo apparently chooses to portray to the outside community…

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  3. Hi Henry.
    I had made a comment following an article about Ryan Gierach and his latest news. It was awaiting moderation, but it did not appear. Did you get it and decide not to print? Let me know if you didn’t get it…I will send another one. Thank you.

  4. A decade after the Web hammered the last nail into the coffin of our local print publications that historically had relied on adult section ads for a portion of income, it seems the legislators have caught up. Too late for Frontiers, but thankfully, this site actively maintains the vital journalistic mission of in-depth investigation and reporting on issues of importance to the various facets of our local community.
    Thanks for all you do!

  5. I like the new layout of the website, but I really liked having the ability to forward a story to people. are you going to bring that back?

    1. Good question! I’ll ask our developer. I hadn’t realized that option had been lost. In the meantime, a slightly more cumbersome approach is the copy the story url and send it in an email

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