1. WEHOville updated the story at 1:25 a.m. today to announce the cancellation and changed the headline to read: “Cancelled: Latest George Floyd Demonstration Scheduled for Monday on Sunset”.

    1. WEHOville updated the story at 1:25 a.m. today to announce the cancellation and changed the headline to read: “Cancelled: Latest George Floyd Demonstration Scheduled for Monday on Sunset”.

  1. Hi! I was night manager of Googies Coffeeshop during the early and mid-50s. I was an actor then, under contract to Fox, but always preferred writing. Hence, I’m now a long time writer (books, screenplays, TV) and my two books “Googies: Coffeeshop to the Stars, Vol 1 and 2) have been very successful. Believe me, during my seven years there, and on the Strip, I knew every star and bit player and extra in Hollywood. I lived at Errol Flynn’s Mulholland House for several months in 1950-51, and again was introduced to all the stars he knew. Quite a life, my friend. Keep up the great work! Hugs, Steve Hayes

  2. Commissioner Adam said it would be highly subjective for the city to try to determine the exact parking needs of these special needs populations. That is what an environmental study could help determine. If Commissioner Adam really believes “We would just be sitting here debating what special needs is, which I don’t believe as a Planning Commission we’re really qualified to do,” maybe he is not qualified for his position.

    Even the affordable housing buildings that target residents with special needs such as autism, cerebral palsy, epilepsy, or those at risk of becoming homelessness have parking needs. Some of the residents may not drive, but their visiting family members and friends do, as well as the staffing at these facilities. The families at risk of becoming homeless most likely own cars, where should they park those vehicles? It’s time to get realistic about parking.

  3. Is West Hollywood discontinuing the use of red light cameras? Temporary or permanent? They seem to all be gone. Or they’ve hidden them. The signs, though, are still up. Can you investigate with the city?

  4. I was surprised that the community center and the swimming pool have not been demolished yet. What has held this up. I would like to know. This is for west Hollywood park.

  5. I’m against man’s decision to legalize anything that God has commanded against !!! Like LGBT actions…This is Un- Biblical, and sinful …sited in a few diff books, even in Old Testament !!! A compromise, the devil tempted these people to make into law. However God’s law Trump’s that !!!

  6. The City of Wes Hollywood Parking Enforcement is withholding information to residents and motorist in regards to what they are and aren’t citing during the the outbreak of the Covid-19! Ask a parking enforcement officer what is being enforced they would direct to you the City’s website and the City’s website only offers so much! There is much more FREE parking than the city is mentioning. West Hollywood is totally being unfair at such an urgent time for residents and motorist! Stay woke people.

  7. Is there any way the City Council can have Pavillion’s, Ralph’s and Bristol Farms open early for seniors? Only Gelsons is doing that.

  8. How do we get The city to preserve the neon sign at the collet and leash? I think it should be installed at the dog park at the new West Hollywood park. It could speak (bark) to the neon swimmer that will be relocated to the new rooftop swimming center.

  9. This Thursday at the planning commission meeting they are voting on removing the service department on the Chevron on La Cienega and Holloway. They want to turn it into a 24 hour convenience store. We will have no more service on vehicles there. They also want to add a car wash there. Please attend and help stop this from happening. Thank you
    March 5th, 2020 6:30 pm

  10. Can we please rally to get the City to STOP closing down West Hollywood park for a minimum 14 days for the Oscar event? The size and simplicity of the event do NOT warrant that interruption .

    Any advice on how to get this done – petition with Dept of Recreation?


  11. I think it’s great what you are doing for the community by keeping people aware of the community commerce. I just think it’s ironic that there’s a cancer ward for the super rich near housing for the disenfranchised. The vast disparity reflects how we may never fix the real issues that we have like homelessness, crime etc. Thank you for keeping me aware of our community and have a great day.

  12. Just learned today, from this website, that a major high-rise hotel/condos might be built across the street from the new SPROUTS. Well another mega-7 story-high rise is ALSO being planed a block away…they will knock down Barney Beanery, Nikko Sushi Restaurant and the STAMPEDE production offices on Olive Drive….and entire block with another planned hotel, condos, stores, restaurants, a nightclub, recording studio, flower shop, etc. Where can a WeHo resident start to complain/ protest about all the building of massive complexes within a block or two from each other…..currently under construction is the former site of House of Blues, the entire block is a hotel, condo and stores on Olive Drive between Sunset & Fountain Ave. — one block from this other planned complex. We are being overwhelmed, over built and way to much traffic within 2 blocks of each other. What can I/we do?
    Richard Gordon

  13. Anyone know why or how the bike shop just east of the old Basix were able without any visible permits to take over 3 parking spaces in front of their store to construct permanent-looking outdoor seating?

  14. I appreciate Alan Strasberg’s opinion… specifically in his article addressing the image WeHo apparently chooses to portray to the outside community…

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  16. Hi Henry.
    I had made a comment following an article about Ryan Gierach and his latest news. It was awaiting moderation, but it did not appear. Did you get it and decide not to print? Let me know if you didn’t get it…I will send another one. Thank you.

  17. A decade after the Web hammered the last nail into the coffin of our local print publications that historically had relied on adult section ads for a portion of income, it seems the legislators have caught up. Too late for Frontiers, but thankfully, this site actively maintains the vital journalistic mission of in-depth investigation and reporting on issues of importance to the various facets of our local community.
    Thanks for all you do!

  18. I like the new layout of the website, but I really liked having the ability to forward a story to people. are you going to bring that back?

    1. Good question! I’ll ask our developer. I hadn’t realized that option had been lost. In the meantime, a slightly more cumbersome approach is the copy the story url and send it in an email

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