Gold Coast Wraps Up a 39-Year Run As One of WeHo’s Most Popular Gay Bars

Gold Coast employees packed up 39 years of memories on Saturday while long time customers walked inside to share memories and stood in the parking lot outside to say good bye.

The bar, which sits on the southeast corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and North La Jolla Avenue, is the fourth gay-oriented nightspot to close during the COVID-19 pandemic. Its owners were unable to renegotiate their lease with landlord Monte Overstreet.

Gold Coast on the corner of Santa Monica Boulevard and La Jolla.
Packed up and ready to go, the room that housed Gold Coast’s DJ and pool table.
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Long Time Resident
Long Time Resident
3 months ago

This Monte Overstreet guy is the one who people should be angry at. He is the one behind all the gay bars closing.

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