Christopher McDonald Withdraws from the Race for West Hollywood City Council

Christopher McDonald

Christopher McDonald has announced that he is withdrawing from the race for West Hollywood City Council.

McDonald’s withdrawal means there will only be nine active candidates in the Nov. 3 election. His name will remain on the ballot where the names were finalized on Aug. 7.

“With great sadness, I am ending my campaign for West Hollywood City Council due to personal reasons,” McDonald said in a statement to WEHOville. “I love this city and I have enjoyed talking with residents and hearing their hopes and concerns regarding West Hollywood.

“I hope before voting this election, all voters will make an effort to find out who City Council candidates are getting their donations from. In my opinion, it’s vital to our city that developers and special interest groups stay out of the City Council election process. To the candidates… I have really enjoyed hearing from many of you and getting to know you better. I wish you all luck on November 3rd. Thank you!”

McDonald moved to West Hollywood 20 years ago after graduating from Emerson College with a degree in Mass Communications and eventually joined the Directors Guild of America and became a television stage manager. In an op-ed published by WEHOville he emphasized his concerns about the impact of development on West Hollywood and the funding of certain candidates’ election campaigns by real estate development interests.

McDonald’s withdrawal leaves nine challengers — Larry Block, Jerome Cleary, Marco Colantonio, John Erickson, Noemi Torres, Sepi Shyne, and Mark Farhad Yusupov — running against incumbents John Duran and John Heilman. Another candidate, Tom DeMille, no longer is campaigning after it was revealed that he illegally listed a neighbor as one of his campaign committee officials. DeMille’s name also will remain on the ballot.

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Dave G
Dave G
1 day ago

Really sad about this. Christopher’s such a terrific person and citizen of this city.

Michael Grace
Michael Grace
3 days ago

Sorry to hear that. Certainly Chris would have added class and honesty to a collection of paid off political hacks like Horvath, Heilman and Duran. Salute his brief candacy by voting against any of the three “John’s” on the ballot.

Last edited 3 days ago by Michael Grace
Rob Bergstein
Rob Bergstein
4 days ago

I hope he stays involved and considers applying to serve on a board or commission so he can be of service & get to know the nuts & bolts of the city.

S milrod
S milrod
4 days ago

very sad news. Chris would have made an amazing councilman. He would’ve brought a ray of new hope, integrity, and civic honor to our City. All of which we desperately need. Best wishes his way. And I hope he makes a future run.

Chris is my neighbor who has been on the board of our HOA and we have been very lucky to have him

4 days ago

Damn. I was going to vote for him

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