People Rush to Rescue a Woman From a Burning Car on Fountain Avenue

Men pushing a car onto its wheels to rescue its driver.

People rushed to rescue a woman from her burning car after it crashed on Fountain Avenue near Curson this afternoon.

At about 5 p.m. the car flipped onto its side and starting burning after it ran into vehicles parked along Fountain.  A video posted on the Citizen app showed half a dozen men running up to the car to push it back on its wheels.  They then jumped on the car and starting breaking the windows to pull the woman out.

It is not clear what the driver’s status is.  The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station did not have information available as of 8:30 p.m.  However it is likely that she was taken to the hospital.  Emergency medical staff were on the scene as were Sheriff’s deputies.

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D Donelly
D Donelly
5 months ago

How fast was she driving? She hit at least 2 cars before flipping. Text and driving?
There are several accidents weekly between Vista and Fairfax. I witnessed yet another last night at Fountain and Gardner.
Fountain is a nightmare.

Eric Jon Schmidt
5 months ago
Reply to  D Donelly

It doesn’t matter if she was texting and driving. She should not have been doing so , but no matter what she was doing prior to the accident her life was in danger and saving her was the most important thing at the moment. She might have had a medical issue which caused the accident. It is sad that people look to blame before knowing anything about a situation. There are many variables which could have caused the accident including another driver. Investigations can be done after the fact. I believe that speed humps should be installed on Fountain. The… Read more »

Jonathan Simmons
Jonathan Simmons
5 months ago

Wow! A really bad car crash on Fountain at rush hour.

Maybe the city should take action on Fountain….

One bad crash. Add safety BEFORE another major crash.

I guess it’s time to say good by to our quiet safe Fountain Avenue… With the quiet and lovely sidewalks to have quiet strolls on…. In favor (now we for the first time know) of SAFETY FROM CAR CRASHES ON FOUNTAIN!!!!

Eric Jon Schmidt
5 months ago

The City should give the people who helped the woman out of the car a Medal of Honor. They won’ though. This was an act of true heroism, but West Hollywood has a rich history of giving recognition to people who (in my opinion) don’t deserve it. There are many example, one is the disability award to 24 hour fitness. If an act of kindness or heroism doesn’t benefit the City Council’s campaigns it doesn’t matter to them.

5 months ago

Pretty hazardous to do something like that, but when the adrenaline is pumping, you can do anything despite the safety concerns.I hope the lady is OK. Maybe the city can recognize the heroics of the men who stepped up and took action.

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