Larry Block’s City Council Campaign Attracts $13,000 in Donations

Larry Block

Larry Block’s campaign for election to the West Hollywood City Council election has attracted $12,869 in contributions. Block has contributed another $1,000 to his campaign and made a loan of $20,000 to the Larry Block for West Hollywood City Council 2020 campaign.

Thirty-one of the 48 donors of $100 or more to Block’s campaign are West Hollywood residents or businesses. The campaign also received a total of $535 in donations of less than $100. The names and addresses of those donors aren’t included in the campaign finance report, which includes donations made from Jan. 1 to June 30, 2020.

The largest donors to Block’s campaign, other than Block himself, are his sister Laurie of La Jolla, who made the maximum donation of $1,000, and W.H.B.T., the owner of Micky’s bar in West Hollywood, who also donated $1,000.

The Afriat Consulting Group donated $100 to Block’s campaign. With the exception of Afriat, none of the donors to Block’s campaign appear to be real estate interests or vendors or others seeking contracts with or approval for projects from the City of West Hollywood.  Notable donors include City Councilmember John D’Amico, who donated $200, and  Marco Colantonio, who also is running for one of the two City Council seats and donated $150.

Other candidates who have already filed their contribution reports are Councilmember John Heilman, who has received $99,020; Noemi Torres, who has raised a total of $17,280 in 2019 and thus far this year, and John Erickson, whose campaign has raised $60,856.

The deadline for filing the latest report is July 30. Other candidates who will be filing reports soon are Councilmember John Duran and challengers Marco Colantonio and Sepi Shyne.

  1. THE MAGIC WORDS TO WIN MY VOTE: “None of the [large] donors to Block’s campaign appear to be real estate interests or vendors or others seeking contracts with or approval for projects from the City of West Hollywood.”

    Yes, it’s that easy.

    If we demand that our City Council members are not bought & paid for by hotel developers, then our West Hollywood will *stop being made unlivable by rampant overdevelopment.*

    Enough is enough.

  2. No developer donations? Sounds good to
    me. If he will help put the brakes on tearing down the cottages that get replaced with boxes, gets my vote.

  3. I’ve know Larry for years and I am absolutely supporting him for city council. During this pandemic, he graciously continues to check in on me and my friend Becky, asks if we need anything. Made sure that Becky has masks to wear to dialysis. Never asked for money for the masks! He is community focused, not motivated by greed, dinners, travel, parties, boys, or the other trappings some of our council members have found to be more important than the work. Some have stopped listening.

  4. Larry Block represents Authenticity, Action, Commitment and Responsibility among several other attributes.

    At the very beginning of the pandemic he was at the lead with extolling the benefits of wearing masks for protection. It has taken the city quite some time to follow, nearly 5 months.

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