West Hollywood and Plummer Parks Ordered Closed as Visitors Violate Safety Orders

The City of West Hollywood has closed Plummer Park and West Hollywood Park after reports that half of those using the parks have not been wearing mandatory face coverings.

“Approximately 50% of park users in recent days have failed to comply with the city’s face covering requirements and social (physical) distancing protocols and have altered and/or destroyed protective barriers intended to keep playgrounds closed,” the city said in an announcement today of the City Manager’s order to close the parks. “The order is aimed at safeguarding the health and safety of community members.

Neighborhood parks such as that on Kings Road and dog parks at West Hollywood Park and William S. Hart Dog Park will remain open so long as those using the parks comply with face covering and social distancing requirements. Those who don’t wear face coverings are subject to a citation that comes with a $250 fine and an additional $50 administrative fee.

Tennis courts at West Hollywood Park and Plummer Park also will remain open. “As with dog parks, city staff and Sheriff’s personnel will closely monitor adherence to requirements,” the city said in today’s announcement. “Tennis players not adhering to health and safety protocols are subject to administrative citation as well as a one-year suspension of iTennis membership and court reservation privileges.

“The continued availability of tennis courts at West Hollywood Park and Plummer Park is dependent upon players following strict standards set forth by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and protocols that have been established to be consistent with safe-play practices issued by the United States Tennis Association (USTA), International Tennis Federation (ITF), and the United States Professional Tennis Association (USPTA). Details are available at www.weho.org/tennis.”

All of the city’s parks were first closed by an emergency executive order issued by City Manager Paul Arevalo on April 9 in response to the growing number of COVID-19 infections. The county Health Department began easing restrictions as it appearing that the number of infections was leveling, and on June 15 the City Manager allowed the parks to re-open.

In its announcement of the closings, the city noted that the county Health Department has reported a sharp increase in new COVID-19 infections and hospitalizations, “and simultaneously, approximately half of West Hollywood Park and Plummer Park visitors have continued to disregard health and safety protocols, despite signage, education, and enforcement efforts.”

People who leave their homes and go out in public in West Hollywood and the rest of Los Angeles County are required to wearing a cloth covering of their mouths and noses. Such coverings have been proven to reduce the change that one can infect another by transmitting the COVID-19 virus through the air by sneezing, coughing, or talking loudly. Recently health experts have said that face coverings also can protect those who wear them.

  1. West Hollywood just hit the local news with this avoidable failure and then the Mayor Lindsey Horvath was interviewed pleading in her quest for funds to be distributed to West Hollywood among other communities.

    Mayor Horvath where were you when all the horses left the gate on this pandemic? Would you call cheerleading at Pan Pacific Park without the slightest anticipation of what might and did exponentially occur? Do you believe that is responsible governance?

    Should we collect funds for your round trip plane ticket to New Zealand for a tutorial by PM Jacinda Ardern? PM Ardern got it instinctively and executed clearly. That is a universal lesson.

  2. Just shows how incompetent this city council is at making rules and failing to enforce. Is it really not possible to have a cop at the entrances to give warnings and tickets so the rest of us can enjoy being outside? Come on Lindsey, if you really want to get to Sacremento, take charge.

  3. How are mask requirements being enforced with the homeless population? There are many without masks, are we offering or distributing, or just fining?

  4. To me if there were more consequences to the specific offenders of this behavior it might help. It’s like children, if there are no consequences they will continue to misbehave. I see it all over West Hollywood, people walking by law enforcement officers with no face coverings and nothing is said. It’s never going to stop unless the behavior is punished

  5. They certainly weren’t arresting anyone or closing down public places when
    WEHO was hosting all those protests every other day. With dozens of people running around without masks. And falling all over each other kneeling. With no distancing. But of course that was politically correct.

    1. But the virus won’t surge because this is a “protest.” so the experts say. LOL. Who are these radicals that run this state, and city (into the ground) think they’re fooling.

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