John Erickson Announces His Resignation as President of Hollywood NOW

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John Erickson, a candidate in the Nov. 3 West Hollywood City Council election, has resigned from his position as president of the Hollywood branch of the National Organization for Women.

“It’s been one of my greatest honors and privileges to serve as @Hollywood_NOW’s president,” Erickson said in an online post.  He said he was resigning effective July 31 to focus on his City Council election campaign.

Erickson currently works as director of public affairs at Planned Parenthood Los Angeles. Erickson was the deputy to former City Councilmember Abbe Land and was appointed to the West Hollywood Planning Commission by City Councilmember John Heilman, who is running for re-election.  He is seen as a close ally of Heilman and Mayor Lindsey Horvath.

Erickson has emphasized that he is a feminist. However, last week he nominated himself as vice chair of the Planning Commission and was selected in a majority vote by the male members of the Commission. Erickson’s nomination of himself, which is an unusual move, effectively pushed aside Lynn Hoopingarner, who was next in line for the position in terms of seniority. That upset some women who are active in civic affairs in West Hollywood.

He also found himself in the middle of some controversy when he participated in the painting of the transgender flag image at the intersection of Santa Monica and San Vicente boulevards on the night before the June 14 All Black Lives Matter protest march. Councilmembers John Duran and Lauren Meister had objected that the painting was done without those involved obtaining permission from the city in advance.

On his campaign website, Erickson notes that in 2017 he was appointed by Gov. Jerry Brown to the California Commission on the Status of Women and Girls and he says he is proud to have been involved in a campaign that overturned California’s statute of limitations on rape and sexual assault.

He describes himself as “an accomplished activist, administrator, and consensus builder — both locally and nationally.”

  1. He’s the gift that keeps on giving and the filing period hasn’t even closed yet.

    Actions speak louder than words. Remember this on Election Day.

  2. Remember WEHO voters, YOU can change things locally as well as nationally on November 3rd. But if you don’t get out and vote you are doomed to “business as usual”. There are 23,000 registered voters in West Hollywood, only a fraction of us vote. You want CHANGE? You want to prevent arrogant, self-serving politicians running your lives? VOTE.

  3. Thank goodness John Erickson chose to step up and nominate himself for the Vice Chair position on the City’s Planning Commission, and thank goodness the majority of the commission voted for Erickson over Lynn Hoopingarner.

    This internal leadership struggle was NOT about Men vs. Women, but rather YIMBY (Erickson) vs. NIMBY (Hoopingarner). And I’m proud of the Planning Commission for choosing YIMBY values to be represented in its leadership instead of NIMBY interests.

    Erickson is ambitious, but he is also dedicated to our City and selfless in his representation of ALL our City’s residents visitors and workers. Yes, it is possible to be both ambitious and selfless — and it is at this intersection that Erickson embodies so well where the most impactful and humane work can be accomplished.

    As Vice President of Hollywood NOW, I will greatly miss Ericsson’s leadership.
    His tireless efforts elevated our chapter in significant ways under his leadership, and his resignation is a true loss. But I, personally, am looking forward to seeing Erickson take on bigger leadership roles and receive opportunities to increase the scope of his positive impact and public service.

    And to all the men who commented with suggestions on what Hollywood NOW should do next … thanks, but no thanks. We got this.

    1. There is a huge difference between asking hard questions of developers and making sure neighborhood and quality of life issues are addressed and being a NIMBY. We have plenty of “YIMBY” Council members who are quick to rubber stamp any development no matter how far outside our General Plan. I admire Hoopingarner for at least making sure the concerns of the residents are at least discussed.

    2. Mr. Erickson is not knowledgable in any of the disciplines necessary for Planning Commission.

      Ms. Hoopingarner is simply curious, methodical and well qualified.

      Regardless of gender, we see the aspects of this magnified exponentially. The lack of curiosity and knowledge vs. the talent for posturing through excessive ego is currently creating unfathomable damage nationally and internationally.

      Think Globally, Act Locally.

    3. Karen, could you tell us specifically how Erickson’s “tireless efforts elevated our chapter in significant ways”? Word on the street has it that the National N. O. W. has been none too happy with the Hollywood chapter. Maybe you could tell us what he’s done. Thank you.

  4. “… upset some women who are active in civic affairs …”

    Gee, ya’ think??

    Nominated and groomed by Heilman for a Council seat, he’s perhaps the least-competent member of any of our city’s Boards or Commissions. Tone-deaf, selfish, bubble-headed, and misogynistic – he comes across as a dilettante running for the sole purpose of inflating his own insecure ego.

    The one thing in his favor is that he’ll fit right in with councilmembers who’ve overstayed their own welcomes.

    I eagerly await Commissioner Hoopingarner schooling him in upcoming commission meetings.

  5. Word of the Day, EMPLEOMANIA: the manic desire to hold public office at whatever cost. I can think of a number of males in power in WeHo who love to soak in their selfish misogyny and impose it on the women who have to interact with them. They never realize they’ve overstayed their welcome.

  6. WOW! Self promotion at an alarmingly blatant pace. He resigned to focus more on his candidacy? He has shown who he is far too many times for me to buy that line. He is most likely looking for an endorsement from Hollywood NOW and it might just not work this time if he were to NOMINATE himself for that endorsement.

    His vote on the last Planning Commission is not the first time he has voted against a senior female commissioner. He voted that way in last year’s vice chair vote. He clearly has a pattern of self-serving, misogynistic behavior!

    He may be fooling many a voter in West Hollywood, but NOT this one.

  7. I’m hoping there’s a back story to this resignation and the members of Hollywood Now actually demanded John Erickson’s resignations after his unprofessional power play performance at the Planning Commission.

    His “consensus builder” self description is a farce.

  8. There were also MEN who were appalled by the arrogant behavior of Commissioner Erickson leapfrogging over Commissioner Hoopingarner for Vice Chair by nominating himself. Interesting that Erickson wanted to concentrate on his campaign by stepping off the NOW board, but he wanted to be vice chair on Planning. I believe it was a good idea he leave NOW because his actions last week were certainly not in line with NOW’s org. mission statement. NOW’s original mission statement read “The purpose of NOW is to take action to bring women into full participation in the mainstream of American society now, exercising all privileges and responsibilities thereof in truly equal partnership with men…” ( . it doesn’t have a caveat of “unless women get in your way on your political climb.”

  9. Gosh, the kudos that politicos and politico wannabe ascribe to themselves are mind boggling. Erickson is a misogynist extraordinaire wrapped in faux-feminism to suit his naked political ambition. He and Queen Lindsey seek to share the thrones of the WeHo monarchy once King John finds himself overthroned due to term limits.

    1. Hi Alan. Does your back hurt for carrying West Hollywood’s moral compass? Sit down Momma. You’re at a 10 let’s bring you to a three.

      1. Not to put too fine of a point on it, but compasses indicate direction relative to the North Pole so I’m missing something on what appears to be a scale of ten analogy.

    2. Alan, you state what most of us are feeling when it comes to political ambitious upstarts who subscribe to only their way of thinking and ascribe to what they think as correct—if not ascribing to entitlement views! It is unfortunate that people treat city council politics as high school council or student committees and commissions—we don’t care about the imbedded political motives. This is not aligned with what it means to be elected. Eject the unelected who only serve by being selected.

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