WeHo Sheriff’s Deputies Ticket Those Not Wearing Masks, Orange County Embraces Them

While COVID-19 infections and deaths are reaching new highs in Los Angeles County and throughout California, there are still some people who aren’t wearing the face coverings that have been proven to reduce the likelihood of transmitting and inhaling the virus.

In West Hollywood, the Sheriff’s Station has begun issuing citations to those ignoring the requirement to wear a mask. The citations come with a fine of $250 and a $50 administration fee.

Lt. William Moulder said that Sheriff’s Station teams yesterday conducted a face cover/mask operation that resulted in eight people being cited in Plummer Park and four in other areas of West Hollywood. Deputies provided each person cited with a mask. Previously the Sheriff’s Station had focused on simply warning people of the mask requirement and had handed out more than 100 masks to people who weren’t wearing them.

While some West Hollywood residents have expressed alarm at seeing people not wearing masks, it’s clear that WeHo, and probably all of L.A. County, is safer than Orange County, where the board of supervisors rescinded an earlier decision to require that masks be worn in public.

J.T. Parr and Chad Kroeger, the comedic twenty-something bros who have shown up twice to speak out on issues before the West Hollywood City Council, recently went to Huntington Beach where they attempted to hand out masks to people on the sidewalk.

As can be seen in the video above, they were greeted with laughter and profanity, with a number of Huntington Beachers claiming COVID-19 was a lie. “It’s not a mask, it’s a muzzle,” yelled one.  

Which raises the question, should Los Angeles County bar Orange Countians from driving across our border? And should L.A. County residents not visit Orange County until this pandemic is over? Hmmm.

Kroeger and Parr’s commitment to activism, with a sense of humor, is what they spend their time on.  Their Chad Goes Deep website and “Going Deep: Giving Advice to Bros and Everybody Else” podcast tells the story.

  1. Since Day 1 of this situation, the runners who are huffing and puffing are not wearing masks. It’s selfish to expose Me potentially, in the name of Your health.

  2. Wow, I used to live in Huntington Beach and I am glad I no longer live there.The place has become the mask resistance center of Southern California. It is a shame such a beautiful place has become strange and hateful.

  3. Perhaps the city should finally step up w #masksfornresidents – they start off in March denying the need for masks at the beginning of this community spread and then they go the other extreme w gigantic fines. A consistent message might help.

  4. Fauci on March 8: There is no reason to be walking around with a mask. When you’re in the middle of an outbreak, wearing a mask might make people feel a little bit better and it might even block a droplet, but it’s not providing the perfect protection that people think that it is. And, often, there are unintended consequences — people keep fiddling with the mask and they keep touching their face.

          1. At the time, there wasn’t enough data available to Dr. Fauci and other experts worldwide to definitively say whether masks would be effective at all. Our testing in early March was almost nonexistent and people were panic buying surgical/N95 masks (there was rampant price gouging and black market sales as well), so US public health experts decided to err on the side of making sure our health workers had the masks they needed. Dr. Fauci also wanted to make sure that people didn’t think the N95 with the valve that people were panic buying would somehow magically protect them in a crowded indoor restaurant in New York with no ventilation at the height of their pandemic (which is still true, considering that indoor gatherings are driving the infection spread especially hard).

            Trotting out a 4-month-old quote when there’s more recent mask guidance from Dr. Fauci based on stronger data as early as April is extremely misleading. What is the point of doing it, other than to try and discredit Dr. Fauci as Peter Navarro tried to do, or to try to discredit mask guidance/mandates?

            If the point is to show how scientists seemingly contradict earlier positions, that’s because they saw credible data that changed their minds. I think we beat up on public figures for simply changing their minds far too often, because it compels them to make decisions based on outdated beliefs.

  5. If you don’t wear a mask or face covering……you get a ticket. It’s simple. It’s not politics…it’s not infringing on your rights….IT’S THE LAW…..Why? Because it can save lives. If you don’t wear one, you show your stupidity, arrogance and inconsideration of others……AND YOU GET A TICKET.

    1. Exactly, same as wearing a seat belt. Oh right, I forgot, seat belts are an infringement on my right to live freely! That was the unfortunate reaction 50 years ago.

  6. Totally agree we should be compliant with covering our faces, helping to stop the spread of COVID-19, and deputies citing those not wearing masks. I have one question, though: Can ordinary WeHoians cite the sheriff deputies who are not wearing masks? I would have made $600 yesterday, and I wasn’t even on the look out.

  7. I’ll be the exclusive arbitrator of what covers or doesn’t cover my face. I’ll continue on my 1 AM maskless runs which extend partially through incorporated West Hollywood. If someone has a problem with it that’s just too bad for them. I will not comply!

    1. You must be confused by the virus. An arbitrator is a person that can only make decisions based on a specific arbitration format which has its own rules and regulations whereas an arbiter can determine the outcome of any type of dispute.

      Tally Ho, coronavirus……the hounds are on Full Cry!

    1. Except for the fact that the inauguration isn’t until Jan 20.

      If you thought the last 4 years were bad, just wait for the period of time between the election and the inauguration. It’s gonna get crazy once he loses.

      And I love the fact that you’re hanging your hopes on Joe Biden. I’m sure you’re not setting yourself up for any disappointment at all.

  8. Depressing to see how many illiterate and irresponsible folks are inhabiting our country and more so ones that appear to have no self respect.

    Presumably most of these folks will take a medication for a prescribed period to get over whatever ailment they have. If they don’t follow through, the ailment does and one is incapacitated even longer or they never get well or perhaps infect their family and/or friends. Elementary logic.

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