LA County Announces the Largest One-Day Count of COVID-19 Infections

UPDATE 7:15 p.m.: The Health Department’s database reports that six people at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station have been confirmed to be infected with the COVID-19 virus as have three employees of Whole Foods at 7871 Santa Monica Blvd.

As of today, there are 255 confirmed COVID-19 infections in West Hollywood. That is an increase of nine from the 246 reported on Sunday and the largest day-over-day increase reported so far.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health today announced 2,903 new COVID-19 infections countywide, which it said is the single largest one-day case count since the pandemic began. That brings the total number of confirmed infections in L.A. County to 100,722. The Health Department reports 22 new COVID-19 related deaths, bring the total number of people who have died from virus-related issues to 3,326.

“The alarming increases in cases, positivity rates and hospitalizations signals that we, as a community, need to take immediate action to slow the spread of COVID-19,” said Health Department Director Barbara Ferrer. “Otherwise, we are quickly moving toward overwhelming our healthcare system and seeing even more devastating illness and death.”

In today’s announcement, the Health Department cited data indicating a steep increase in infections. “The seven-day average of daily reported new cases of COVID-19 is nearly 2,000, an increase from the 1,379 average two weeks ago,” it said. “There are 1,710 people currently hospitalized, higher than the 1,350 to 1,450 daily hospitalizations seen in recent weeks.”

“For individuals, we are all still safer at home, but if you must be out, practice physical distancing and wear a cloth face covering at all times when you are around others,” Ferrer said in today’s announcement. “Our actions to slow the spread cannot wait – we need to do these actions now and for the weeks ahead in order to prevent even more serious illness and death.

“Everyone must always wear a face covering securely over your nose and mouth and keep six feet apart from others not in your household when out and about. Businesses must continue to follow Public Health directives. It is the collective responsibility shared between everyone including businesses and residents to slow the spread of COVID-19 to prevent an overwhelming surge of COVID-19 cases at healthcare facilities and save lives.”

As of today, 235 residents of Beverly Hills have tested positive for COVID-19 as have 205 residents of Culver City. The Hollywood neighborhood to the east of West Hollywood today has 452 confirmed cases.  The Melrose neighborhood has 874.

Residents with questions about the COVID-19 pandemic and who are looking for resources to deal with it can find answers on the City of West Hollywood’s website. Here is a list of links to sections about particular subjects and issues:

  1. These are only “confirmed” cases of those who have chosen to be tested. It does not account for those who don’t get tested, pay attention or in a state of reality.

    The US is proving to be the weakest link in a worldwide health crisis. What goes around comes around.

    Pay attention to credible news reporting from PBS stations:

    FRANCE 24

    Get a world view combined with US correspondents that can coordinate with local and statewide directives.

    Nothing takes place of the obvious and simple


    No one will save us other than ourselves.

  2. Drove down Santa Monica Blvd at 10amish

    While foot traffic was sparse, So were masks. The great majority of people didn’t have them or were wearing them down around their neck

    One guy who was on line for the coffee place across from City Hall had his mask down so he could talk on the phone. And he was at the front of the line.

    The area in front of Z Pizza seems to be a particular hang out with no mask spot.

    I am so frustrated and angry

  3. Today, countries in the European Union feel that the US has been helpful in the Coronavirus pandemic at a rate of 2%.

    Thank you Donald Trump and your chaotic mismanagement for ruining the credibility of our country.

    1. The L.A. County Health Department database still lists the death count for West Hollywood as four.

    1. There are no numbers, yet, to back up your assertion. It seems that store owners and customers not heeding the medical guidance are to blame.

      I saw photos of the protesters where all people (if not most) were wearing masks. Being outdoors is healthier than being inside.

      And: Patience is a virtue.

  4. An increase of 621 cases in a 7 day period from the 1379 cases two weeks ago.

    The viral spreaders that participated unmasked and un-distanced during the protests and elsewhere since May 30 have invited this killer onto our doorsteps.

    Where were the extreme cautions voiced by city leaders as to the peril by participating in protests? Yes the protests were important but everyone wearing a mask and keeping distance was possible since these were outside in the open air.

    Our city is still in a free fall of near denial which is staggering. An earthquake would have resulted in immediate action, an assessment of damage and a life saving plan but this silent ghost roams around unperturbed ruining lives, businesses, careers and economic structure,

    The precautions were and remain staggeringly simple. Showing lack of respect for others clearly shows one has no self respect.

    1. City leaders? They are just elected people. That’s all. They have no qualifications. Just look at Lindsey Horvath. She was encouraging the painting of the center of the intersection. She goes from one thing to another. Tweet here tweet there. Blah blah blah.

      But one thing we know. She’s always on the take for pay to play. She’s for sale. Just ask the Manni Brothers or Townscape!

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