WeHo Sheriff’s Deputies Celebrate a Young Woman’s Hard Work and Dedication

Warning: This might bring tears to your eyes. But it surely will also bring some warmth to your heart.

It shows West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies celebrating Alexandra Petrasek, 24, who was to have graduated as No. 1 in her class at Keck Graduate Institute in Claremont. Petrasek has earned a Masters of Science in human genetics and genetic counseling, but the graduation ceremony was cancelled because of the COVID-19 pandemic.

“West Hollywood deputies and her family decided to honor her for her commitment, hard work, and dedication,” said Capt. Edward Ramirez. “Alex’s reaction is priceless.”

She attended Milken Community High School, a small Jewish day school, and then earned a Bachelor’s of Psychology at Tulane University. Her father is an internist and she grew up going to the clinic with him everyday. She became obsessed with medicine.

Petrasek’s dedication to earning her Masters degree is evident in the fact that she was not accepted in her initial application for a genetic counseling program admission. She then learned she needed gallbladder surgery. “Once I recovered, I dedicated my time to strengthening my application with additional coursework and crisis counseling experience. In the meantime, KGI founded its program, and the timing could not have been more perfect to reapply!” Petrasek says in a profile on the Keck website.

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1 month ago

What a nice community thing to do!

Raymond Cady
Raymond Cady
1 month ago

Congratulations!!! So very proud of you and your accomplishments!!! Don’t let anyone steal your dreams!!!

1 month ago

Huge Achievement. Congratulations!

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