He (She?) Is Back in the Race for City Council. But He Isn’t

Jack Cline (aka Jackie OMG), on the left in drag and on the right lobbying in Sacramento on behalf of the nurses union

One of the more eccentric candidates in the last election for a seat on West Hollywood City Council is back in the race, and another, who has said he is running and then that he isn’t and then that he is, now has confirmed that he won’t be in the race because he no longer lives in WeHo.

Jack Cline announced his candidacy in a recent email message to members of the City Council. “I will be running as my drag persona: Jackie OMG (Oh My Goodness). My name on the ballot will be my drag name,” he said.

Cline, who is a registered nurse, works at Providence St. John’s Medical Center in Santa Monica. He was one of several nurses recently suspended after refusing to work inside a coronavirus ward without being provided N95 protective masks. Cline was one of 11 candidates in the March 2019 election for three Council seats. He came in last, with 3/10ths of one percent of the 6,170 votes.

Eric Jon Schmidt, who came in 10th in the March 2019 election with 4/10ths of one percent of the vote, recently confirmed that he won’t be running for a Council seat this time. He had announced in April 2019 that he would be in the race.

Schmidt describes himself as Cline’s BFF and long time roommate. He said that he no longer lives in West Hollywood and has moved to an apartment in Hollywood. Schmidt said he still maintains homes in Las Vegas and Waikiki and has kept an apartment in WeHo that he only uses as a gym to train for a dance show in Las Vegas.

Schmidt’s campaign garnered worldwide attention in gay media and on gossip sites when WEHOville reported in April 2018 that he maintained a profile (Need2BNude) on DudesNude.com, a porn site where he posted videos of himself having sex with other men. On that site, Schmidt described himself as “a horny little sexhibitionist.” That profile has now been removed.

Despite his move from West Hollywood and decision not to run for City Council, Schmidt continues to send often vitriolic emails to West Hollywood City Council members and city officials making undocumented accusations of illegal and improper behavior.

Cline’s website, www.jackieomg.com, states that his election campaign will be focused on advocacy for renters and low income residents and seniors. Other issues he says are important are health and safety, quality of life and elimination of wasteful spending at City Hall.

“My goal, in addition to those on my website (jackieomg.com) is to help unite the residents of West Hollywood. Gay, Straight, BI, TS, TG, Men, Women, and Families in what I believe is a very compassionate city,” Cline said in the email announcement of his candidacy.

“I love West Hollywood. I want to be of service to my community and represent all residents. Every resident’s quality of life, safety and inclusion is important to me. Everyone matters.

“In addition to the business of the city, I will be an ambassador of love, happiness and acceptance of one another. I believe we have more in common than what makes us different. Through compassion, caring and unity, I believe West Hollywood can become known as the ‘City of Love’.”

The Nov. 3 election is to fill seats currently occupied by John Duran and John Heilman, who both are running for re-election.  Other candidates who have filed required documents stating their intent to run are Sepi Shyne, Noemi Torres, John Erickson, Marquita Thomas, and Larry Block.  Shyne came in fourth in the 2019 City Council election, trailing John D’Amico by only 141 votes.  Thomas came in sixth in the race to fill three seats, which all were won by the incumbents.

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1 month ago

We don’t care.

Ham Shipey
Ham Shipey
1 month ago

What a bizarre city this is. We need serious people…..with skill sets to match the challenge of the job.

Michael Grace
Michael Grace
1 month ago

Great, welcome, to the race. At least it’s better to have a drag queen than “old queens” running again. Of course that kind of language in West Hollywood is now offensive and politically incorrect. Especially to the ears of someone like Lindsey Horvath the new millennial Mayor and member of the Townscape 3. Last time Horvath was in office she told Trump to stay out of Dodge aka WEHO. Will she tell the Department of Justice to stay out? They tried that in Los Angeles. It didn’t work. And now they’re investigating members of the LAX city council for pay… Read more »

Eric Jon Schmidt
1 month ago

Both of the pictures are of Jack. the right one is Jack in the State Capitol lobbying with the Nurses Union. Regarding e mails coming from me. They are not from me. They are from someone who keeps hacking my e mail. I’m sure I know who it is. It will stop very soon. Also, Since Jack has decided to run for City Council. I am back in West Hollywood to help him with his campaign since he works at two hospitasl right now everyday because of the virus, he doesn’t have a lot of time.

1 month ago

This hacker sure does a good job imitating your unique writing style!

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