‘Artists Are Here to Disturb the Peace,’ and Aviles and Morrisette Are at It Again

It’s not like ChadMichael Morrisette and Mito Aviles haven’t already come out of the closet about their political beliefs.

Morrisette and Aviles, known for their window displays in fashionable stores, caused a stir in 2008 when they hung a mannequin portraying Sarah Palin by a noose in front of their West Hollywood home at Fountain and Orange. That image of the Republican vice presidential candidate hung outside for three weeks, drawing criticism from TV commenter Keith Olberman and some of their neighbors. And support from others.

On Halloween in 2009, they stirred the political pot again by putting on the roof a mannequin illustrating Maggie Gallagher, head of the Institute for Marriage and Public Policy and co-founder of the National Organization for Marriage (and an opponent of same-sex marriage). Hanging from the roof was a bloodied and mangled mannequin illustrating Carrie Prejean, Miss California 2009, who had declared that marriage should only be between a man and a woman.

Now Morrisette has used his design talent to address Donald Trump’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic with mannequins that he and Aviles have installed in front of their home.

“This Is Trump’s Fault” reads a large sign posted in their yard and topped by the cloth-wrapped images of three who have died. Images of two other COVID-19 victims are on the ground in front of them. The images were created by Morrisette and installed by him and Aviles.

“Each and every day, death tolls as result of this pandemic,” Aviles said to WEHOville. “There has been more death around this pandemic as a result of lack of leadership in the White House than ever. We are being lied to and gaslit by this President, his Administration, and enough is enough. Our economic melt-down, unemployment of so many, the lack of jobs, the lack of infrastructure, the lack of safety and security but most importantly, the lack of truth and transparency is on the hands of this President and his administration.

“’This is Trump’s Fault,’ is motivated by ensuring the public does not fall for the gaslighting and lies coming from this President and this Administration. Effective leadership is needed, and this President is not the effective leadership our country or this world needs. Time to vote him out.”

Quoting James Baldwin, Aviles said: “Art is here to prove that all safety is an illusion… Artists are here to disturb the peace.”

  1. JF1…or is it H1N1?…you have been quiet. I sure hope you didn’t get the swine flu or covid since you have so much time to check in here by posting every 3 minutes. Please keep checking in…we miss your…🤔 …I am sure it will come to me!

  2. Artistic expression? Maybe they should substitute Trump with Pelosi.

    Of course that’s not popular in West Hollywood. Where if you’re anything except a Democrat, you’re considered right wing even though you’re an independent or a moderate Republican or belong to the Planned Suicide Party.

    Everything is controlled by Democrats in California. And what do we have for it? $3.30 a gallon gasoline while in Wisconsin it’s just above a dollar.

    Because in California we have every tree-hugging idiot writing useless laws and regulations. Look at the nursing homes where many people have recently died of the C virus. They had numerous complaints from California regulatory agencies who did nothing about it anyway excrpt right a ticket. Of course then there’s the bullet train from Bakersfield to Modesto! Useless Jerry Brown pushed that fiasco.

    And you might ask where is the beloved Nancy Pelosi — the leader of the democratic party? At her home in Pacific Heights or her estate in St. Helena? She recently, looking like she spent 7 days at the Golden Door doing her makeup, appeared in front of her double stainless steel enormous refrigerator. And showed what kind of ice cream she likes to eat. It must have been about $150 worth of ice cream for her to select from. Which of course is pennies compared to her $130 million-dollar estimated worth. She chewed on a Dove Bar instead of heading back to Congress. To deal with another legislation. That’s been postponed till May 4th if it even happens. As for those citizens who are now unemployed and will need money for next month’s mortgage or rent.

    As for Nancy’s concern about them, she could have just said: “Let them eat ice cream!”

    1. Yeah. This is all Pelosi’s fault. She’s turning people against their state government on Twitter, she’s still keeping children in cages, she’s filling the pockets of big business, she’s attempting to set women’s and gay rights back 200 years. Hey, I heard there’s a social-distancing protest going on down in Orange County. Wanna join them? #lookoverheredontlookoverhere #thintheherd #move

  3. “Artists Are Here to Disturb the Peace,” Actually, that is called anarchy. Your description is clearly classified as anarchists.

  4. Lol 😂 Trump killed people . Gays killed 6 hundred thousand people with the aids virus! ( I know it’s not true but a lot of people still think that ) Don’t get all butt hurt it’s not my fault you have such hatred and can’t think beyond your hatred for one person . This is America and people are allowed to think how they want. It’s a sad day when gay people think that we all need to be the same and think same sorry Mary’s but your on your own with that type of thinking. Call it what you will it’s still hate no matter witch way you sling it . Reply all you want I don’t engage with hatful people such as your selfs. 🇺🇸

  5. BRAVO!!! Love thought provoking statements. I have read a couple of these comments and I am very surprised at how many Trump supporters there are in WEHO. That makes absolutely no sense. I am also surprised that ‘gays’ take the time to be teardown other gays. We simply should not do that to each other. If we don’t support our own we, should just keep our unpopular mouths shut or at least have the balls to say your name in public.

    In this age of social media, so many miserable people (gays included) sit behind their computers and shit on others pages, profiles, tweets and posts… I am very sorry that your life is not busy enough doing constructive things or that your life is so miserable, you feel like you need to spew negativity…that is just sad. We should be better.

    Lastly, what these guys do for work is clearly related to creativity. I mean why else would someone have mannequins in all of their displays. Maybe film industry, maybe retail…who knows. So with that said, yes they are seeking attention, because it is what they do! …honestly, I cannot wait for the next thought provoking display!

    It appears to have worked because it got your attention. Yet you call them out for doing what they DO. Why? Did it make you feel better? It just makes you look like a miserable kunt and I wish that you would keep that to yourself. Alternatively, you should not mask your name so the rest of us can know who is not like us and avoid you should we ever come in contact with you in our very small city.

    Can I get an A-MEN? …and what the hell…can I get a Haa Laa Loo too???

    1. Jason, how about a little tolerance for diversity of thought? Do we all have to think just alike to be a part of a community? For some people being gay means nothing more than same sex attraction and they don’t have any particular interest one way or the other about gay political issues. In my list of priorities the national economy and opportunities, defense, education, and generally having the government out of my way as I pursue my own ambitions are all at the top. Far too many gay people seem to give no consideration at all to any other issue than that which is gay-centric.

      1. Far Left San Francisco politics took over California (look how that turned out for San Francisco, crime, homelessness, feces -drug use in the streets and the only ones that don’t mine are the super-rich) and the Democratic party.
        Once they strategized that their power lay in Congress and massive illegal immigration in the 1990s, that really was the end of focusing on the needs of the Working-Middle Class. Congressional seats by the numbers of ALL (including illegal immigrants) swung our party to the Far Left.
        The bulk of Democrats are Centrists…and they are not happy.

      2. It’s like NAZIS afraid of people having independent thoughts. Goes against everything this nation stands for …..freedom of thought. Just like the display we are discussing.
        I think it is silly just like the sick obsession of hating Trump, however, this is America and they have that right just like people who do not buy into the sheep mentality of the Far Left open- border lunatics.

    2. LOL. Art? Looks pretty trashy to me. And Ham…..is my real name. This is what hopeless people do….to give the appearance of mattering.

    3. Oh, so just because they don’t agree with the psychotic behavior of HATE TRUMP every minute of the day they are automatically Trump supporters? That is the mental deficiency that has infected the sheep.
      None gets to dictate what people should or shouldn’t do. Who cares about your self-identity…guess what, handles are how social media works around the globe.
      Certain opinions are not that of every Democrat, that is why it is America and not some Third World dump where they shoot you if you think for yourself.
      Most people have priorities in life, health, good jobs, safety, law, and order. Bragging about being Gay all day 12 months of the year does not pay your rent or mortgage, feed, cloth you or pay your taxes.
      I come from the gen. that ACTUALLY brought being gay OUT OF THE CLOSET, so, I don’t need a lesson about what and how to stand for something.
      You will see millions of democrats stay home on election day because the Far Left Lunatics that run the Democratic Party now is not the Democratic Party. Joe Biden? For real?
      Yeah, let’s celebrate the stupidity of AOC running off 40,000 high paying jobs in NYC.

  6. Morrisette and Aviles need to be more specific because they’re not providing support for their accusations. They’re making charges that I don’t think they can back up.

    The president can’t shut down a state, Greeneyedboy. Only the governor can do that. The president can stop travel from other countries, which is what he did and he was called a racist and xenophobe for doing it. Study the concept of federalism and you’ll understand that the federal government is intended to be small and each state is to make governing decisions for themselves. The federal government does far, far more now than they were ever intended to do. The only mistake Trump made is believing that what the World Health Organization and China said was true. When he realized they were lying he immediately took action. NY Governor Andrew Cuomo is a really good example of failed leadership. He failed to plan and when this happened and he was found unprepared he starts yelling that it’s Trump’s fault and “gimme, gimme, gimme all you people from other states because all of you have to bail me out”. The people who report the news, sadly, don’t know enough about civics and the concept of federalism to ask him why he spent so much money on solar panels rather than on prepping for a pandemic.

    1. “The president can’t shut down a state, Greeneyedboy. Only the governor can do that.”

      The president can shut down the country though. The president can also advise for a shutdown in states. The governor of Florida only shutdown his state after trump said it was a good idea (well after all of those spring break gatherings happened). Also. are you saying Trump was wrong when he said he had “total authority” just a few days ago? I think Trump’s understanding of federalism and the government is smaller than his understanding of basic sentence structure.

      Morrisette and Aviles don’t need to provide anything. The evidence is out there. It’s not going away with the “warm weather” like trump claimed. The 15 cases in February didn’t go down to 0 like he claimed. His administration turned down tests he turned down from the WHO in February. It goes on and on.

      1. Let’s just start with the WHO, “There is no evidence it spreads from human contact.” word by word China’s fake tagline.

        NYC’s virus mess needs to be owned by failed LOCAL leadership. An idiot mayor and a professional Trump-hater Gov. who failed to take preventive action as required by leaders, not reactive.
        I am just sick of pissy Democratic leaders whose only mission is to see Trump fail. (I have never seen this kind of political extremism in my 50 years)
        I don’t give a damn about Trump, what are my democratic leaders doing for ME! That stupid moronic AOC cost NYC 40,000 high paying jobs.
        De Blasio has turned crime upside down and refused to close schools there until people started dropping like flies and the teachers union threatened litigation.
        Moreover, NY failed to keep adequate ventilator stock on hand as was required. They spent the money on something else. I was embarrassed that Democrats screamed like little school girls when Trump issued a ban on China and Iran while calling it everything but the truth. Had he not done that our infection/ death rate would be astronomical. Communist China lies through its teeth, their real death rate is unknown but one can assume massive by the number of incinerators that have been running around the clock since Jan.
        Democrats are failing its Center base miserably.

      2. Greyeyedboy

        Extremism is the disease that rules the day of social media and propaganda news. This is a whole new game of obsession. Trump this Trump that…what the hell has Far Left Democrats done for the Working Middle Class during this? Isn’t it the CONGRESS that creates laws? Two peeps out of them.
        If we only had Democrat’s working for us instead of whining day in and day out over TRUMP!
        My message to Democratic leadership is GET OVER IT already and get to work or get voted out. I am a Democrat that is FED UP with the crybaby whining.

  7. Excellent freestyle penmenship – and no matter what they say it’s up to all of us to speak up and speak out.

  8. I am a liberal that prefers facts instead of Far Left propaganda. And this is what would have happened had Commie Bernie been in charge. (I’m no fan of DT)
    When anchor Bret Baier asked “would you close down the borders” stop a coronavirus outbreak, Sanders responded “No.” The exchange went as follows:

    “Bret Baier: If you had to, would you close down the borders?
    Bernie Sanders: No. What you don’t want to do right now when you have a president who has propagated xenophobic, anti-immigrant sentiment from before he was elected. What we need to do is have the scientists take a hard look at what we need to do. There are communities where the virus is spreading. What does that mean? It may mean self-quarantine, maybe not having public assemblies.

    But let’s not go back to the same old thing. Isn’t it interesting that a president who has been demagoguing and demonizing immigrants, the first thing that he can think about is closing down the border. So we need scientists to tell us the appropriate approach, not a political approach.
    Sanders’ comments actually contrast with the conclusions of doctors and scientists. The New England Journal of Medicine recently reported: “At least on a temporary basis, such restrictions may have helped slow the spread of the virus.”

  9. Please make an effort to be part of a solution.
    This display is idiotic .
    While it may give you some attention, it is not helpful.

    1. Agreed.
      The constant whimpering over Trump is simply tiresome. Three years later and it has almost become psychotic. (via social media – constant news brainwashing).
      I just don’t think it is healthy to live in that state of mind. He is what we have right now and we need to work with what we have. Democrats have spent almost 3 years of holding Congress and have done NOTHING for the people but bitch and moan about “TRUMP!”
      Jesus, this country survived 8 years of Little Bush, one of the most idiotic politicians in US history!

  10. Although I totally agree with them, at first glance the white looked like snow banks. It’ll be interesting to see how long this goes undisturbed since it’s installed on the ground. Also, the link to their windows doesn’t work

  11. I would have to agree with them. Trump rejected early tests that could’ve saved thousands of lives. He held rallies and fundraisers until early March. He allowed Florida and other red states to continue holding HUGE gatherings and events into mid-March when this was already labeled a pandemic.

    I don’t think his ban on travel from China did much. The infection rates we are seeing in NYC are from Europe.

    The fact that he rates his handling of the situation a 10/10 just highlights his narcissistic personality disorder.

    1. To clarify his self anointed rating, many outside the US, including some world leaders have unofficially rated Trump at 10 on a scale of 100. If somehow we could theoretically deport Trump, few would take him other than possibly Putin to be used as a potential court jester for the depraved.

        1. Having a meaningful dialogue with you may be dubious at best. However, please consider the close election results and who did and did not vote for Trump. He sends electric energy to those that ascribe to his “kick sand in their face” actions under the guise of calling out the federal government for unfounded grievances.

          Trump moved into my neighborhood as a result of buying the old Cowperthwaite Estate out of the Delorean bankruptcy. Mind you this is an old line Republican community which my family was part of. Residents include former Governor Christie Todd Whitman, Nick Brady Sec. of Treasury for George H.W,]. Bush and the Dillons of other admins. These folks did not support Trump. In my opinion, the support came from the aggrieved blue collar workers to whom Trump made unrealistic promises for the return of their and our native industries. Additionally, to his new “nouveau riche” supporters he promised private enterprises to substitute for previous government responsibilities. Open the gates to friends for profit.

          Not likely that the old line Republicans will support Trump unless they would be swayed into delirium which is not likely. The blue collar workers now crushed after the Covid-19 dilemma are up for grabs. The snake oil salesman can only go so far before he needs to deliver the deliverables. To make matters worse, his financial guy Steve Mnuchin is already in over his head. Don’tt waste time fencing with me, do some research and be informed.

          1. He didn’t win by a huge margin. He also lost the popular vote. I will do everything in my power to rally behind his opponent in the next election.

            It seems like you support him very much though!

        2. Trump was elected via the antiquated Electoral College. He lost the popular vote by some 3 MILLION. The Democrats did not learn from the 2000 Gore/Bush debacle. They had 16 years to at least TRY to abolish the Electoral College but did, as far as I know, next to nothing. And I do realize how difficult a process this would be. Trump is a, oh how can I put this, well, how about idiot. Also a complete and total narcissist plus a liar of the first magnitude. He is, without doubt, a clear and present danger to the future of this country. He needs to be removed from office.

          1. Hilarious. So, let’s change the constitution to suit your opinion, cause that is all it is. The Constitution works just fine and will for a very long time.
            In case you are not aware, The United States of America is not a democracy, it is a democratic Republic.
            Therefore, you will never have a one-person vote. Democratic’s have already usurped Congressional power with the strategy of open borders from the Third World for control of the Congress (clearly denying American citizens representation. That’s called taxation without representation)
            LA County has an estimated 1.3 million illegal immigrants that DO NOT contribute to the tax base and MY dollar pays for them to live here and be educated here. Their presence allows Democrats to overwhelm the true choice of tax-paying citizens…now think about that while demanding we change the constitution. THAT {doing away with counting non-citizens for House Seats,} is far more likely to change than doing away with the Electoral College.
            Far Left San Francisco political- lunatics have demonstrated what this state and country are in store for down the road and it ain’t pretty.

      1. Why in God’s name would I give a ….about what beggars for American tax dollars think about how I vote or not vote. If their skill is so great why are they living, for the last 70 years with their hands out for American taxpayer’s money?
        I am one DEMOCRAT that despises the fact that we spend hundreds of billions on illegal immigrants while there are American Vets living on the street, and elderly going hungry.
        Charity…and MY hard earned tax money starts at home first.

        1. You are obviously not a democrat. You have defended trump on all of your 9485 comments on this article. It seems like this art installation triggered you.

    2. Well if you don’t think the early ban on travel from China did much..well then…I go with your expert opinion.

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