West Hollywood Mayor John D’Amico Tests Positive for COVID-19

John D’Amico

West Hollywood Mayor John D’Amico has tested positive for COVID-19.

The City of West Hollywood announced D’Amico’s positive status this afternoon, shortly after D’Amico notified City Manager Paul Arevalo of his condition. D’Amico did not attend Monday’s City Council meeting in person (but did participate over the phone), saying he

was feeling ill.

Arevalo issued an immediate order for all staff members to leave work. City facilities have been closed to the public and staff who can work remotely are being transitioned to work-from-home schedules for continuity. All city facilities will undergo immediate sanitization procedures.

“The mayor is taking every precaution as directed by his physician and public health directives,” said the city’s announcement of D’Amico’s infection. “He is home resting and practicing an abundance of self-care. His husband is doing fine and is doing his part to quarantine at home with Mayor D’Amico. To facilitate their household’s focus on wellness, the mayor is asking for privacy at this time.”

D’Amico, an openly gay man, is 57 and is HIV positive. Public health officials have warned that those 60 and older may be more at risk of a COVID-19 infection, however there is no evidence that those with HIV are at greater risk unless they have a low CD4 cell count, and are not on HIV treatment (antiretroviral therapy). D’Amico, who has been open about his HIV status and has fought against stigma associated with the disease, does take the medication that is part of antiretroviral therapy. He has said he will quarantine himself for two weeks.

The announcement noted that West Hollywood has been taking coordinated action following the lead of public health recommendations to respond to the rapidly evolving coronavirus public health crisis. “Last week, the city issued a cancellation of all non-essential meetings and events. On Monday, the city declared a local emergency. On Tuesday, West Hollywood City Hall and city facilities were closed to the public. At each step, the city has been taking absolutely every precaution to safeguard employees.

The Los Angeles County Department of Public Health reported today that there were 11 confirmed COVID-19 infections in West Hollywood, an increase from the eight announced on Tuesday and the five announced on Monday. Wednesday’s COVID-19 count means WeHo continues to have the highest number of infections as a percentage of population of any city or neighborhood measured by the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health and the health departments of Long Beach and Pasadena. The eight confirmed cases mean that one of every 3,350 West Hollywood residents has the COVID-19 virus.  As of today Melrose, the neighborhood to the south of West Hollywood, has 10 confirmed cases, or one for every 4,910 residents. Beverly Hills, which on Monday had one confirmed case, as of today has four. That means that one of every 8,456 residents is infected with COVID-19.

  1. Dearest John, sending Healing Energy, Meditations, Prayers, Love and Get Well Wishes. Thank You good friend to us all.

  2. Our population density in Weho is the 17 highest in the nation. We have lots of people all crowded up on each other. Between that and all the visitors puts us as more risk. More people close together more germs and viruses.

    1. best wishes to Mayor JOHN. What a trooper. U and ur husband take care. get well, and stay safe and healthy. Sue and Andy Prine from saginaw Mich 48638

  3. I am internist in LA. I have patients calling with fever and cough. Called LA County Public health today. They states ONLY healthcare professionals who works at emergency room and ICUs with high fever/cough and respiratory distress are qualified to be tested for COVID-19. My patients and even my provider who had contact with COVID-19 are NOT qualified to even tested for the coronavirus. How did mayor got tested? Are we treating riches and people with power to be tested while leaving regular people locked down at home?
    I had multiple phone conversations with physicians, public health, hospital administrators, all say the same thing, they are NOT doing test, but only for patient is having respiratory failure requiring hospitalization.

  4. John, you have our love and support and I’m sure all of us will be there for you if you need anything. Huge “virtual” hugs go your way. If Keith needs anything let him know to get in touch with anyone of us, we’re there for you.

  5. Hey, John, I hope you are already on the mend. Sending lots of healing green light waves! Best to you and Keith.

  6. It must be necessary that the city provides information by tracking where patients
    went around so that we can avoid the places for a while.

    1. We have to assume they have gone everywhere, which is why most businesses have closed. This is what the social distancing guidelines are for. I know that Gelson’s and Trader Joe”s are having customers line up a few feet apart and limiting the amount of customers to decrease contact.

  7. Sorry to hear. Very best wishes to Mayor D’Amico & good thoughts as always. The Mayor’s a good man.

      1. My understanding is that tests are now available to those whose doctors determine that their symptoms line up with the diagnosis. If you have fever, dry cough, sore throat, body aches, difficulty breathing/wheezing then you need to call your doctor ASAP. They will guide you.

  8. Where did the mayor get tested, and how long did it take for him to receive the results? The people of WeHo need to know these specifics, so we know where to go, and what to expect, if we feel ill. Right now, if I felt ill, I would have NO idea how to obtain a test.

    1. Your suppose to call ur primary care doctor . Don’t go to the emergency room is the advice. I’m pretty sure John went on to his doc yesterday and got his results today.

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