Russian Advisory Board Honors Lauren Meister and Stephanie Harker

Lauren Meister (left) and Stephanie Harker at the Russian Advisory Board’s International Women’s Day event

West Hollywood’s Russian-language speaking community celebrated International Women’s Day on Saturday at an event organized by the city’s Russian Advisory Board.

The event at West Hollywood Park Auditorium included a performance by the Osh-Bank with Shawn and Alik

Oshmiansky, the Beverly Hills International Ballroom Dance Studio and winners of the ‘Colibri Competition, and Flamenco Show.

City Councilmember Lauren Meister and Stephanie Harker, a community activist known for her advocacy for the city’s Eastside, each was honored with a Woman of the Year Award for Community Service.

The city’s Russian Advisory Board provides information on issues relating to the planning, development and coordination of services to the Russian-speaking community and makes recommendations to the City Council relative to the adoption of programs, policies or ordinances of benefit to the Russian-speaking community.

  1. Congratulations to both Lauren Meister and Stephanie Harker for this well-deserved recognition. Both of them are wonderful role models and tireless advocates for our residents.

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