West Hollywood Homeowners Can Apply for Seismic Retrofit Grants

The registration period for the statewide Earthquake Brace + Bolt (EBB) program has opened and applications will be accepted until March 19 according to an announcement from the City of West Hollywood.

The EBB program offers up to

$3,000 to help California homeowners retrofit a single-family house to reduce potential damage from earthquakes. A residential seismic retrofit makes a house more resistant to earthquake activity, such as ground shaking and soil failure, by bolting the house to its foundation and adding bracing around the perimeter of the crawl space. The EBB program is part of the California Residential Mitigation Program, a joint-exercise-of-powers entity formed by its members, the California Earthquake Authority, and the Governor’s Office of Emergency Services.

Homeowners can find participation details online. Once registration ends, qualifying homeowners will be selected through a drawing, after which they will be notified if they have been selected, or if they have been placed on a waiting list.

Since 2016, West Hollywood homeowners have been eligible to participate in the EBB program to assist in defraying the cost of seismic retrofits to houses. With additional funding from the Federal Emergency Management Agency (FEMA), the EBB program has expanded to 355 ZIP Codes in 133 cities. Since the program was founded in 2013, EBB grants have helped more than 9,000 California homeowners retrofit their houses.

West Hollywood has taken a proactive approach to seismic safety and encourages eligible homeowners to apply. While no building is absolutely earthquake-proof, retrofitting buildings will save lives, protect property, and minimize damage in the event of a major earthquake. For more information about seismic safety in the City of West Hollywood, contact the City of West Hollywood’s Building and Safety Division at (323) 848-6475.

For people who are deaf or hard of hearing, call (323) 848-6496.