Here’s Where and When Politics Gets Social in WeHo

Pete Buttigieg

Billy Francesca is putting the word out that supporters of Pete Buttigieg’s campaign for the Democratic nomination for president are welcome to stop by Revolver Video Bar to watch him in the 10th Democratic Party debate. Revolver is located on the northwest corner of Santa Monica Boulevard at

Larrabee. The debate will begin at 5 p.m. PDT.

And on March 3, Super Tuesday, David Cooley and The Abbey are co-hosting a private election night watch party sponsored by former California Senator Barbara Boxer’s PAC for a Change and partner organization March On. The event will raise funds to help defend the Democratic majority in the House, take back the majority in the Senate, and get out the vote to defeat Donald Trump and includes an appearance by Barbara Streisand and a special comedic performance by Hollywood A-lister Billy Crystal

  1. Funny how the “gay” candidate and associated political events are at the Abbey – in reality in arguably the least gay/gay community bar in West Hollywood.

  2. 1. Want accessible healthcare? Get a job that provides insurance.

    2. Want equal pay? Work harder, prove your worth and make yourself indispensable.

    3. Want a “Living Wage”? Get off drugs and stop making hook-ups a priority. Then get an education so you can have a degree.

    4. Want affordable housing? Move. Stop trying to live above your means just because you feel entitled to live somewhere. Plenty of places where you can afford housing and if you don’t like the neighborhoods, refer back to #3.

    5. Be responsible for yourself. Your neighbors are not your parents.

    1. Hear, hear! Well said. I would add to that, the city is not your parent, become an adult and don’t wait for or count on the city to reward your “exceptionalism” or “otherism” to create a special program or group for you. There are enough authentic victims in the world without voluntarily becoming one through poor personal choices. You are a person first, not an identity.

    2. As a concept, I agree with your comment. However, there are many people who don’t have the same opportunities as others do. Plus, it is really presumptuous for you to make the drug comment. You sound like someone who has had many opportunities and most likely help from others. It’s not right to judge others. We have no idea what their situation is.

    3. Even if your job provides insurance, things can change – by people making decisions for you.

      Thank you for your compassion and understanding.

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