WeHo Residents Alarmed by Beverly Hills’ Takeover of the Log Cabin on Robertson

621 N. Robertson Blvd. (today home to the local Lions Club and a meeting place for recovery groups) is a one-story clubhouse in the Log Cabin style built in 1936 by the Boy Scouts of America Troop 27 as a clubhouse.

West Hollywood City Council members and members of the recovery community are expressing feelings of shock with the announcement that the City of Beverly Hills intends to demolish the historic log cabin on Robertson Boulevard that has long been the home for drug and alcohol recovery groups.

Beverly Hills has notified the Lions Club of West Hollywood, which owns the building, that it must vacate it by March 31. The City of Beverly Hills owns the lot on which the building is located. Its lease with the Lions Club expired on July 1, 1977, and was never renewed.

The building is located at 621 N. Robertson Blvd. and, while the land is owned by Beverly Hills, it is located within the West Hollywood city limits. City Councilmember John Duran and Mayor John D’Amico have raised the possibility of blocking the hasty demolition by requiring that the City of Beverly Hills submit its plan to the West Hollywood Historic Preservation Commission.

“This building and its meetings are a much beloved and important community resource, and the City of West Hollywood would like to hear from folks about this and so should the City of Beverly Hills,” said Mayor D’Amico.

A survey of properties in WeHo that might qualify as historically or culturally significant says the rustic log cabin was built in 1928 to house Troop 27 of the Boy Scouts of America. (Other documents have described it as having been built between 1930 and 1939.) Eventually, it became home to the Lion’s Club. And over years it has evolved as a meeting place for groups such as Alcoholics Anonymous and Crystal Meth Anonymous that help people recover from addictions.

The lot is said to have been used at one point by the Beverly Hills Water Authority, which is why it remains under that city’s ownership despite being within the boundaries of West Hollywood. Last year the City of West Hollywood began negotiations with the City of Beverly Hills to acquire or lease the property.

It is unclear what Beverly Hills intends to do with the property., West Hollywood residents who are concerned about the possible demolition are advised to reach out to Beverly Hills City Manager George Chavez at citymanager@beverlyhills.org or elected officials at mayorandcitycouncil@beverlyhills.org.

  1. I would like TO ADD THAT I FOUND A TROOP 27 of Beverly Hills parade flag under the back seat of an old Pontiac i was restoring.If anyone is interested in this flag please contact my e mail.SINCE I have discovered the flag and now discovered the log cabin issue,i feel as though the flag should be displayed at its original home.That would be the LOG CABIN ,SO SAVE THE CABIN ,even if you have to move it, for without the cabin there will be no home for the recently discoverd troop 27 flag,that is in pristine condition. i might add.Contact me with your suggestions or comments

  2. So We are the LIONS Club of WEST HOLLYWOOD. The City of Beverly Hills has threatened to sell the property for years. IN that regard they, the city of BH has told us NOT To spend any money on improvements since it might be sold. We as LIONS have voted to spend a large sum of money to improve the property for the comfort and safety of the Meetings there. We have bids and are ready to go . There is NO LEASE from the city, so, will we be spending money to see it all destroyed? Which comes first the lease or the improvements?

    1. Did the Lion’s Club seek any professional guidance? Too many unanswered questions here. Perhaps this should have been a pro bono issue for John Duran since this is well within his personal and professional purvue. Does he have a solution other than the anti climactic statement he issued which seemed to move the ball out of his court?

  3. In May, 2019 Wehoville reported on negations between the City of WH and City of BH regarding purchase of the Log Cabin as well as Joey’s on Sweetzer & SMB. No news since then.

    Perhaps the City Manager Paul Arevalo could enlighten the community as to the true intentions and supply the particulars. Most including the City Council appear to be in the dark.

  4. The log cabin has been the most popular meeting location for visitors in recovery visiting Los Angeles . I have been attending meetings there on visits from London for over 30 years. It will be very disappointing if this venue is closed as it is such a great place to start one’s day at the morning meeting.

  5. From what I understand, this is such an important place for people to go to change their lives. It is worth saving.

    1. I’m with you. WEHO and BH should split the cost to move it and WEHO can restore it in another parcel. BH in turn would get their parcel back without a costly fight if they cooperate. Those opining that it be torn down are the same sorts of voices that have caused Los Angeles to have lost so many historic locales from the past.

  6. The Log Cabin is a filthy eyesore and should be torn down. No one feels the AA meetings are unnecessary, but they can be moved elsewhere including the building WEHO owns across the street as well as the library, etc.
    The city should acquire the property from Beverly Hills, but if BH can demolish and develop within current zoning, they’ll probably move faster than WH – the city has done nothing to punish the stalled Melrose Triangle and Palm Restaurant fiascoes that leave large tracts on the Westside of WEHO looking abandoned.

  7. When is the next City Council Meeting of Beverly Hills? Are sober members of the community who are respectable civil servants going to speak on the subject? We need help. This is like taking a Historical Site away from the SOBER community.

  8. The place is not maintained and an eye sore. The city of West Hollywood should open another facility for the public good somewhere else. Maybe the Aaron Brothers space should become the new facility.

    If anything, we should be appreciative that Beverly Hills has been renting the space for $1 a year for the past 20 years. A space the city of West Hollywood never subsidized.

    Step up weho council and create another facility…maybe even the Coast Playhouse.

    If anything, this is an opportunity to create a better facility with even more services.

  9. I’m sure the major enemies of West Hollywood, the developers, are licking their chops thinking what they could build there instead of the Log Cabin staying.

    Is all the developers have to do is buy off the Townscape Three… John Duran, John Heilman and Lindsey Horvath.

  10. While plans were evidently well afoot in 1983 for the official 1984 incorporation of West Hollywood, the community contained Plummer House, home of Eugenio Plummer, situated in Plummer Park, credited as the oldest in Hollywood, moved to the Leonis Adobe site in Calabasas in 1983. What was the extent of the due diligence prior to incorporation of West Hollywood while Los Angeles orchestrated the move? Even if this was a close call in the time line, one would think disappearing sites would have gotten someone’s attention and they would have become knowledgable and pro active about its assets. The city remained oblivious to the value of Plummer Park while formulating incongruous plans for its redevelopment.

    The community has faced an uphill battle all the way regarding the eventual disposition of Plummer Park as well as Laurel House, gifted to the city. While West Hollywood is small enough and financially able to become an authentic example of peerless preservation efforts, deferred maintenance seeps away at the structures.

    1. You seem pretty knowledgeable with regards to said process, are you aware of the individual zones attached? Could hanging onto, and cleaning up without stripping (concrete vs greenery) with a commitment to maintaining properly, help?

      1. A well maintained property always helps. If not it is a blatant disrespect to the community. Beyond that, West Hollywood streets and sidewalks suffer a low level of maintenance. The city remains largely unmotivated.

  11. The historically significant Log Cabin is a vital location for AA meetings that are so important to public health. Please, City Council, continue in your efforts to preserve it for citizens of West Hollywood and those who visit and support it.

  12. West Hollywood, always late to the party regarding its own history. The Historic Preservation Ordinance is not taken seriously by the city. While the city accepts awards for Historic Preservation, notably for publishing a section on the city website, they appear to understand little of the real mechanics for making HP a useful reality. How many examples are needed ?

    1. it seems like it should be designated a historic building and should be saved in my opinion .Although i am not a resident of this area of los angeles I am a native of San Diego California .AND HAVE SEEN THE total destruction of historic buildings down here over and over again.I was born here in 1955 and have watched or witnessed for 60 years the loss of beautiful craftsman , victorian,queen anne,and bungalows, style homes disappear again and again.TO BE REPLACED BY A SQUARE STUCCO apt. building with no architecture whatsoever. that seems to be the norm here in san diego.its is absolutely just dollar driven greed mongers building these tacky apts as they wipe out whole communities and displace middle class people that have lived there forever.ITS a cancer spreading throughout this city.People being displaced , AND the losses are permanent.One only need look at our downtown to see that the harbor and great views are disappearing at an alarming rate.ITS starting to look like MIAMI .JUST HORRIBLE destruction of that area.Hi rise after HI RISE AFTER hi rise on and on.everthing built as crappy as possible with cheap materials.our city council sucks .they are all being sponsored by the big greedy developers and they have there own agenda that does not favor the general voting citizens.Every mayor has been on the take and an easy mark for the developers deep pockets and they always get there way down here.as far back as mayor Frank CURREN.ousted for rackateering and monopolizing buisiness .A big teamster crook who got alittle too greedy.all our mayors have used there position to move on up to a higher calling as a congress member or some other sort of carpet bagger like DUNCAN HUNTER.Poor DUNCAN CAUGHT RED HANDED, and now exposed for the common criminal that he really is.Randy C UNNINGHAM, the duke.another criminal exposed.ANY WAYS I COULD BLATHER ON AND ON. oh Ijust happened to find this log cabin issue while researching beverly hills boy scout troop 27.It happens th

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