Who Are West Hollywood Residents Supporting in the 2020 Presidential Election?

A few of the candidates for the 2020 Democratic Presidential nomination (Kamala Harris and Beto O’Rourke have since dropped out of the race)

Who are West Hollywood residents going to vote for in the November 2020 Presidential election?

Obviously, it’s too early to say at this point, with the actual election 10 months away.  (However, the Feb. 3 Iowa caucus will tell a lot for those in the Democratic Party).

But an analysis of campaign contributions by residents of West Hollywood does suggest the way our city’s voters

may be leaning.

Donations registered by the Federal Election Commission from 2017 to 2020 suggest that Pete Buttigieg is West Hollywood’s choice for the Democratic Party’s presidential nomination. Buttigieg’s campaign has pulled in $158,414 from 510 West Hollywood donors. That’s an average of $311 per donor.

Buttigieg, the mayor of South Bend, Ind., is a political moderate and openly gay. That’s likely a major reason for his support by West Hollywood residents, 33% of whom identify as gay men according to the city’s 2019 Community Survey.

The next most popular candidate, in terms of number of donors, is Bernie Sanders, the U.S. Senator from Vermont who is an Independent vying for the Democratic Party nomination. FEC records show that 240 West Hollywood residents donated to Sanders’ campaign. However Sanders, a progressive who identifies as a Democratic Socialist, attracted donations that averaged only $53 each, for a total of $12,646.

In number of donors, Sanders is followed by Kamala Harris, the U.S. Senator who recently dropped out of the race. Harris attracted donations from 214 people, with an average of $456 per donor. The total was $97,534.

U.S. Sen. Elizabeth Warren of Massachusetts, the other progressive Democratic Party candidate in the race, is next, with 144 donors who gave an average of $101 each for a total of $14,520.

The number of donors to Democratic Party candidates drops sharply after that, with U.S. Sen. Cory Booker of New Jersey attracting donations from 50 people. With an average donation of $857, those contributions totaled $42,825.

Donald Trump

Booker is followed by Donald Trump, the Republican president whose re-election campaign has attracted donations from 42 West Hollywood residents. Those donations, which averaged $984 each, totaled $41,337. Other donations have been made by West Hollywood residents to the Republic Party committee dedicated to Trump’s re-election.

Beto O’Rourke, the former U.S. Representative from Texas who has dropped out of the Presidential race, had attracted $13,234 in donations from 17 West Hollywood residents. The average donation was $778.

Former Vice President Joe Biden has had only 34 donors, who gave an average of $880 each for a total of $29,908. Marianne Williamson, who identifies as a spiritual leader and was a founder of Project Angel Food, has attracted a total of $9,611 from 13 donors. That is an average of $739 per donor.

The campaign for Andrew Yang, the entrepreneur who founded Venture for America, has attracted 11 donations totaling $7,624 from West Hollywood residents. The average donation was $693.

Six West Hollywood residents have donated a total of $5,600 to the campaign of Amy Klobuchar, the U.S. Senator from Minnesota. That is an average of $933 per donor.

And the campaign of Julian Castro, former mayor of San Antonio, Tex., and head of the Department of Housing and Urban Development under President Obama, has garnered a total of $1,000 from two WeHo residents.

Other candidates – U.S. Sen. Michael Bennett of Colorado, former New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg, former U.S. Representative Tom Delaney of Maryland, U.S. Rep. Tulsi Gabbard of Hawaii, former Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick, and billionaire activist Tom Steyer – don’t have any donations from West Hollywood residents listed in the FEC database as of publication of this article.

  1. Hillary, “marriage is between a man and a woman”.
    Democratic political strategy, “flood the cities with millions of illegal aliens and that will give us more congressional seats.
    Democratic run cities on the West Coast have devolved into crime ridden, homeless engulfed, illegal alien crime consumed Third World dumps.
    Trump has actually done something good for Americans. Secured the border, economy is off the rails, unemployment among ethnic Americans at an all time low. All of the DNC is so far Left they think Obama is conservative! Naw…I vote Centrists or I vote Trump.

    Trump for me!

  2. None of them. I don’t support a form of Communism that so many people are trying to escape from around the world with so many govt laws and restrictions that businesses leave, which for example is happening in CA, which is losing residents every year. High taxes in CA, for example, for pet projects, rarely for infrastructure that takes 10 or more years to get approved (Republicans guilty of this too). We need a true Independent, until then I predict Trump will win by a landslide. He’s a unique Republican who has kept the economy going. I prefer someone else but for now he’s still the best for the job compared to the far leftists. And if things go way too far right, I’ll be back to the left or hopefully there will be a great Independent, the voters of logic and reason. Big govt is big brother and full control over so many aspects of your life that you won’t even feel like you have any freedoms. One priority govt should be doing is stopping monopolies or we’ll all be working for 1 parent company who can banish you from everything if you don’t follow the corrupt orders.

    1. You’re really gonna get it when the Democratic Socialists take power and put more money in your pocket, provide you with healthcare–including dental, eyeglasses, and hearing aids, provide you with more paid time off, paid paternity / maternity leave, cancel your student and medical debt, make public college for you and your children free, guarantee a job to anyone who wants it, get the homeless off the streets by giving them apartments, demilitarize the police, and prevent the coming climate catastrophe! They’re gonna get you so good

      1. except……there’s no way they can accomplish any of those things. Many want a limited gov…..that only focuses on the basics.

  3. The wild card not listed is Mike Bloomberg, not the he needs anyone’s donations but he could certainly justify support.

  4. At the end of the day, the Economy is thriving under President Trump. He has also appointed the 1st openly Gay Ambassador to Germany as well as an openly Gay Filipino Judge to the Federal Courts. If you really want to see his accomplishments, don’t rely on the Media to show you. He’s also been the greatest friend to Israel, the most tolerant Nation in the Middle East. A great economy is great for West Hollywood. Trump 2020!

    1. “He has also appointed the 1st openly Gay Ambassador to Germany as well as an openly Gay Filipino Judge to the Federal Courts. ”

      I actually laughed at this. Did you forget to mention the over 100 judges with anti-LGBT bias he appointed? OR how about the Vice President who is EXTREMELY against rights for LGBT people?

    2. Jobs are up because middle America now needs two jobs to survive. Trump’s percentage growth is no greater than Obama. Government debt and the trade deficit are climbing. In the meantime climate change it going to kill us, hate crimes are up and the most respected position in the world has become a joke because a lying con man continues to dupe a distracted public. If you think he cares about anything but himself you’re wrong.

    3. Unfortunately there is little that Donald Trump does or has ever done throughout his life, that was devoid of personal gain, window dressing or diversion. Trump’s supporters that have made wild financial gains due to his exquisitely calculated largess, are wiling to support him and the proverbial gravy train. There are an extreme number of MAGA supporters that have no idea that they will eventually be left by the side of the road. Their logic and reasoning capabilities do not extend that far. This would be standard procedure for DJT. Be happy that you were not personally affected by his multiple bankruptcies and clever accounting but many were.

      One either has ethical credibility or they do not. Financial creditability is generally less important in the grand scheme of things.

    1. I don’t fully understand what it is that gay people find objectionable about Trump. His accomplishments have been astounding! Doesn’t your wallet, your employment, your more secure retirement, your national security, your lowering drug prices, much lower taxes, the elimination of stupid regulations on businesses, and many more benefits to each of us personally mean less than him not marching in a Pride parade? I have a feeling that Trump would be hated by gays even if he did march in a Pride parade simply because he is a Republican. Dick Cheney was hated even though he was pro-gay marriage. Among the gay community there seems to be a knee-jerk reaction to anyone who isn’t a radical Leftist Democrat, with no objective consideration to all the issues a good president has to carefully work out to benefit all Americans, including the gay ones.

      It seems that a presidential candidate who is first known as being gay friendly is all it takes to win the support and loyalty of gay people, no matter his/her lack of other qualifications. I wonder if some gays even think about the other issues that a president has to be right on.

      1. Keep supporting a liar and criminal. We know you love trump. You always comment about it on this site. To say that gays don’t like Trump because he doesn’t march in a pride parade is so insulting. More and more gay men are sticking up for trans people who STARTED the gay rights movement.

        Trump will continue to appoint anti-LGBT judges during his presidency. He will continue to keep children in cages. He will continue to lie every day on twitter. He will continue to spend millions of taxpayer’s $$$ to play golf.

        Trump is unhinged.

      2. This is not about him marching in a parade, it’s about taking away rights and setting the tone for hate and discrimination!

        *Trump rolled back workplace protections for LGBT people.
        *Trump removed all LGBTQ issues from the White House website on Inauguration Day.
        *Appointed two anti-equality (judicial decisions) justices to the Supreme Court.
        *Eliminated transgender students’ rights.
        *Removed gays from the census.
        *Allows discrimination masked as “religious freedom” He agreed with businesses hanging signs stating they won’t serve LGBT customers.
        *Announced regulation that allows medical providers to cite personal beliefs in refusing to provide services — including lifesaving care for LGBTQ patients.
        *Cut HIV funding, programs and dissolved Presidential Council on HIV.
        *Picked a running mate who supports gay conversion.
        *He won’t condemn countries who persecute gays.
        *Ban on transgender troops.
        *Trump won’t acknowledge gay pride and PROHIBITS US Embassies from flying a pride flag.

        Beyond gay issues, he’s racist. This “Christian” man locks kids in cages, brags about grabbing women’s pussies, lies about everything from his accomplishments to releasing his taxes, and is the anti-Christ. The economy was just as good under Obama and we didn’t have the division and hate we see now.
        Judge a man by his actions not his phony talking points.

        1. Cooper, and others, I don’t even know where to begin, but every one of your points is just wrong! I could refute them all. You are getting your news from only a few sources that have agendas of their own, so I suggest you seek information that would challenge your notions of this presidency. A lot of gays and liberals are walking away from the Democrat party after setting aside the emotions and anger and becoming better informed.


          1. You’re allowed your own opinions but not your own facts
            Please refute my points. But you can’t because they’re true.
            And your evidence is some benign article from over a year ago in the Rupert Murdoch owned tabloid. Yeah, that’s journalism and unbiased.
            Gays were removed from census.
            The WH removed all references to gay issues from their website.
            Funding has been slashed. Hate crimes are up. Everything I states is not only verifiable but the WH brags about it.

          2. Blue –
            A little New Years reading from NBC News how the Trump administration is trying to erase gay people…

            With just over a year left in President Donald Trump’s first term, another late-breaking news item barely made waves: The Interior Department — which manages the majority of the federal government’s public lands — deleted “sexual orientation” from its anti-discrimination guidelines. The removal was just the latest in a nearly three-year-long effort to strip mention of LGBTQ people from the executive branch bureaucracy.

            Reports of such changes began the day Trump assumed office, when LGBTQ content was deleted from the White House, State Department and Labor Department websites within “minutes” of his having been sworn into office.

            Since then, drip by drip, other parts of the federal government have had their online content trimmed to omit mention of lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender and queer people.

          3. Cooper, I responded to you three days ago but it wasn’t posted. I suppose there was something in my response that Hank thought was critical of you, but just know that I DID respond.

            The old main-stream media (especially NBC!) have their own agenda because they’re all radical Leftists. Most of the news that informs me is from what I read. I suspect that what you are saying here isn’t even from standard news sources, but from what you’ve heard people say. And it’s all absurd.

            You seem to be focused on LGBT issues, mostly inaccurately, but you’re an American first. Or, maybe you think of yourself as gay first and as an American somewhere down the line of other identities. But even if all your accusations about LGBT were accurate (they’re not) why would you not credit Trump for his astonishing accomplishments in all the areas that benefit all Americans. A black friend just last night commented on what Trump has done for black colleges and universities and the changes he’s made in prison sentencing guidelines that has affected almost entirely black convicts. There is a long list of changes Trump has made that greatly benefit you, but I doubt you’ve noticed.

            Separate from your militant sexual identity and consider your national identity and if you do it honestly you will see things much differently.

  5. This is very interesting. Thank you for researching/writing this! One additional bit of information that would be helpful (or at least interesting) would be to provide how many donors may have given to more than one candidate.

  6. Thinking I donated to Pete Buttigieg’s presidential campaign because he and I are both gay is a sad reflection of Wehoville and dangerously underestimates the citizenry of West Hollywood.
    This site can do better.

          1. my point was that out of all the democrats running (and there are a lot of them)…why him? He’s one of the least experienced out of all of them. He’s gay, he’s good looking, speaks well, presents himself well…why else?

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