Hundreds Turn Out for ‘Impeach Trump’ Rally at West Hollywood Park

More than 400 people turned out at West Hollywood Park last night at a rally demanding the impeachment of Donald Trump.

The rally was one of more than 600 across the country and came on the eve of today’s vote in the U.S. House of Representatives on impeachment.

The rally was organized by Karen Eyres, a member of the City of West Hollywood Women’s Advisory Board, and officers of Hollywood NOW, and Patrick Ryan Blood, an entertainment attorney and civil rights activist.

Among those who spoke at the event were West Hollywood City Council members John Duran, John Heilman, Lindsey Horvath, and Lauren Meister.  Other speakers were actress Michelle Clunie (known for her role on “Queer as Folk”); John Erickson, a city Planning Commissioner and head of Hollywood NOW; Sepi Shyne, an attorney city Business License Commissioner; Jane Wishon of the Stonewall Democratic Club; Michael Zelniker, co-chair of the Los Angeles Chapter of the Climate Reality Project, and Gloria Allred, the well-known lawyer.

Co-host Patrick Ryan Blood stated, “I am outstandingly pleased with the turnout in West Hollywood tonight.

“The message is clear that the people of West Hollywood are ready to fight for justice and demand Congress do its job,” said Patrick Blood. “It does not take a Constitutional scholar to see the evidence presented would lead any reasonable, objective person to recognize that the President abused his power in attempting to have a foreign government dig up ‘dirt’ on a political rival then attempted to cover it up in a clear act that constitutes an obstruction of justice. This abuse of power cannot and will not go without punishment. The citizens of West Hollywood made that loud and clear this evening.”

“Trump is derelict in his duty to uphold the U.S. Constitution,” said Karen Eyres. “West Hollywood is in Rep. Adam Schiff’s district, and tonight we came out in force to show we are with him 100%. The West Hollywood community joined thousands of communities across America to demand that Trump be impeached and removed. It’s obvious to anyone with a sense of decency that Trump is incapable of putting his county’s interests before his own.”

  1. I’m really glad I dragged my ass off my couch and walked down to this rally, it was only about an hour long, it was kind of fun, and it made me feel much less hopeless about our world to stand my neighbors, to see so many others who are fed up with our corrupt Republican overlords. Our efforts to bring out a huge vote for last year’s midterm elections is what just allowed us to impeach our crooked President! 🙂 I don’t care that the GOP Senate will let Trump slither off the hook scot free for his crimes; I’m just proud that future generations will know that our House of Representatives held this dirty thug accountable. Everything we do matters.

    1. Hopeless? The economy is the best it has been in like, forever. Unemployment is at an all time low…including for minorities that are making more money now than they ever have. Millions of people are now off food stamps compared to just a few years ago. Six billion dollars secured to fight the opiod epidemic. Border is more secure. Stock market has hit about a hundred all time highs in the last three years. Countries are now paying their fair share for their own protection (NATO). New trade deals with Mexico and China that even out the playing field. US just pledged at the United Nations to stop countries from criminalizing gays and lesbians around the world. You may not like the guy (he’s a jerk) but he is delivering. And the democrats (with this ridiculous impeachment & Mueller investigation) have spent millions of dollars trying to get anything on him when all that money could have been spent on the poor. I think democrats just gave him the next election. So you’re looking at another four more years….of prosperity. Have some hope.

      1. Is the economy doing well specifically bc of Trump? Bush and the GOP’s insistence of no regulation in our financial markets threw us into a recession in 2008 and then Obama got us out of it and had it teed up for Trump when he took over. As for the opioid cris, one of the big reasons this has happened is corrupt big pharma!! No regulations or oversight. These manufacturers have pushed and pumped out these drugs at what they know has been an alarming rate and making false claims in their marketing that these are “opioid light” drugs that are harmless. As long as they saw more profit they didn’t care. Funding for the damage now is after the fact. Look at what caused this.

        Trump wants- more corrupt capitalism and a corrupt society where telling your female colleagues that you want to “Grab em by the puss!”

  2. At least there were more people attending than the Mueller Repot debacle.

    But as soon as John Duran, John Heilman and Lindsey Horvath aka the Townscape Three started speaking about corruption I would have left.

  3. From my experience in West Hollywood knowing many residents, about 20% are “conservative” You’d never know that from how the city and its retail image promotes itself. Where are these residents represented in the city’s public forum, at least in relative proportion? All of the conservative folk I’ve run into more or less say that they are actually frightened to have that known, indeed afraid they’ll be assaulted. An interesting note on “all are welcome and celebrated here regardless” image of West Hollywood.

    1. This city preaches “LOVE NOT HATE” but they don’t practice it. I know conservative gays that would never voice their opinions because the extreme left has lost their minds with hate when it comes to anyone with an opposing position. Gone are the days of debate. When you don’t agree with those in the extreme left, they label you racist. Many conservative gays feel like they are back in the closet, feeling the hatred first hand that is spewed out of the mouths of some on the extremely left. Very sad. West Hollywood only welcomes those of the same mind and thought. No diversity of thought allowed. Their hatred for Trump has evolved into a waste of millions of dollars that could have helped the disadvantaged. Shame.

      1. Say out loud anywhere in WeHo, “The theory of man-made global warming is the biggest hoax of the century intended to destroy capitalism and put all the power into the hands of a few”, and see how long you last! If you make it home alive you’ll think twice about ever leaving again.

        1. And so “there is it” in our benighted, self-stroking digs. Marianne Williamsen (yes, the candidate) once told me: “Whatever something purports itself to be, very often the opposite is its actual truth”.

        2. REALLY? Please do produce some credible SCIENCE sources on that claim from Scientists in the field. It’s just like finding a Geographer who is a Flat Earther. There is no plausible doubt left about the seriousness and validity of Anthropogenic Climate Change. The link I provided has several links to peer reviewed Science Journals used in article. Was told “this paper should finally stop climate change deniers claiming that the recent observed coherent global warming is part of a natural climate cycle.” NOT expecting that to happen! 🤣 The scientific consensus that humans are causing global warming is likely to have passed 99%, according to the lead author of the most authoritative study on the subject, and could rise further after separate research that clears up some of the remaining doubts.

          Now if Scientists are way too Liberal for you how about corporate executives in the fossil fuel industry? Shell Oil not only admits to the validity of Anthropogenic Climate Change but, is urging serious action on the problem!

      2. You are completely free to MOVE to conservative small town USA to find like minded people, $200K gets a mansion and, you can make friends with the Trump supporters at the cross burning BBQ lynchings. I ESCAPED from that hell and, am in NO hurry to go back!

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