Vandals Spray-Painted Cars in the West Hollywood West Neighborhood

As many as ten cars were spray-painted on Sunday in an unusual act of vandalism in the West Hollywood West neighborhood.

In an email to members, the West Hollywood West Residents Association said “the perpetrators targeted cars on Norwich Drive and Rosewood by using two kinds of spray paint, white for dark-colored cars and black for light-colored. Reports say some of the tags seemed to make homophobic references.”

WHWRA asks that anyone who has captured video footage of any suspicious activity on Sunday morning 1:30 a.m. share it with the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, which can be reached by calling (310) 855-8850. Those whose vehicles have been damaged are asked to call Detective Mike Yocum at (310) 855-8850.

    1. It’s news because all these acts of vandalism are felonies, the property of at least 10 individuals was damaged and it’s an assault on our community. The same “bored-ass kids” committed the same crimes on the same night in other cities. Yes this is news, it’s bad news.

    2. Yes Frank, it is news because behavior like this causes everyone’s insurance rates to rise. The city already pays for police protection, why not use it.

    1. 1. There are plenty of “non-rich” people who live on those streets. 2. That really doesn’t matter because no one deserves to have their property vandalized. Why does it matter if someone is rich or not?

        1. My earlier comment about wehohello were censored (I questioned his character using colorful language). He sounds like a real winner.

    2. Crime has a very unusual trend of creating MORE CRIME in a community.
      Unusual, but statistically proven, unrelated crimes, more serious crimes. All in addition to further car vandalism as reported here.

      I’m surprised in this day and age, no security camera (home, apartment, business) didn’t catch anyone on such a large spree of property damage.

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