About that Arrest: Here’s What You Need to Know

You’re wondering why that driver was pulled over and handcuffed by Sheriff’s deputies on Santa Monica Boulevard while you were driving home from work the other day? And what led to that man in the apartment down the street being perp-walked out the front door of his apartment building? To find an answer, scroll through the arrest log posted below, which is provided by LocalCrimeNews.com. Local Crimes News is a syndicated service that offers records of local arrests, updated around 2 p.m. each day (except for holidays and weekends, when they are updated the following Monday or Tuesday.) The daily arrest log can be found on WEHOville.com’s Crime and Public Safety page.

Given that West Hollywood spans, but doesn’t entirely cover, several ZIP zones (primarily 90046, 90048, and 90069) some of the arrests may have involved people outside our city limits. And remember, just because someone was arrested doesn’t mean he or she is guilty. To track court cases, go to the Los Angeles County Superior Court case document site. If you find a record of your arrest and want it removed, you can request that on the LocalCrimeNews.com site.

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Got Grammer?
Got Grammer?

Come on people. This is nothing new. The community deserves to know who committing crimes in our own backyards. If you do not want your name showing up in the local news outlets, try not breaking the laws. Same thing my parents told me not that long ago while I was growing up in a small midwestern town. Maybe a little town square embarrassment will make a few people think twice before doing something stupid.

Tim Fogarty
Tim Fogarty

What is the purpose of posting this information, other than click-bait? Public shaming? It doesn’t make the city any safer. It has the potential of ruining innocent people’s lives. Please reconsider this page.


what a lovely city we live in.