John Duran, Who Ceded His Title as Mayor in March, Now Gives It Up on Social Media Too

John Duran’s Facebook page on July 15, where he identifies himself as “past Mayor at City of West Hollywood.”

John Duran is no longer the mayor of West Hollywood. Yes, he officially stepped down from that position in March in the midst of controversy over his sexual behavior and his disparaging remarks about fellow Council members. But Duran, to the consternation of a few of his fellow City Council members and a number of local residents, has continued to identify himself as mayor (and the “inventor of homosexuality”) on social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and LinkedIn.

As of today, Duran identifies himself on all but one of those platforms as “former mayor,” an apparent response to a complaint about Duran’s misrepresentation of himself that was communicated by Al Strasburg, a local resident, to City Attorney Mike Jenkins.His profile for Sidebar with John Duran, an online radio show, still identifies him as “Mayor John J. Duran.”

“It has been reported in local media that the titular mayor of West Hollywood, Councilmember John D’Amico, has referred to you concerns over the ongoing misrepresentation by Councilmember John Duran as the sitting mayor (verb tense matters),” Strasburg wrote in an email message shared with WEHOville. “I join the chorus in objecting to such representations by Mr. Duran and the unseemly behavior he attempts to enhance by this misuse. Among other things, this ascribes the imprimatur of official West Hollywood in his bawdy personal behaviors. This, however, is not the sole reason why councilmembers should, as Councilmember John Heilman has stated, ‘always try to be accurate in describing our official position on the City Council’.”

Duran is up for re-election to the City Council in November 2020.

John Duran’s profile on July 7 on Facebook, the social media platforms where he posts most often

  1. Can’t wait until he’s former EVERYTHING. His delusions of grandeur are embarrassing to our city. He talks about Trump…he’s just as bad.

  2. Duran referring to himself as “Mayor”, even when no longer serving in that particular office is perfectly fine. In the world of politics, it is a nearly universal practice for a former political leader continue using the title of his or her highest rank, even after leaving office. This is even the case while serving in different office. Although said individual will occasionally use a different title under certain circumstances, such as when doing so may cause confusion among participants or record continuity. Several examples include official meetings while executing the explicit duties of his or her current office, especially in the presence of the current mayor (think council meetings). Even the fact that the position of mayor is not directly elected does not alter that tradition. This is just proper etiquette.

    Here are a few examples: Barak Obama, and other former US Presidents, are still referred as “President”, even when in the presence of the current holder of the office. Current members of congress are even addressed in meetings as “The Distinguished Gentleman from [whatever state], [other title] [name]. Even former NYC Mayor Giuliani is still properly addressed with the aforementioned title.

    So yes, Duran referring to himself is not only his prerogative, but also the appropriate thing to do.

    1. Duran has a title: Council Member. That should be sufficient. People don’t introduce themselves with a laundry list of positions they formerly held unless they are insecure. Folks can get a real sense at face value with our all the bright, shiny objects and puffery.

    2. You are only partially correct. While those who leave public office can acceptably be called by their former highest title, it is not accepted or appropriate protocol in those cities, like West Hollywood, who select a new mayor annually. Accepted protocol in this type of city is that the title of mayor is only used during the period of your term. This is ultimately respectful to the current mayor, and prevents confusion from having 5 people calling themselves mayor. Once leaving office, they can call themselves the “former mayor.”

  3. OMG. Get a sense of humor. No one actually believes he invented homosexuality. You people are just plain silly. He’s got my vote. Were any of you at the recent protest at the library. He spoke eloquently and decisively. Got over yourselves. Bye.

    1. What does that have to do with claiming the title of Mayor when he was asked to step down – and which he did step down?

    2. Agree with Ezra. Thanks WEHOville for the daily “Duran Watch”. Why are you singling him out so much? Stop obsessing about him and his every move and report on more important topics affecting our city: there was a City Council meeting last night with a full agenda…why not focus on that instead of yet another petty article about Duran?

      1. Agree. Why is this blog continually writing about a man whose never ending scandals are written about by the LA Times and the Daily Mail and the New York Post and other news media? We can read it there. This blog should focus on local stuff. 🙂

        1. he was mayor locally so this IS local stuff. taxpayers who pay the salaries around this city want to know why someone who no longer holds a title represents themself otherwise. just like we deserve to know why bullies aren’t fired or why keys to the city are given to porn actresses. we’re paying for all this.

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