ICYMI: Ben Kawaller Takes to the Roof of Fiesta Cantina to Meet Sabo and Gay GOP’ers

You couldn’t make that Log Cabin Republican event on the rooftop of Fiesta Cantina Friday night? Or maybe you’re a Democrat and didn’t want to go.

Well, Ben Kawaller, a comedian and videographer whose “Out with Kawaller” series captures aspects of WeHo life with an ironic sense of humor, was there. Above you’ll find him interviewing local gay Republicans (a distinct minority in West Hollywood, but they do exist). And you’ll find him interviewing Sabo, the right wing street artist, whose website declares that he’s all about “creatively kicking liberals in the teeth.”

And to answer some questions that will be coming from readers: 1) No, this isn’t a news story. 2) Why wouldn’t someone publish something about an event that has generated so much controversy? 3) And no, WEHOville isn’t a right-wing blog.:) Oh, and despite what he proposed in this email to WEHOville — “It seems the gays are very pissed at me so I might to simply surrender that booty in the name of peace. :/ 😉 — Sabo apparently still identifies as heterosexual.

  1. Gay Trump supporters should have booths – if not floats – in all the Pride festivals. So we could see the commitment to inclusion, diversity, free thinking, and civil liberties of the gay political class and the gay media.

      1. I’ve never seen one. I’ve seen a Log Cabin booth here or there. But not a Trump booth. I believe you may be conflating everyone who is not a Democrat.

        1. REALLY? The Log Cabin republicans like most republicans are basically the Cult of Trump. You appear to be misrepresenting “democrats” as some kind of legitimate Left Opposition, if they had such courage they would be winning elections everywhere by a landslide!

  2. On a related note, on that same night, there was a “Chickens Supporting Chik-fil-A!” fundraiser at the slaughterhouse.

  3. Well they can’t say the WEHOville was unfair to them when all 6 of the republicans who showed up for the event got interviewed! When I walked by Fiesta Cantina Friday night on Santa Monica Boulevard, I didn’t notice anything unusual going on. Now I’m told they were all hiding on the roof. WeHo outings called at the last minute by Eric Jon Schmidt have consistently been more significant, so Ben Kawaller should do a video of the next one. The log cabin republicans can claim some popularity in West Hollywood, all the candidates running for office are hoping they will endorse their opponents! 😉

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