WeHo, the ‘Sex-Based’ and Largely Gay City, Has Many Heterosexual (and Maybe Illicit) Massage Parlors

The gate entrance, just left of the tree, to Momo Therapy massage at 7551 1/2 Santa Monica Blvd.

“Behind Illicit Massage Parlors Lie a Vast Crime Network and Modern Indentured Servitude.” That’s the headline of a story published in The New York Times on March 2 that describes a “$3 billion-a-year sex industry that relies on pervasive secrecy, close-knit ownership rings and tens of thousands of mostly foreign women ensnared in a form of modern indentured servitude an industry.”

The Times said law enforcement reported that there were “an estimated 9,000 illicit massage parlors across the country.” A handful of those apparently are in West Hollywood.

Our city of 1.89 square miles is home to nine active massage parlors listed on RubMaps.com, a “Yelp” for customers of illicit massage parlors who rate and describe their satisfaction with the sexual services they receive. All are located on Santa Monica Boulevard, sometimes in places difficult to spot while driving down the street. Another nine West Hollywood parlors listed on RubMaps have closed over the past three years. Two massage parlors identified on RubMaps as located in West Hollywood are on La Cienega Boulevard and actually just outside the city limits.

The 722 highly erotic reviews posted by customers of the West Hollywood and La Cienega Boulevard massage parlors on RubMaps describe paid sexual encounters with young and middle-aged women, most of whom are Asian or Latina. On RubMaps the parlors are described as offering Asian, Chinese, Dominican, Korean, Latina and Thai massage, with only one labeled as offering “Caucasian massage.” The preponderance of Asian and Latin women is unusual in a city where women of an Asian or Pacific Island ethnicity make up only 6% of the female population and those who are Latin or Hispanic constitute only 9% according to a 2010 city “Status of Women” report.

The reviews make clear virtually all of these businesses are more about sex than shiatsu or Swedish massage. They use highly explicit terms that describe the type of sex that takes place. Most use some sort of slang, like BJ for oral sex or CFS for sex with a condom Each reviewer is asked to note the ethnicity of the masseuse, estimate her age and height, describe her hair and eye color and breast size and whether her breasts appear to have had implants. The site also asks reviewers to describe the hair over the masseuse’s vagina and to note whether she offers any of nine highly specific sexual acts, including oral sex and anal sex. Often the reviewers call the parlor manager the “mama-san,” a Japanese or East Asian term for a woman who runs a geisha house or bar or nightclub, further emphasizing the Asian culture of the parlors.

A client who visited Be Be Aromatherapy, the massage parlor at 7541 Santa Monica Blvd., posted a very explicit review on RubMaps, most of which cannot be published on WEHOville because of its highly sexual content.

“I asked her for theCFSand she wasn’t surprised, we took care of some business before she got naked, I liked what I saw, I felt up those tits and they were good … “ said the review on April 27, 2018, of a Korean masseuse identified as “Coco” by a client identified as “call085.” That review cites a $90 payment to the massage parlor and a “tip” of $100 to Coco.

Be Be Therapy, 7541 Santa Monica Blvd.

Another client who visited the Momo Therapy massage parlor at 7551½ Santa Monica Blvd., posted a review on March 20 of his experience there with a well-recommended masseuse named “Kamilla,” a Latin woman.

“I called and pretended I had been there before twice with Gina (thanks again fellow reviewers ). She told me she had two Asian girls but there was a Latina girl ‘like Gina’ and her name was Kamilla. I made an appointment and drove over.

“They did the little parade to the room, which I loved. Two sexy Asian girls that couldn’t have been 30 with long hair and high heels. Kamilla was a pretty Latina girl with a big, gorgeous ass. Her face is pretty and her proportions are nice, if a tad thick. She’s athletic thick, though, not fat.

“Anyway, she comes in in her little pink dress and asked what I wanted. I told her skip the massage, I want FS (full service). I only had 200 when I arrived and gave 70 to the MS (mama-san) for 45 minutes. Kamilla told me it would be ‘much more.’ I opened my wallet and showed her that 130 was it and she said ok.

“Ignore my ‘massage rating’ because we didn’t do one. She’s quick to jump into CBJ. I told her to slow down but she wanted the cover even for the HJ? That was a little bit of a bummer. Fantastic doggy the whole time. Her butt is like an indestructible love pillow. No amount of hammering was too much. Sexy tan lines and firm muscle really let me go for it. She enjoyed it and we had fun. No kissing and she wasn’t into hair pulling because she had extensions ( fair enough ).”

WEHOville has visited or called several of the massage parlors identified on RubMaps, but the managers have refused to discuss their business and asked us to leave. It thus is unclear whether local masseuses actually are forced to live in the massage parlors or subjected to other onerous conditions like those described by The New York Times.

In West Hollywood, described by gay City Councilmember (and former Mayor) John Duran as a “sex-based city,” it isn’t unusual to find sexual massages marketed online to gay men by other gay men who work for themselves. However, only one local massage parlor, Prince Men’s Spa at 7542 Santa Monica Blvd., identifies itself as a gay massage parlor. (Two popular ones, Circus Maximus and Koyota Spa, were closed by vice officers in 1985). So, given that 40% of the city’s population is composed of gay men, it may seem unusual that there are so many actual physical massage parlors that cater to heterosexual men and appear to be largely staffed by Asian women. There is some suggestion on the RubMaps reviews that customers from other locations see West Hollywood as a destination place for massages from Asian women.

Responding to the closing of one massage parlor, a review posted on Jan. 15 said: “The coos in WeHo know the score! It’s the land of freedom to f-ck as an adult!” Another reviewer agreed, saying “hell yeah. There’s still several other spots in WeHo that I’m going to check out this year.”

Prince Spa, 7542 Santa Monica Blvd.

The local massage business did get some attention last year with the arrest of Lt. Dave Smith of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

The District Attorney’s Office reported that Smith “said he would conduct lawful inspections at massage parlors in West Hollywood. However, Smith is accused of paying for sex at two of the locations between 2016 and 2017. He also allegedly received gifts from a massage parlor employee.

“In return, Smith is accused of checking to see whether law enforcement planned on raiding the employee’s location. On one occasion, Smith allegedly told the employee there may be law enforcement officers near the business and advised her she might want to close for the evening, according to the complaint.

“If convicted as charged, Smith faces a possible maximum sentence of three years in state prison or jail.”

The massage parlors cited in the indictment — Pine Therapy Massage at 8424 Santa Monica Blvd. and H20 Massage at 1011 N. Fairfax Ave. – were staffed by Korean women and have closed. Smith was charged on one felony count of conspiracy to obstruct justice and one misdemeanor count of obstruction of justice. He is scheduled to appear at the Folz Criminal Justice Center in downtown Los Angeles on Tuesday for a hearing.

Smith’s indictment brings to light investigations in the past of allegations that some employees of West Hollywood’s massage businesses are undocumented workers who are not paid or treated according to government standards and are afraid to complain for fear they will be extradited.

The complaint against Smith says he was aware that the Sheriff’s Department’s Vice/Human Trafficking Bureaus had conducted a surveillance of local massage businesses in 2012 as well as other investigations. Young Kim, who apparently managed the Pine Therapy Massage parlor, is said in the complaint to have accepted payment from Detective Gary Furuyama of the Vice / Human Trafficking Bureaus in August 2012 at which point Furuyama was offered a sexual encounter, providing evidence that prostitution was taking place.

The District Attorney’s complaint says that Smith received “gifts and services” from Young Kim during 2016 and 2017 and paid for sex there and at H20 Massage in those years. Smith has denied those allegations.

Lt. Scott Aiken of the L.A. Sheriff’s Department’s Human Trafficking Bureau said that in his experience most massage parlors located in strip malls or similar less than prominent locations are illicit businesses.

Aiken said he is aware of RubMaps. If a massage parlor has a lot of reviews on RubMaps and is offering condoms to its customers, the bureau may send an undercover officer there.

However, Aiken said that local massage parlors are not a primary focus of the Human Trafficking Bureau, which has collaborated on major investigations with other agencies as a part of the L.A. Regional Human Trafficking Task Force. One of its most recent investigations resulted in the arrests over three days in January of 339 people, including 156 men on suspicion of solicitation, and the rescue of 50 victims of human trafficking, including 14 minors.

Aiken also stressed that his bureau works hard to ensure the safety of undocumented sex workers. “ We don’t care about their immigration status,” he said, noting that sometimes the owner of a massage parlor may be holding a woman’s passport to keep her from leaving or speaking out. “We don’t do it punitively.”

“We don’t focus on the girls, when we do that,” he said of raids on such places. “We want to focus on the landlords and the managers themselves.”

Los Angeles County is moving forward very slowly with an ordinance proposed in 2017 by Supervisors Janice Hahn and Hilda Solis that would require annual health and safety inspections of massage parlors in an effort to stop their use for illicit sex. That ordinance got an initial approval by the Board of Supervisors in 2017, but at its February 2019 meeting the board voted to continue a vote for final approval of the item to its March 26 meeting. That ordinance would apply to all of the unincorporated area of Los Angeles County overseen by the Public Health Department. Currently the health department is under contract to conduct health inspections of massage parlors in five cities, including West Hollywood.

Aiken said approval of that ordinance would allow officials to immediately shut down a massage parlor that was violating it. William Moulder, the acting captain of the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station, said his staff this year has received only one complaint about a massage parlor in West Hollywood, which was referred to the Human Trafficking Bureau.

  1. Isn’t it more accurate to call WeHo hotel and parking based? Isn’t that where most of the tax money comes from? Hello, reporters, can we do some real reporting with some facts and numbers instead of basing an entire story on some random quote from our disgraced mayor? Hello journalists, I’m calling you, are you home?

  2. Prostitution should be legalized. There is nothing wrong with it. Every man and woman has the right to do what they want with their bodies. It seems the people who are against it are people who would never get paid for sex. Get off you high horses. Prostitution exists and always will. I have paid for sex and I didn’t think anything about it. The guys were very nice, clean cut and polite. Sometimes I just don’t have time to go looking for sex so it’s very convenient to get a call boy.

  3. Hank and I spoke at length about this issue leading up to this story. While I appreciate the light his article brings to the very real sex tourism industry here in West Hollywood, I don’t find much useful analysis here. That could have been easily avoided by centering the experienced is sex workers, not the employees of these establishments (unlikely and also unsafe), but someone like myself, a rep from Sex Workers Outreach Project LA, or an expert OTHER than LAPD representatives.

    Lord knows the Human Trafficking Task Force is not exactly a paragon of effective policy rooted in material conditions faced by sex workers. They are in fact complicit in the “new” drug war where the state and police apparatus profits off the criminalization of sex work. Don’t buy the Trafficking hype!

    Let’s not patronize these workers in broad brush strokes by calling them victims, trafficked or exploited unless that is demonstrated.

    The fact is most of the abuses experienced by workers in these types of establishments are better described as LABOR abuses of sex workers, NOT trafficking. Decriminalization is the solution, for safety of workers and clients, NOT rescue.

  4. It fits right in with the John Durand theory of West Hollywood being a sex based City. Of course, when it comes gay life for men, WEHO is very puritanical and selective.

    Where are the gay baths and massage parlors with male masseurs? Yes, prostitution should be legalized. I believe there should be sex workers. Maybe unionized.

    But that will never happen in America. Recalling Gore Vidal’s comment that America was made up of colonialists and superstitious peasants. We don’t even have separation of church and state. Religions are not taxed in the United States. Because of the Bible, Talmud and Koran beaters. They operate without having to pay taxes. These sky God believers dictate our morality. There are always at least three different religious leader types praying at presidential inaugurations etc

    They even bring up religion and morality on the West Hollywood City Council. Remember that whole thing about Palestine and Israel last year regarding a documentary?. Council members supported some local clergy and the film wasn’t showing. With council members grandstanding about that morality and religious beliefs. Like any of us care.

    In the creative city straight men can be pleasured in one of the massage parlors while gay men have to stumble over theater seats to hookup for sex in WEHO.

    1. I feel compelled to point out that overwhelmingly most charity in this country comes from houses of worship. I know that is true of churches and synagogues, and I would imagine it is also true of mosques. So if these places were paying taxes it stands to reason their charitable giving would be reduced substantially. If the government were to get its hands on that money I highly doubt it would be used as effectively.

    2. I would not call WeHo “puritanical and selective” for gay men. There is still an adult theater, which caters to both straight and gay men. There are go go dancers at many bars. There were gay bathhouses in or near West Hollywood until not too long ago, including the Melrose Spa and Hollywood Spa. These went under because of the rise of hook-up apps, and they turned into what eventually became mostly drug dens. Massage parlors, I don’t know. It isn’t like they are going to advertise this. But I would not be surprised if gay men can find sex at a massage parlor from another man in this city. In fact, I know some who have been offered this service.

  5. Demographic data calculates that 39% of West Hollywood residents are gay men. How is that “largely gay”? You might as well say Weho is “largely rich” because over 35% of households make more than $100,000. Based on all the crying about rents, we know Weho is not full of largely rich people.

    And illicit massage parlors have *everything* to do with women being victims. Most are trapped in exploitative servitude, and/or victims of sex trafficking. Men who go to these places are fueling global sex racketeering. Waving it off as innocent activity for horny husbands show real ignorance, and your true attitude towards women.

    1. “Largely gay” is not the same thing as saying “the majority is gay.” The city is, in fact, largely gay, one of the largest percentages of LGBT people of any city in the United States (if not THE largest percentage), and a percentage that exceeds the percentage of LGBT people in our overall population. It is worth noting, especially as it fits into the city’s identity, politics and initial creation so heavily.

      And “Waving it off as innocent activity for horny husbands show real ignorance OR your true attitude towards women.”

      I personally have no problem with prostitution, male or female, gay or straight. I do have a problem with exploitation and sex trafficking. If a massage parlor exploits people or engages in sex trafficking, they should be shut down, and prosecuted. I will not assume that they ALL do, without data to support that argument. It actually would be ignorant for me to assume they all do, without data.

  6. Legalize prostitution, regulate, inspect and tax these establishments. Or let’s all go to Amsterdam where they are more enlightened.

  7. Oh no my creative spaces. You missed a few. So this. Is the other creative clubs.

    Let’s licese and tax and biweekly exams. Wait that’s Europe

    Which part of the world is this?

    It’s like the internet. A mix of everything and anything.

  8. It won’t happen in West Hollywood if the places are closed, but for some reason they continue to not be raided by the Sheriffs Department. Same goes for Studs theater. A friend and I bought a ticket to go in there recently to see what goes on. Lots of sex going on and very sticky floors. There are at least two strip clubs in West Hollywood where women are totally naked. It doesn’t seem to bother the Women on City Council or the Women at th Chamber of Commerce. So yes, West Hollywood could be call “ sex based”

  9. This is nothing more than married men whose wives stopped giving so the husbands have to find it somewhere. This has nothing to do with women being victims, but rather the only thing that keeps married men from leaving their wives. The divorce rate is over 50%, most likely because the husbands are not satisfied.

    1. It’s very simple. Close these businesses in West Hollywood and the costumers won’t come here for that purpose and Women will not be objectified here.

    2. Misogynist statement with NO context to make it. I’m so glad you were embarrassingly clobbered at the polls. I have no doubt that you would do everything possible to undermine the women of WeHo. We deserve better than Duran and we DESERVE better than you !

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