Final Tally Shows No Change in Winners in WeHo City Council Election

A final tally of votes from the March 5 West Hollywood City Council election shows no change in the winners or the rankings of the unsuccessful challengers.  However, challenger Sepi Shyne edged closer to victory, coming in only 139 votes behind Councilmember John D’Amico.

Councilmember Lindsey Horvath remained in the lead with 3,944 votes (24.33%).  She was followed by Councilmember Lauren Meister with 3,610 votes (22.27%) and then D’Amico, with 2,438 votes (15.04%).

In a calculation by the Los Angeles County Registrar on Friday, Shyne, who got the backing of the Unite Here Local 11 hotel and restaurant workers union, which campaigned against D’Amico, was 185 votes behind D’Amico.

James Duke Mason scored 1,330 votes (8.21%) followed by Marquita Thomas with 1,078 votes (6.65%).  The March 5 election was Mason’s second attempt at a Council seat.

Brendan Hood, who was running for the first time, scored 481 votes (2.97%).  Tom Demille, for whom this was the fifth unsuccessful race for City Council, got 335 votes (2.07%).  Shawn Davis Mooney got 284 votes (1.75%), followed by Jack Cline with 243 votes (1.5%) and Eric Jon Schmidt with 167 votes (1.03%). Schmidt already has announced that he will run again in November 2020.

There also were no significant changes in the results of votes on Measure B, which affirmed the City Council’s decision to grant necessary permits for the Arts Club on Sunset Boulevard at Hilldale.  The final total was 3,544 votes (60.3%) in favor of Measure  and 2,333 votes (39.7%) in opposition.

Measure Y, which would allow the city to impose a 7.5% sales tax on recreational cannabis, ended up with 4,536 votes (76.31%) in favor and 1,408 in opposition (23.69%).

The final election results are scheduled to be certified by the L.A. County Registrar’s Office on March 22, and it is anticipated that the Los Angeles County Board of Supervisors will declare the election concluded on April 2

  1. Mr. Cline and I both officially concede. Neither of us expected to come close to winning since we didn’t take donations. But it was worth a shot to us. We wish those who got the most Votes Godspeed. There are many challenges they will face during the next four years. I believe they will do the right thing for the people of West Hollywood. We would happily give our combined 410 Votes to Ms. Shyne giving her 2709 votes and a seat on the City Council, if it were allowed. While Mr. Cline and I are proudly unconventional in our personal lives, we both pledged to work very hard for the Residents had we won. We are both very different in our professional and personal lives and there are no blurred lines. We thank those who Voted for us, your Votes were not wasted as we will continue to Volunteer in the Community. I will run again in November 2020. My new website will be up and running in January 2020. In the meantime Mr. Cline will continue his work as an NP, Nurses Union Representative and Lobbyist for Single Payer Healthcare. I have several projects which I will be working on to combat homelessness to include trying to get the State hospitals open again since that seems to be the only way to get the homeless the help they need. It’s a huge undertaking, but I think it can be done. Mr. Cline and I thank you for allowing us the opportunity to participate in the West Hollywood Election.

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