Suicidal Man Threatens Patrons at 7 Eleven

Just before 5:30 p.m. today Sheriff’s deputies responded to a report of a suicidal man threatening to stab patrons at the 7 Eleven located at the corner of Hayworth and Santa Monica Boulevard .

Sheriff’s deputies at 7 Eleven (Photo ANG News)

Officers arrived and found a man claiming to be armed with two knives. After being detained, he was transported to a hospital for a medical evaluation. The man appeared to be homeless.

This is the same location where a 7 Eleven patron was attacked with a hatchet last year and another man was found dead in his vehicle. West Hollywood sheriffs deputies are handling the investigation.

  1. We need to solve the problem and we need to care about these people! There are a lot of people that are situational home less.That could be any of us. I am fortunate that I owe a a good business. I have met homeless people that are amazing and of course there are the drug attics and the mentally ill. They should not be invisible. WE NEED TO CARE. Housing is not affordable! I have know a wonderful man who refuses to take money from me.He recycles. During the holidays I wrote him a beautiful card about who he is and I enclosed a $50. gift card and he cried.

  2. We cannot eradicate the homeless as a population.Courts must enforce treatment and /or shelter for them. I am well aware of the limitations with those who refuse medication. In my opinion, it is in the community’s best interest to have laws in place that protect the community.The homeless should be offered places to rest and get medication.However, as taxpayers we will be required to pay the cost with taxes.The courts enforce laws as written and it is our responsibility to vote what keeps us safe in our own communities.

    1. Absolutely!!!!!! (there’s also a large population of “homeless” that don’t want to work..who don’t want to contribute…they’re happy smokin’ weed all day and just kickin’ back)

  3. It’s funny how everyone thinks that I’m EVIL for saying that in a civilized society, we should have laws to NOT allow homelessness to exist. If one can’t take care of themselves (because of addiction or mental illness), then the government should be mandated to step in and take care of them. Homelessness SHOULD be illegal. It’s very disturbing to see the mentally ill brushed aside and allowed to sleep on the street. You all saying that i’m the problem…in reality…YOU’RE the problem. Strong rules and laws and funding (smartly), can end the problem. Showers and pointing fingers at people like me being the issue, will not. I’m glad a few of you understand, for the rest of you, that is the problem.

    1. So what is your solution? Arrest all of them? Kick them into another neighborhood? This is a regional problem, and it is the result of many variables, including a massive income divide in this country, substance abuse, mental illness, our housing crisis, etc.. If you could please show an example of where they have dealt with this successfully, I’d be interested to know. I’m quite seriously interested.

      This problem has been studied by our government officials extensively. How would making homelessness illegal solve anything? Do you think us taxpayers could sustain incarcerating all of these people on the street?

      I’d seriously like to know your solution to this complicated problem, besides just making it illegal. Illegal would mean we’d have to put these people in jail, and there’s not enough space for all of them.

      I think our city does need to address this with some shelters. Yes, land is scarce, but the city owns property that currently isn’t being used, including the huge lot at Crescent Heights and SMB and the space at Kings Rd. and SMB. I don’t think kicking these people over our city border solves a thing. It just temporarily moves the problem to another place, which will come right back to us. Once again, this is a regional problem. West Hollywood can’t take one approach to it, and have neighboring cities not approach it the same way. Not if we truly want to solve this problem.

  4. Such a sad situation all the homeless on the streets… not just Weho, but everywhere. This is a National crisis not just local. Having said that, I stopped shopping at this center .. it just doesn’t feel safe anymore.

    1. No it’s not. It’s a western state problem due to the far left course of action. The rest of the country has homeless here and there..nothing like what the western states have.

  5. Let’s open Weho to the homeless!!! Give them showers, enable their drinking and drug behavior, and allow them to negatively impact those who call Weho home. No!! We need strong rules and laws that don’t allow homelessness to exist. The solution is not to build homeless shelters in the center of Weho (land is just too expensive), it’s too build mental health facilities and homeless rehabilitation cities outside of the city, and REQUIRE the homeless to get off the streets and go. No more enabling Weho. We’re better then that.

    1. Finally!!! Somebody with some sense! Enough! We’ve allowed the drug addicts, alcoholics and the mentally ill to take over our streets. Disease, filth, crime…what will it take for people to wake up?! Nate laid it out.

    2. “We need strong rules that don’t allow homeless to exist”?????!!! They are people not things and they deserve to exist. Forcing them out of the city doesn’t solve the problem. Many of the homeless are mentally ill or have drug or alcohol addictions. They need medical help and counseling , not being shipped off to another city. People who think like you are the problem. Anyone can become homeless, would you want to be treated like?

      1. Our Pam. Love how emotional you’re getting about the homeless. Take as many of them in as you can, and I applaud you. Take you’re emotions out and we’re saying the same exact thing. It’s an epidemic that needs to be fixed. No, we don’t need a homeless shelter every other block that they can go to “only if they want to”. If you can’t take care of yourself, then the government needs to step in and take them off the steets. From a financial standpoint, Weho can do a lot more by working with LA and building homeless shelters and mental health centers on where its the most efficient to do so! Just like when a company decides to build a new headquarters (tax breaks, resources, costs) we need to do the same thing. Why wouldn’t you want to support 10 housing units in LA, vs. maybe 1 housing unit for the same cost in Weho?

      2. He said laws that don’t allow “homelessness” to exist. “REQUIRE the homeless to get off the streets.”

        I agree. They should have to go to a shelter, rehab or mental facility.
        But those places have to exist with laws to support getting them there. (And I agree, not where property is millions of dollars an acre.)

        1. It’s the judges that are the problem. They have decided that there is not much you can do if a person does not want to get treatment/housing…you can’t force someone against their will…even if they’re out of their mind.

    3. NATE

      Spot on. I do not understand West Hollywood Council/ City’s obsession with having to provide subsidized housing and, as you wrote, to enable the homeless to deteriorate our city. West Hollywood City Council is so afraid of losing state & federal monies if we do not support these causes yet, we give keys to the city to a porn star just to keep on the international map and ensure we look good for AWARDS SEASON. WHY? So they can build a $65 MILLION LIBRARY, charge for parking on Sundays, pay liability insurance so we can have a city official sexually harass an employee and hold legitimate developers hostage to provide low income housing and on the other hand hideous ART INSTALLATIONS ON SUNSET. WHY? All of this feel good legislation (GREEN BIKES, green electricity) benefits no one. There is no benefit to allow homeless people run rampant in any city. The owners of that 7-11 franchise are required to have assets of hundreds of thousands, sometimes millions of dollars to enter into a contract with 7-11 to operate a 7-11 store and our city does NOTHING to protect the business owners and the customers, myself included, I was there on Tuesday morning this same week. Amazing that hard working residents in West HOllywood and business owners do not get recognition. When I pay my property taxes at the end of the year, I just think, HOW THE F is my money being spent. The State of California and Los Angeles County need to fix the homeless problem. Garcetti pulled out of the presidential race because he knows this problem of homelessness would sink his campaign. Doesn’t this send a message to any elected official to fix this homeless mess?

      1. West Knoll…right on. Until the problem has come to the back door (literally) of the majority of citizens..they will stay with their misguided reasoning on how to handle this situation. Their path has gotten us to where we are today. The West Hollywood we knew has so drastically changed in the last 5 years. I fear it will look like San Francisco in another five or less. The western states as a whole with their extreme left policies have turn their communities/cities into third world countries.

    4. Pam Is ABSOLUTELY right! The others should be ashamed of themselves. This is all the long-term consequences of the President Reagan wrong response to what was an institutional problem.

      1. Yeah, let’s follow San Francisco’s lead and bend over backwards for the homeless…see how great it has worked out for them. Like a beacon in the night, it has drawn the drug addicts, the alcoholics and the mentally ill from all over the country. They know that they can’t be touch and they can literally do whatever they want and the whole city has become one giant dump.

      2. President Reagan buckled and sided with the liberals who felt it was wrong to have someone committed against their will. He signed the law that emptied out the mental health facilities – the liberals got their way. Oh, but we’re supposed to say it’s a shortage of affordable housing…like you can’t walk down any street or visit any park and see that the homeless there are not looking for any affordable apartment. They’re looking for their next fix, next drink or they’re talking to their own shadow. And then of course, there are the ones that just don’t want to work or contribute to society. But let’s continue wit the false narrative.

  6. That 7-11 has homeless outside all the time. Where are the Homeless Teams we hear so much about? That corner is the beginning of the east side. The east side, in my opinion, is treated like the ugly stepchild of the City

    1. No cops or laws in California? That’s a revelation. If you feel we are doomed because “NO COPS…NO LAWS” please leave. Texas will welcome you with open arms.

      However, the issue is homeless people, many of whom are vets, many physically sick and/or mentally ill. We need a regional, concentrated effort to marshal the various social service agencies (state, federal and local) to help alleviate and resolve many of their issues. I don’t claim to have all the answers, but we all know it’s a big problem, just about everywhere in the L.A. Region (and most other major metropolitan areas).

      AHF’s acquisition and rehab of dilapidated motel properties is a good model to transitional housing as well as having health/welfare services in one place to address the issue. More good thinking and ACTION like this is needed.

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