John Duran Offers a Little More Detail About His Fellow Council Members’ Sex Lives

John Duran

Former Mayor John Duran elaborated a bit on his declaration that he is more sexually active than his fellow City Council members in an interview with Splinter, an news and opinion website operated by Gizmodo.

The story, “Why Are So Many LGBTQ Groups Staying Silent About This #MeToo Scandal,” called out organizations such as the Los Angeles LGBT Center, the Human Rights Campaign, the LGBTQ Task Force, the ACLU and Equality California for declining to comment on accusations that Duran sexually harassed young members of the Gay Men’s Chorus of Los Angeles.  Duran, who denies those allegations, resigned as chair of the Chorus after those allegations came to light in stories published by WEHOville and the Los Angeles Times.

The story did, however, note that Stonewall Democrats, the state LGBT Democratic Party organization, called for Duran to resign from the City Council.  The LGBTQ Victory Fund, which has supported Duran’s runs for office in the past, said “current investigations would determine its future endorsement of Duran.”

Duran didn’t attend Monday’s City Council meeting where residents spoke out against him and the Council passed resolutions restricting his city-paid travel and spending and requiring that his meetings with employees at City Hall be monitored. In a post on Facebook, he suggested that he skipped the meeting because of health issues. However, before Monday’s meeting he did talk with Splinter’s Kate Sosin about his interview on KNX 10.70 radio on Feb. 22 in which he had stated that he was “the only, I think, sexually active member of the City Council.  I don’t want to besmirch my colleagues, but I mean, I don’t think any of them are having the level of activity I am.”

“Duran directly named two colleagues who he said hadn’t had sex in 20 years, another he didn’t think dated much, and a fourth whom he characterized as sexually inactive due to being married,” Sosin reported, without disclosing the names of the particular Council members whose sexual inactivity Duran described. Councilmember John D’Amico, who is gay, is the only married City Council member.

“’And by the way, there’s a complete distinction here between gay men and lesbians,’ Duran added. ‘I think that you’ll find more levels of promiscuity and sexual activity on the male side of the gender divide. And on the female side, and I know this because I’ve talked to many lesbians and straight women over the decades, that women just interact sexually more from their mind.’”

Sosin reports that Councilmember John Heilman, who is gay, declined to comment on Duran’s latest remarks and Councilmember Lauren Meister characterized them a distraction for a city with more important issues. Sosin noted that Councilmember Lindsey Horvath stated at the Council meeting that she did not want to have to discuss her personal life because of Duran’s statements.

Duran has said he will not step down from the City Council despite the demands that he do.  He is up for re-election in November 2020.

  1. Entirely unprofessional. Duran would be fired if he said this in any other workplace. I have had it with obnoxious, ego-driven politicians thinking rules don’t apply to them as they continue to disrespect our governments and our communities. WeHo needs to kick this guy out of office, asap.

    1. This is great news! John Duran will have post-City Council career as the gay Dr. Ruth. John can not only dispense legal advise but can provide advice on how to emulate him and improve your romantic performance.

    2. Duran’s tasteless and crude comments are gossip, reporting on the pathetic commentary of an elected official is news.

  2. Way too much information, especially the speculation about others that know how to lead dignified lives and likewise treat others with respect. Duran’s awful characteristics are unfortunately being mirrored by a supporter with a passive aggressive twist. Neither approach is useful or welcome.

  3. I left a very loud comment yesterday that surely needed editing for naughty words. I am sorry Hank. In a more rational mindset, I would like to know what makes Mr. Duran’s sexual escapades less offensive than some straight male doing this to a woman? And although I doubt a straight guy would react any differently with a personality like Mr. Duran’s – it is still exactly the same. Coppafeel is Coppafeel. And just as many straight guys think all women welcome such gropes – they don’t. It defies logic that all gay men would react differently. Mr. Duran seems to believe he is endowing his targets with a special gift. He isn’t. At this point, simply the sight of Mr. Duran conjures mental pictures that are on the icky side. Sadly, he is too smug and self-centered to face facts. I recall an old-fashioned term that was often effective in ridding organizations of just this sort of horseplay (yes, I mean that literally) -MORAL TURPITUDE. And it sounded kinda silly way back then. Now, not so much.

  4. When Duran claimed West Hollywood is a “sex-based” city, he really meant he’s a sex-based politician.

    This sad need for sexual approval only becomes less well-disguised as he ages. Not a good look. It won’t be long before he’s that old cruiser no one wants to be around because his bragging is irrelevant and cringe-worthy, and his advances are unwanted and creepy.

    He needs to retire before the community forces him out, with good cause.

  5. The City of West Hollywood should reassess our property tax because everyday WeHo’s own Trump open’s his mouth, our property values decline.

  6. And be honest , you didn’t show up for the meeting because you couldn’t handle the truth about your embarassing behavior . You were on the east side of WeHo while the meeting was taking place . Your car was seen in a 5 minute spot with your city council placard hanging for at least 45 minutes .

  7. John, have you NO shame? Are you really so bent on destroying 40 years of work for a few jabs at people that are correctly protecting the city you so claim to love ? Your grandstanding is pathetic and embarrassing ! If you really loved this city , you’d resign before we recall you . Because , that’s exactly what we are going to do! Keep flapping your undignified lips!

  8. John is sounding like Trump: He had stated that he was “the only, I think, sexually active member of the City Council. I don’t want to besmirch my colleagues, but I mean, I don’t think any of them are having the level of activity I am.”

  9. John Duran needs help. He does not represent the majority of the community and he conflates his obligation to be a responsible leader with his ability to have a personal life. The distractions are Trumpian and he is destroying the brand of West Hollywood as a legitimate city. We are back in the Valerie Terrigno days. He has set up back in so many ways. He takes credit for things he has never done. Can somebody please tell me what he has done beside prey on people and build his career by taking money from developers?

  10. John Duran has made it clear now. He’s dirty laundry is not enough to make him look worse. Now, he wants to make sure everybody knows something is not anybody’s business. Too bad, the people that he harassed (or abused ) for years are not coming out (in public) to tell him what they think of him.
    Let’s just ignore him. Let’s see how long it takes for the city to keep him quiet and how he acts when people in WEHO tell him he’s no longer welcome. … Duran, you better click your heels NOW!

  11. I’m gay. I’m sexually active. But it’s NOT a pass to sexually harass people, be on Grindr at work, hire past hook-ups, grope guys, discuss colleagues’ sex lives or any of the other horribly inappropriate things he’s done.

    Being sexually active doesn’t make it ok to be weird, creepy or unseemly.
    My workplace wouldn’t put up with it and as an elected official he should be held to an even higher standard. Something is seriously wrong with him.

    He’s already cost us $500K to settle a sexual harassment suit and he’s tied to Ed Buck.
    Time to go!

    1. Duran should go. But for the record he didn’t cost the city $500,000. The insurance company paid that and made the decision to pay that over Duran’s objections. The city pays for a pooled county wide government indemnity policy so this is a drop in the bucket for the insurer and likely meant little increase in premiums.

      1. Thank you for pointing that out. People keep saying he cost the city $500K, which technically is not true.

        But he has cost the city its reputation. He has not apologized for hiring a subordinate that he had sex with and not reporting that to HR. That put the city in a high-risk position, even if he didn’t sexually harass Owens (I don’t think he did). He settled that situation with nothing but arrogance, and acted like he was the one and only victim in the situation.

  12. Hang in there John. Don’t resign. Don’t let the people who are not getting sex think that the rest of us are bad people. They are just angry haters.

    1. It’s a good thing that you and Duran do not represent the majority of decent LGBT residents of Weho or LA who think his sexualized rhetoric is inappropriate for elected or public office or speculating on others’ sex lives. So there’s that.

    2. If you’re an elected official your sex life and your private life should be separate.
      There are plenty of us “getting sex” that find his behavior gross.
      Why are we even having to have this conversation? What an embarrassment.

  13. John Duran is now the face of West Hollywood. There’s a big story in the UK Daily Mail with Duran going on about his sex life, etc.

    Sadly, Duran is a 59 year old man stuck in a gay past that took place in the last century. He goes on about his Vaseline alley humor, telling gay jokes, not realizing he’s now become the punchline.

  14. I do not want to know about *any* of my elected officials’ sex lives. This is so grossly out of bounds.

    I guess this gives the City Attorney more specifics to include in that censure motion that he needed provable facts for…

    It seems clear John Duran is going to be a distraction as long as he is on Council. Having a Council member who needs a babysitter and who cannot travel on the city’s dime because he is obsessed with sex (and cannot respect boundaries) does not serve the city well.

    He needs to go. Voluntarily or by recall petition.

  15. All of his colleagues wanted to say “he needs to resign” at the last meeting, but they stopped short of that. The fact that 4 of his 4 colleagues have voted to censure him should tell him to resign. The fact that he now needs a parent to monitor his emails should tell him to resign. The fact that he needs a chaperone at meetings to make sure he doesn’t sexually harass anyone should tell him to resign. Dude, have some @#$%@#$ dignity and leave.

  16. Is he incapable of keeping his mouth shout. He digs himself deeper and deeper into a hole he put himself into. Go ahead…run again…you’re delusional if you think it will go in your favor. It won’t. Because even though your decisions as a council member were well thought out and sound, you lost even those that supported you through all the crap you pulled.

  17. Yet another sad day for the residents of WEHO. Mr. Duran has again shown his lack of decency or decorum. Commenting on the sex lives of employees or colleagues is, in of of itself, sexual harassment and the creation of a hostile work environment. He behavior has surely had an effect on those in the City Hall that have to engage in anyway with him let alone his fellow council members. Mr. Duran has stated that he was “worried” about his legacy after working for so many causes in the last 30 years. As Antony said at Caesar’s funeral, “The evil that men do lives after them;
    The good is oft interrèd with their bones.” So it will be with Duran. The evil he has done in the last 3 years will overshadow the good. What a pity.

    1. Actually, just for the record…Antony was defending Caesar against the self-righteous Senate members.
      Further in his monologue he keeps referring to Brutus as “an honorable man”. “So were they all honorable me.” He is being extremely sarcastic!
      He is saying that these “honorable men, Brutus and his cohorts” murdered Caesar!
      The city council members are not at all like the Roman Senate. They are saying that a person in a leadership position should be a role model and not abuse his power.

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