Opinion: The Arts Club Benefits Local Artists and the Community

As a resident, a  WeHo-based artist, an Arts and Cultural Affairs Commissioner, and one of only three artists in history that have been awarded the Pollock Prize, I strongly support Yes on Measure B and welcome the Arts Club to West Hollywood!  Art has and continues to be a major component of our unique City.  We are known as “The Creative City” right? Lets spread that creativity and create new homes for our art and artists.

Illustration of the Sunset Strip facade of the Arts Club during daylight hourse (Gensler architects)

That is what makes the Arts Club the perfect fit for our community.  Artists need a gathering place that is supportive,  understands what we do, and creates venues for us to do our thing.

One of the many benefits the Arts Club offers to our community is the FREE art gallery that is open to the public. WeHo does not have a space dedicated to do two-dimensional art as part of our public art program.  The art gallery not only would be used as a place for artists to put on an art exhibit, but it allows performers, musicians, dancers, and other artists to utilize the space for rehearsals, shows, and more. This is a great addition to our community, because this space is desperately needed by local artists that can’t afford renting a gallery or rehearsal space.  

Yes on Measure B will create new jobs for our community and allocates money to the arts. The Arts Club has committed to contribute approximately $1.25 million to promote art, artists and performers!   This overwhelming commitment to the arts and to our local artists is extremely generous and shows the good will and intent of the Arts Club.

With the House of Blues gone, and with MOCA leaving the PDC, we need to revitalize and reenergize the Sunset Strip. Vote YES on Measure B! Support the arts in West Hollywood.

  1. As a homeowner, direct neighbor, and HOA President of the closest residential property to the project site, and on behalf of 12 other homeowners located just 20 feet south, I wholeheartedly and confidently endorse YES on MEASURE B.

    This specific area of WeHo is in dire need of a new and engaging development that embodies the spirit of our City. The Hustler building is dead and this area of West Hollywood is way overdue for a creatively driven development – such as the Arts Club. The Arts Club will ring in a new era for the arts in West Hollywood.

    The Arts Club will have a street facing bistro with live music and a public art gallery. The bistro will allow residents of West Hollywood to enjoy a meal with live music from our local musicians. The art gallery serves multiple uses for our community. The space can not only be used as an art gallery, but a rehearsal and performance space. Not to mention the endless opportunities to host art forums and discussions in this wonderful multi use gallery.

    By voting YES on Measure B, we are voting to invest in our City’s future. The Arts Club’s commitment to contribute over $13.5 million dollars to our community is admirable. Aside from these community benefits, the Arts Club will generate jobs, tax revenue, and funds for city services.

    Vote YES on Measure B! #YESonB

  2. Sure local artists will be helped. Don’t believe it. Never have. No on B for me.

    Produced Documentaries including the saving and closing of Cave art but flim in French.
    Writes Music and Produced a Musical.

    Let’s see I won’t list the artists that worked. With us downtown. Zero cost to artist and salaries to learn. Good things happened. Didn’t need an Arts Club from London to help out.

    I would vote no for $500,000 A year to homeless which is far to little for the people involved.

    Won’t get fooled again. The signage on Sunset at rainbow was present to myself and others while walking dogs as a Bill to save certain trees Laughed and walked away

  3. Sorry, NO on B. If you read the fine print, this is an elitist, private, for-profit business that wants to put a NINE STORY building on the Sunset Strip. There’s so much money involved that they’re willing to buy our vote with some petty cash passed out just once. And that gallery space they keep mentioning is only available during the times that they wouldn’t be using it. (Yeah.) It’s just another mega-hotel development trying to buy a spot in our city because we have the prime real estate they want. If we were such a creative city, we could have added all of these things as part of the library complex and made it truly accessible to all residents.

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