Mother Lode Hosting Memorial Service Tonight for Charlie Kinsley

Charles Kinsley
Mother Lode is hosting a memorial tonight in honor of Charles Kinsley, aka Charlie, a popular bartender who died recently of what is said to have been a heart attack. Kinsley, 47, celebrated his birthday on Jan. 7.  He is survived by his mother, Phoebe, and sisters Dawn, Maggie and Kim Lee. He lived in Los Angeles and grew up in the Valley, attending Victor Valley High. Kinsley worked at Mother Lode for about 17 years where he was known for his affectionate greeting of the regulars, which sometimes included a hug or brief kiss.
More than 100 people had posted their memories on Facebook as of the publication of this story.  One of those was Kevin McDowell, who wrote: “Charlie, your passing is truly a tragedy. We were friends for many years and I’m heartbroken to hear the sad news. You were a very unique individual who always found something positive in everyone you met. I always appreciated that about you. You were a beautiful soul. “When I think of how over-the-top you were about supporting Bernie Sanders and upset you were that Hillary got the nod, I smile thinking about the passion you put into everything you did or believed. All of us who knew you benefited from that unwavering spirit. “You and I had some good times together, not the least of which was back in 2007 when we escaped to London, England for a Scissor Sisters concert weekend. You were such a Scissor Sisters fan and you proudly wore that t-shirt practically all weekend. I remember us hanging out with Jake Shears in his dressing room after the show. When we walked in, I heard someone scream “CHARLIE!” Sure enough it was Jake himself, so excited to see you while pushing people to the side to greet you with a big hug.” Mother Lode is located at 8944 Santa Monica Blvd. just east of Robertson. The “Remember the Life of Charles Kinsley” event will take place from 9 to 11 p.m. Information about other memorials will be posted as they become available.