Transgender Woman Alleges Attack by Gay Men Outside West Hollywood Bar

A transgender woman has alleged that she was assaulted by five gay men on Saturday night outside a bar in West Hollywood.

Alba Martinez has created a GoFundMe account to raise money to help cover her basic costs, which she describes as “rent, groceries, and utilities, as well as medical costs – first aid supplies, mental health prescriptions, medications, and pepper spray, and fixing my phone.”

Alba Martinez (GoFundMe)

In her GoFundMe post, Martinez said the attack occurred outside a gay bar.  “As a Trans Woman of Color, there are virtually no spaces where I am safe, and getting ganged up on by 5 gay men in West Hollywood (the supposed ‘gay capital’ of LA) was absolutely terrifying,” she wrote. “I was violently attacked in the face, bruised and cut up, and left unconscious in a dark alleyway.”

As of publication, Martinez has raised $8,799, far exceeding her $3,500 goal.  WEHOville has reached out to her via email but has yet to receive a response. The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station says it has no record of anyone reporting such an assault last weekend. It is unclear where Martinez says the attack occurred.

“I haven’t had much time to emotionally process what has happened in this traumatic event,” Martinez writes on her GoFundMe page. “Behind the straight faces and joking demeanor I carry around when dealing with trauma, this time I’ve found myself crying whenever I had even a minute alone to myself. The tears would come down a straight path, but I’d be silent and my reactions were limited to a dead stare at nothing. I feel more empty than ever before. 

“It’s a lonesome feeling that I’ve been suffering through a lot lately. I feel pressured to put on a front whenever things get extra tough for me and my experience from being a transwoman, specifically of color. People consistently tell me to accept this reality, but do not take into consideration how my reality and all of these experiences have affected me and my mental health. I’m taking the time to describe my own narrative to the people closest to me reading this.

“To be as openly honest and vulnerable as I can, I was forced to withdraw from UCLA due to my mental health getting out of control. Because of this, I am no longer receiving the financial aid I had been stretching out until now.

Alba Martinez

As a consequence of coming out and presenting my gender as I feel most comfortable, I have been subject to daily harassment. Every day when I walk out of my front door, I experience some form of harassment, whether social, emotional, or sexual. I literally cannot be outside for more than 15 minutes without experiencing someone’s rude transphobic commentary or sexual harassment and that has greatly impacted my mental health – and more importantly, my ability to feel safe in this world. My social anxiety has increased greatly as a result of all these daily microaggressions and it has made it that much more difficult to secure a decent job, handle regular chores, and/or lead a fulfilling life.”

  1. When straight cisgender white women make claims of being attacked by non-whites the entire system stands by the woman until it’s dis-proven beyond any reasonable doubt and, even then it’s covered up in order to promote racist stereotypes. Recall the case of the Central Park 5 rape case in the 1980’s? In 1989, Yusef Salaam and four other African-American and Latino teenagers were arrested for beating and raping a white woman in New York City’s Central Park. They became known as the “Central Park Five.” Donald Trump took out full-page ads in New York newspapers calling for their execution! Then, in 2002, their convictions were vacated after the real rapist (a white male with a record of rape and assault) came forward and confessed to the crime and his DNA matched. By then, the Central Park Five served between seven and 13 years in jail for the assault. Trump still to this day refers to this case FALSELY accusing them of rape!

    Notice the difference in how the the stories of white males in this case 5 white males is received by society? There is no media hysteria over the suspects being called the “West Hollywood 5” with endless segments in the media by mean spirited self appointed experts posing the rhetorical question “what makes white guys so dangerous?” You can bet that the NRA will NOT be calling for non-whites to be armed and have the right to shoot anyone they feel uncomfortable with!

    Here we have at attack on a Transgender Woman of Color that is consistent with being in the highest risk group for being singled out for a hate crime, showing signs consistent with serious trauma from a serious hate crime compounded by the fact that West Hollywood is considered to be an accepting safe space and, we are having comments (which I would like to attribute to outside trolls) stating that somehow she should be able to finish her Graduate Studies at UCLA like nothing ever happened. Considering the fact that the vast majority of transphobic and homophobic internet posters never Graduated from College whose credible should be in the garbage, West Hollywood should be encouraging UCLA to work with Ms. Alba Martinez to Graduate and have an impact on society. My tip would be to save your research papers on flash drives, they make great reference material in comment postings!

  2. I would not be too quick to victim blame. Let’s give her a chance to file a police report with more details, talk to Detectives, and further investigate before we jump to conclusions. She might be telling the truth. Things are not always as they appear. This is just her preliminary report. She may have more to say. When I volunteered on a “domestic violence” crisis team in Detroit during College, (as a note taker and observer) sometimes it would take the victim of violence up to six weeks to be able to tell the whole story. It’s a very traumatic experience so we should take her seriously and act with caution and compassion. Don’t think that gay men are incapable of this kind of violence. There are many gay men who don’t like drag queens, cross dressers or trans-gendered. Hate is not limited to the straight community. I’m going to give Ms. Martinez the benefit of the doubt until more information is revealed. I hope that local organizations will step up the help her get her story out.

    1. So it takes the victim six weeks to tell the whole story… but 24 hours to post it on GoFundMe? I’m not calling her a liar & not discounting your thing. Don’t know her & I’m not a detective. But from the story, something doesn’t add up.

  3. I am having a hard time believing this Particular Story by this woman. Five gay men attacked her at a unknown bar on some date and time and she didn’t report it and was kicked out of UCLA. Did she fail to carry the credits? She was out for how long from school. The other parts of story and paragraphs seem to be plagiarized from other articles I have to facts to go fund her just a good story. Sorry for the problems and injuries but I wouldn’t give based on UCLA story.

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