Car Burglaries Were Up, Robberies Down in WeHo Last Month

Vehicle burglaries were up 79% in West Hollywood in December 2018 over the same month in 2017 according to the monthly crime report from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station.

The report shows that 41 of the 61 vehicle burglaries reported occurred on the city’s Westside, a 141% increase over the same type of crime on the Westside in 2017.  Last month there were a total of 11 aggravated assaults, defined as assaults that cause or are intended to cause serious bodily injury, a 450% increase from the two reported in December 2017. Eight of those assaults occurred on the Westside, which is the location of most of the city’s bars and nightclubs.

There were major declines in armed robbery (down 80% with only one incident) and strong arm robbery (38% with only five incidents reported), which is defined as a robbery in which the thief gets physical with the victim.  

Incidents of grand theft, defined as theft of something worth $950 or more, declined 33% in December 2018, with 22 incidents citywide. Also showing a decline (down 29% with five incidents) was grand theft from automobiles.