Man Found Dead in Ed Buck’s Apartment Is Identified

A woman from the coroner’s office with the body of the man found dead at Ed Buck’s apartment at 1234 Laurel Ave.

UPDATE 8:19 p.m.,Jan. 9: The African-American man found dead on Monday in Ed Buck’s apartment had been identified as Timothy M. Dean, 55, of West Hollywood. Dean, who studied at Santa Monica College, was a Saks Fifth Avenue employee and originally was from Florida.

An African-American man was found dead early this morning in the Laurel Avenue apartment of Ed Buck, where a death in July 2017 sparked a protest about its handling by the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department and about the reaction to the incident by Democratic Party politicians.

Sheriff’s deputies and the coroner were on the scene at 1234 Laurel Ave. at around 3:15 a.m. according to nearby residents.

Timothy M. Dean, 55

The death on July 27, 2017, of Gemmel Moore, then 26, was deemed by the L.A. County Coroner’s office to be a result of an overdose of methamphetamine.  A coroner’s report said drug paraphernalia was found in the home, along with sex toys and clear plastic bags containing what was suspected to be methamphetamine.  The L.A. County District Attorney’s Office declined to prosecute Buck saying the evidence is “insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that (Buck) is responsible for the death of Gemmel Moore. Likewise, the admissible evidence is insufficient to prove beyond a reasonable doubt that suspect Buck furnished drugs to Gemmel Moore or that suspect Buck possessed drugs.”

Before the 2017 incident Buck, a gay white man in his early 60s, had been an active donor to Democratic candidates ranging from Hillary Clinton in her race for president to John D’Amico  in his initial and successful race for a seat on the West Hollywood City Council.

City Council members John D’Amico and Lindsey Horvath have reached out to City Manager Paul Arevalo, asking him to request that newly elected Sheriff Alex Villanueva put  priority on investigating his death. Councilmember Lauren Meister also has pressed for the homicide division to investigate.

As of publication, WEHOville has been unable to get further details about the incident but will update this story as they become available.  WEHOville also has reached out to Ed Buck for comment but has not received a response. However, Seymour Amster, Buck’s attorney, said in a television interview that “This is not a situation where Mr. Buck had caused the death. This is a situation where Mr. Buck has had longtime friends who, unfortunately, do not handle their life well, then succumb when they are in the apartment of Mr. Buck.”

  1. Presumably the authorities will investigate and make a determination as to the cause of death of this poor man, and if Mr. Buck is in any way responsible. It is however reprehensible and irresponsible for the West Hollywood Sheriffs’ Dept. to allow 100’s of people to descend upon a residential building and harass and scream at residents and neighbors. Protestors who threatened to go up and get Mr. Buck and bring him down to the mob, and run up to passing cars and scream at them that a murderer was inside the building. Why are they allowing this to go on? There is another “Protest” scheduled for Friday at 7pm in front of the building and I hope the Sheriffs’ Dept. will serve the public, protect the residents, and follow the law.

  2. Omg. That’s the porn actor that goes by ‘Hole Hunter’. The tattoos in the photo in this article match those in the videos.

  3. Does WeHoville stand by this first report stating the deceased was “a young African-American man?” Yesterday (January 8) the LA Times reported that he was 55-years-old. I haven’t seen any corrections, and the original claim still leads this article. This claim has been repeated by several journalists and social media influencers throughout the world.

    1. Note this quote from the story about the rally at 1234 Laurel Ave: “An investigation into the death is being led by Detective Q. Rodriguez of the department’s Homicide Bureau. The identity of the dead man has not been revealed. While it is clear that he was African-American, he may not have been a young man. Cannick said that she had been told that he was in his 50s.”

      The coroner’s office has not yet released the age or name of the man involved, so it isn’t possible to confirm either at this point.

  4. I did research of the death of the first young, black, gay, male. His friends said that Buck had a fetish of shooting them up with meth. They said he sometimes is the first person to shoot up the young men. The first time, yes…he could possibly get away with it. Twice??? I hope not, but we do have an effed up justice system. I applaud those applying pressure and protesting for our judicial system to do its job properly.

  5. This is very sad and my heart goes out to the families affected by the death but drug use is a choice! There is no excuse, period! One comment says people are forced into this life as a result of bad home lives/sex trafficking…really? Tons of us come from bad home lives, including me and I have never used drugs in my life! Coming from a bad home made me stronger and made me want a different life and that’s exactly what I did! It was not easy but the blood, sweat and tears were totally worth it. I have made tons of mistakes and I have no one to blame but myself, luckily none of my mistakes killed me! Gay life in West Hollywood is a choice we make! Living on Palm and Cynthia, I could tell you tons of stories from picking up strays on the way home from the bars at 2am whom have offered me drugs and have never once accepted! Two shootings on my street (Palm Ave) both associated with drugs on behalf of the suspects and I’m still standing as a result of my choices! I saw a segment on Fox News regarding this horrible incident and it’s now a “black lives matter” issue? ALL LIVES MATTER!! A shooting at a bowling alley in Torrance a few days ago and I see no one protesting- so it’s ok for black on black crime/murder but as soon as a white man and a black man are caught up in issues it’s a horrible crime against black folks??? It’s very sad that this is becoming a racial issue! I don’t care what race you are, if you use drugs you are responsible for your own actions including but not limited to death!!! Stop blaming others for your choices!!! It’s that simple!! Maybe I can sue the Abbey for serving me alcohol and hooking up with a dude who I took home and ended up stealing my credit card?? Should I claim that Hispanic lives matter as a result?? I blame myself and no one else for my choices- sober or tipsy!! Gay life here is fun but also comes with tons of responsibility!

    1. addiction is not a choice, it is a disease. It’s obvious you don’t get what black lives matter is about, also it does not say people with light skin do not matter .
      think of it as meaning black lives matter too. that is what it means

      1. I disagree. Plunging a needle into your own vein is something you chose to do. No one else on this planet made you do it. It was your own choice and your own bad decision all along.

    2. It’s very sad that the selfishness, cluelessness, and myopia of the white supremacist gayKK is so rampant that your main focus in this whole thing is not supporting the victim and queer people of color, but writing a screen downplaying and denying the existence of racism. It’s amazing, but not surprising, that in the Trump era the idea of “black lives matter” is to triggered to bigots that you feel the need to scream “ALL LIVES MATTER!!” in all caps. When you see a Save the Whales button do you run up screaming “ALL ANIMALS MATTER!!”? Do you know how ridiculous you sound? It’s always the same tired talking point with these Trumpanzees whenever blacks are victimized by white: “But black on black crime blah blah blah” to deflect and deny. Setting aside for one moment that most crime is committed by whites, so what? If you want to protest a shooting in a bowling alley, go ahead. Stop trying to change the subject!!! Stop denying the existence of racism!!! If two white guys had been found dead in the home of a black male, that black male would be in jail, period. It’s that simple, and anyone who can’t see that is either naive, stupid, a liar, or a racist.

      1. Actually Federal crime statistics show that Blacks are disproportionately both perpetrator AND victim of crime.

        As for crime between races, it is overwhelmingly Black on White. Just statistical fact. There is no great White on Black crime wave.

        1. Actually, federal crime statistics show that, like I already said, most crime — to the tune of 60-70%, is committed by whites. This is a stone cold fact. The bulk of that is white males aged 17-45, who are barely 15% of the population but disproportionately commit more criminal acts than ANY other group.

          Whites also get away with more crime due to bias in law enforcement and criminal justice. That Ed Buck is still walking around scott free where a black man with two dead white bodies in his apartment is proof of that. Federal statistics don’t account for the great white on black crime wave because the Ed Bucks of the world get to victimize blacks with impunity, as do white police and private citizens who murder black people then go home free because “they were scared.”

          White men have terrorized people of color community for centuries. White men and their wars, chattel slavery, massacres, serial killing, mass murders, oppression, and economic calamity have killed and destroyed far more lives than blacks, and it would take black people until the end of time to catch up to the white male body count.

          Thanks for playing.

          1. They are not saying only Black Lives Matter. It quite obvious that all lives matter, but the BLM movement was started to bring awareness to the racial disparity facing African Americans.

            PS – you lose all credibility when you use Fox News as a source.

    3. I done see this as much as a BLM issue, as an older man taking advantage and supplying vulnerable young men with drugs. He took the risk, and unfortunately we need to hold him to his actions and stop blaming others.

    4. I completely agree. Dead is dead and this is not the first time corpses have been (oops) found in Ed Bucks apt – with narcotics and sex toys and I must ask – did Ed obtain the drugs legally? The sex toys are legal. I would make sure the M.E. makes certain that the young victim’s body was not violated post mortem.

    5. They are not saying only Black Lives Matter. It quite obvious that all lives matter, but the BLM movement was started to bring awareness to the racial disparity facing African Americans.

      PS – you lose all credibility when you use Fox News as a source.

  6. Is it possible to obtain records of any/all contributions Ed Buck has made to past/current West Hollywood politicians?

    And, while legal distinctions under penal law are important, what is essentially different under the following two possible scenarios?

    1). These men “voluntarily” arrive stoned and drugged at Buck’s apartment after having been summoned/lured either in person or on social media.
    2). These men arrive and are “provided” with intoxicants by Buck.

    Either way, it’s death twice in the same place.

  7. I believe this is much wider than Ed Buck. He gave too much money to politicians to not call in favors.

    And if the County of Los Angeles District Attorney and the Sheriff’s Department push this new death under the rug, I think it’s time to make a complaint to the FBI.

    The WEHO two John’s (D’Amico & Duran) took big bucks from Ed Buck. They had to know what his lifestyle was. It’s naive not to believe they didn’t know everything.

    I smell a cover-up and I’m sure anybody with half a brain does too.

    1. Prove they took big bucks. There are I believe contribution limits in WeHo. The idea that they’d risk their careers to block investigations based on your guesses is reckless and baseless.

  8. Why are other news outlets calling Buck “wealthy”? Puhleese. That rental looks basic AF.

    Maybe he spends all his money on meth and boys. And soon, lawyers.

  9. NYC sucessfully prosecuted the dealer who sold the herion to Phillip Seamore Hoffman. Come on LA – at least Manslaughter?! Stop the coverup!

  10. I would like the author of this story to explain the smear on Democrats. The city council members listed who are urging for the city to investigate more on this are also Democrats, so what is your point. Stick to the facts of the story, unless you are auditioning for Fox News.

  11. This guy is a cancer on society.

    And seriously, who didn’t see this coming after he got away with it the first time?

    It isn’t surprising given the rampant corruption of our very own little “city of Bell” — as long as the liquor, meth and money keeps sloshing round and round and everyone gets their palms greased, whats a little manslaughter among friends?

  12. Some people may be upset from my response however, I feel as if he is not a murderer each individual is old enough to make decisions for themselves. Being that this is the second time it has happened we as a community need to see what are we doing wrong if anything that yet another young gay Male life was lost. I am sure Mr.Buck did not make them take the drugs, nor did he make them come to his house. Unfortunately meth is becoming the dominant drug of choice these days amongst not only the gay community but in general. Each person that is pointing the finger ask yourself what was the last thing you did to make a difference in a young black gay males life. A lot of these young guys choose the life they are in. Here’s an example if a prostitute is walking the street and a trick picks her up and does a lot of drugs with her but she over doses because her body couldn’t handle the amount she did…would you then say the trick murdered her…? The answer should be NO.

    1. Jonny, you are correct that meth is an epidemic. But your incorrect in your blame game on the victim. Do you anybody else who has been pronounced dead from an overdose in anybody else’s West Hollywood apt? Two in the same unit.
      No lessons learned? Maybe Mr. Buck who is very wealthy has some high potency stuff to feed these boys or maybe Mr. Buck offers money to these boys to get them totally wasted to take advantage of them. In any case.. he is an accomplice.

      1. I agree. There is such a thing as circumstantial evidence. Also, I find it a bit indignant when people allude to, like, ‘a grown adult make adukt decisions’. That’s not always true – no matter the age. People help or enable people to fall over the edge – they are an accomplice to a degree. Last, whose to say that this Buck didn’t actually kill the young man – there’s many ways to do it, and one doesn’t need a gun or a knife? In this context, many have gotten away with cold-bloodied murder. Investigate.

    2. DEPRAVED INDIFFERENCE: criminal behavior resulting in the death of another human while not explicitly intending to kill.

    3. Jonny: I agree with you.

      There is no indication that the young men who died were killed by Mr Buck. They probably engaged in this behavior voluntarily, even if Mr Buck might have cajoled or encouraged from a position of greater wealth.

      Drugs or other substances we consume should not be regulated by criminal law.

      I mourn their deaths, but the answer is not revenge against Mr Buck, but rather better education about the dangers (and pleasures and benefits) of these substances. Mr Buck probably needs help.


    4. “…a lot of these young guys choose the life…” WRONG on so many levels. Many are forced into “the life” by bad home lives or human/sex trafficking. Your naivety at the goings on of this world and blaming the victim is absolutely beyond this woman’s understanding. Yes, some “choose” this life but many thousands don’t and your cavalier attitude about the “why” of their lives shows you know little about the wealthy and elite. Those who are addicted to drugs will often do things they normally wouldn’t, that’s perhaps the one place I’ll agree with you. But blaming the victim, ever, is flat out wrong. One is an accident; two is a pattern.

      1. I feel and mourn for the sad premature death. Agree with you on that.

        At some broad level, using this logic we might feel sorry for any sad life choices. Every choice has its reasons.

        Mr Buck is a reckless and bad actor. But not a killer, as far as we know.

  13. It is possible that the owner of this building can be prosecuted and his building taken under a LA County statute wherein a landlord knowingly allows drug activity on the premises. Too many folks appear to be asleep regarding the activities of this depraved individual.

    1. You’d think he could evict him assuming he rents rather than owns. If it’s a condo and he’s the owner, far more difficult.

    2. Until compelling evidence is presented that he is engaged in criminal activity, his landlord has no say in the matter.
      (Note that even though there may be “anecdotal” evidence of crimes, there have been no charges of drug trafficking, no felony crimes charged… nothing. Thus, any intervention on the part of the landlord would itself be a violation of law.)

      1. Please. Landlords in West Hollywood have managed to force out tenants for far less than the very compelling evidence of two dead bodies.

    3. The so-called war on drugs is an abysmal failure.

      Prosecution and punishment are not smart solutions to substance abuse.

      If we really believed this, we would prosecute the owners of the Abbey and the Gold Coast for serving alcohol to persons who overdo that legal drug (which we avoid naming a “drug”).

  14. Horrifying! Am I living next door to a serial killer?! Two deaths of young gay Black people in two years in Ed Buck’s apartment. This all seems very suspicious. The victims deserve justice.

  15. Once a fluke, twice a pattern. If I had questions first time around they have now been answered. Ed Buck should be investigated and charged with possession of illegal drugs and or peddling drugs and or murder.

    1. Larry Block, “patterns” are not crimes.
      This is a good example of why you shouldn’t ever sit on Council.

  16. Well this is absolutely insane. The sheriffs department needs to do a real investigation in to Buck’s depraved drug den. His “friends” on the council like D’Amico should also be speaking out against this.

    1. I think the correct verb tense is “should have been speaking out” ever since the previous death in that apartment. Kudos to Ms. Meister and Ms. Horvath for having done so.

    1. Who takes, or who took? And what does their party have to do with anything? Like they automatically knew about this, before the first incident? I think nobody prominent has taken any contribution from him, since poor Gemmel Moore’s death.

    2. Any SINCE the first incident, sure. Retroactively, ridiculous. How can someone think that is appropriate? They weren’t aware of this level of bad behavior.

      1. Ideally this will spark a critical review into the Sheriff’s initial investigation of Gemmel Moore. Had Ed Buck been charged with possession or solicitation then he may have gotten help. This is not the first case of indifference in investigating serious crimes by the Sheriff’s Department when the potential defendant has City Hall connections.

        When the news of Gemmel Moore’s death broke, Lindsay Horvath spoke out at the City Council meeting asking anyone with any information to contact the Sheriffs’ Department. She was immediately contradicted by Council member John Duran who said that anyone who had information might subject themselves to prosecution, particularly if they were involved in drug use or prostitution. This was clearly meant to deter people from volunteering information. When elected officials deter citizens from reporting potential crimes, isn’t that an obstruction of justice?

        Had Gemmel Moore been blonde and blue eyed would City Hall’s reaction been different? Unfortunately we know the answer to that question. For all of City Hall’s celebration of diversity we have to ask ourselves if black lives matter.

      1. Good question. It was DA Jackie Lacey who made the decision not to prosecute, but posters here are blaming the Democrats, the apartment owner, the Sheriff, the City Council, etc. It makes no sense.

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