John Heilman Endorses Duke Mason in West Hollywood City Council Election

West Hollywood City Councilmember John Heilman has endorsed James Duke Mason in his run for one of three seats on the City Council.

Duke Mason (left) with John Heilman

The endorsement, announced today, means Heilman is not endorsing Councilmember Lauren Meister for re-election on March 5. He already has endorsed incumbents John D’Amico and Lindsey Horvath.

“I have watched Duke Mason work hard over the last few years as an advocate for affordable housing, one of the most important issues in our city,” Heilman said in an announcement of his endorsement. “Through his service as a city official and his leadership in the non-profit sector, Duke has an understanding of and commitment to all of the issues which impact our community. Duke will help move our city forward as part of the next generation of leadership. I’m proud to endorse his campaign.”

Mason is a member and recent co-chair of the city’s Lesbian & Gay Advisory Board, as well as a former board member of the West Hollywood Community Housing Corporation. Mason is focusing his campaign on addressing local issues such as solving homelessness, expanding affordable housing, supporting small businesses and ensuring seniors can age in place safely and securely.

“I am humbled and honored to have Councilmember Heilman’s support,” Mason said. “As someone who has been a champion for our community on everything from rent control to affordable housing to the creation of our city’s beautiful new library and park, John is someone who I greatly admire and look forward to working alongside on the City Council.”

Mason is one of 11 candidates in the race. If elected he would be, at age 26, the youngest member of the Council. More information about Mason’s campaign can be found at

  1. Duke Mason is the personification of unqualified for council. He’s done little but run a shadow campaign for years, taking on public assignments and then underperforming. At this critical time in the city’s history, WeHo can not afford to indulge this dilettante’s delusions. Shame on Heilman.

  2. Heilman doesn’t support Lauren Meister for one simple reason: she can’t get him a backstage pass to a Gogo’s 80’s Revival concert at the Greek Theatre. James Duke Mason can clearly deliver on that. Many may disagree with Heilman, but there’s no denying that he knows what he’s doing. JDM’s mommie threw Heilman a fundraiser. all Lauren Meister has to offer is 20 years of virtually all volunteer service to her community. Lauren isn’t perfect, as I have seen her speaking to someone on the street, and she will quickly dump talking to them when a new and more important person comes along. What our city needs is someone like that guy from many years ago who used to chase John Heilman around with a video camera and ask real questions. I forget his name, he was very annoying but I recall he never took $ from anyone and knew how to shake things up. He just disappeared. I wonder why.

  3. Transparent and self serving are the words that come to mind when I read this. If Heilman truly wanted what is best for our city, he would have endorsed ALL of the incumbents and not someone who will be his puppet and not challenge him.

    Not endorsing Lauren Meister says it all.
    Shame shame shame

  4. Dukes a nice boy living a privledged life. He never had a job. Sometimes he freelances as a writer for a gay magazine. His claim to fame is carrying a sign across the Beverly Hills hotel when he spent years dining there. If he was effective he wouldn’t need a sign just gather celebrities together then boycott the hotel. But then after he carried the sign he went in for a drink at the bar. All pomp and show. I’m suprised at Heilman and it shows me that it’s time for him to move on. He lost focus on what’s best for our city.

  5. Lauren is the only member of the city council who has, in 20 years of many contacts made to council members, ever returned a contact. Message her and there is instance response.

  6. I can’t wait for rich boy, square beyond his years, to finally be the one to address the issues facing young queer people in weho. Homelessness, street-based economies, addiction.. never dipped his toes in any of that mess .. but hey he sure comes off classy right? The kid is just perfect for politics.

  7. Lauren Meister is an eloquent humble yet truly intuitive and insightful leader of this city who is not LGBT or a Male or a millenial yet I would hope our city would recognize HER HARD WORK to include Moretoreums to stop overdevelopment of hotels and her deep caring for all communities especially Trans and Seniors always being there for so many conflicts and always the one voice of reason and seeking a common ground. She is grassroots and an educated experienced public official who seems more like a community neighbor. I hope AGEISM will not harm one of the most special community leaders of this city since 2015. I am sure Mason is a great young leader but knocking out Lauren Meister is like knocking out over half our city that truly appreciates her very loyal hard work and her solo voice when other council backs down. She is who our many leader friends and foundations endorse. She earned her place without focus on money…her focus is on the people….not power.

  8. Duke serves on the gay and lesbian board and announced he was running over a year ago. He could not even get a majority of the board to support him. Two other memebwrs who serve with him thought him so unworthy they decided to run also. When we put on the Bi Pride event which Duke says he created he didn’t even show up to the event.

  9. Perfect, Heilman! Absolutely perfect! You leave a legacy of overstaying your welcome and now you snub Meister! You were once the mark of a good man and now you and Duran rank as the two most small minded, ego driven, and “if they don’t agree with me, I’ll show them,” members that have darkened the doors of city council. I once trusted your insight, much like I did Duran, but that was before I figured out you both hate women! You sit high and mighty that you absolutely love and adore women and even do what glad-handing that needs to be done to keep up appearances, but the truth is that you both would be happy if women were not allowed to live in WeHo. This is proof positive. I can’t wait for the 3 johns to be gone! Sooner would be better!

  10. I’m keeping myself anonymous at this time, but people need to start digging in to the background of Duke Mason…

    I’ve worked in politics a long time and this guy doesn’t have it.

  11. When will West Hollywood become a serious city? The City Council no longer reflects the homeowners of this city. This is not the West Hollywood of the 70’s and 80’s.

    1. Not only are those times long gone (by nearly a 1/2 century), but West Hollywood did not exist in the 70’s at all & for about 1/2 of the eighties. The city wasn’t even founded until 1984.

      I’m not endorcing JDM @ this time, but you should still get your facts straight.

  12. Kudos Duke. John Heilman has always been reasoned, rational and methodical in every area since the City’s Incorporation. He endorsed a candidate that he believes is one of the best to be seated on our council. I agree.

  13. John Heilman missed a giant opportunity to bring the city together if he would have supported Lauren. I ran alongside John Heilman, John D’Amico, Lindsey Horvath, Lauren Meister and Joe Guadarama as well as Duke Mason in 2015. In the last 4 years I do not see Duke’s accomplishments as being greater than Meister’s hard work or Horvath’s input to the city issues.. Heilman had a chance to bring the city together and lock in his legacy across the board. The big money will try to overwhelm Lauren but I’m w her… John Duran’s best bet is to do what Heilman failed to do and that is endorse Meister. If he does not one of those two boys are going down in the next election and its probably Duran.

    1. I agree …Lauren is a gem…insightful…intuitive..humble and her actions and moretoreums refuse by other council but we are 200% behind Lauren. She’s for the people…not the power.

  14. Nice kid. Not enough “real life” experience to be voted for. Growing up with a silver spoon isn’t what I’m looking for to run the city of West Hollywood. Where did he go to college? Similar to the interns in Washington D.C., he’s had the means to get his feet wet in politics (which is great), while the 99% of the rest of us had to work to put food on the table.

    1. Duke Mason would bring some needed sophistication to the West Hollywood City Council. He’s had the benefits of living abroad along with serving as a senate page. He will also bring a youthful energy that is needed on the council. Some of the decisions regarding the Sunset Strip by the City Council and turning it into this dreadful collection of billboards could only have been done by people who were raised in Strip Malls. Also, Lauren is about Duke’s age. But her continuous niave granstanding behavior, including black listing the showing of the Palestine documentary only proves she needs to be replaced on the council.

      1. Duke is 25 so I think you have your female councilperson’s mixed up.

        You say Lauren is about Duke’s age. Lauren was a Phi Beta kappa college graduate before Duke was born.

        And Lindsey Horvath is your “naive grandstander”.

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