Man Injured in Fall from Hayworth Tower on New Year’s Eve

Man injured in fall from third floor of 1314 N. Hayworth Ave. (Photo ANG News)

A New Year’s Eve celebration ended badly last night when a man fell from a building where a party was taking place.

The man, who has not been identified, was attending a party on the rooftop of the seven-story Hayworth Tower at 1314 N. Hayworth Ave. He apparently went downstairs to the third floor and accidentally fell to the ground from a unit there.

He was transported in critical condition to Cedars Sinai-Medical Center. The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station is investigating the incident.

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Angel's of Strength..A.S1
Angel's of Strength..A.S1

3 floors not too bad..may he recover 100%! Hopefully not a drug or alcohol issue but if so it would b good to start 2019 different. Hes blessed to not get permanent damages. I been hit by hit and run drunk drivers breaking laws and grateful our bodies r strong enough to heal from major damages.