Deputies Arrest Man with Multiple Stolen Credit Cards as He Pays His New Year’s Eve Bill

Sheriff’s deputies arrest a man carrying multiple stolen credit cards at Saddle Ranch Bar and Grill (Photo / ANG News)

A man carrying multiple stolen credit cards tried to use one of them to pay for his high-priced New Year’s Eve party bill early this morning at Saddle Ranch Bar and Grill on Sunset Boulevard.

An employee at Saddle Ranch called the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station to report the suspicious credit card. Deputies arrived just before 2 a.m. and discovered that the man, in his early 30s and a Connecticut resident, not only had multiple cards but also three different id cards, each with his photo.

The man, who has yet to be publicly identified, also had in his possession device to skim credit card information along with equipment necessary to create fake credit cards on the go, using the stolen credit card information.

West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station detectives are trying to determine the number of potential victims.

  1. This guy was easily caught partly because he was using a low tech method that offers no real plausible deniability. For over the past 6 years the right smart phone with the relevant app allows a user to easily read information through wallets and purses on credit cards with radio-frequency identification (RFID) technology. Once the information is obtained, the safest approach tends to be wiring money to a fake identity of the thief. The amateur who tried stealing my identity lost on the first attempt to obtain plane tickets at the airport, stealing the identity of the most racially profiled victim is not a good idea!

    The Man of Color arrested for the crime is probably more like a case of Les Misérables the story of Jean Valjean a French peasant having to serve nineteen years in jail for stealing a loaf of bread for his sister’s starving child. Do consider that the republicans passed a farm bill that cut food stamps (SNAP) to millions of low-income Americans and drastically increased food insecurity to the most vulnerable minorities. A shame that so much attention is given to an oppressed person stealing food and none given to the problem of mass incarceration and police terror in Black and Brown communities that makes matters far worse.

    Those behind the vast crime network of identity theft and credit fraud are NOT poor oppressed people of color who are often forced into this crime as opposed to the wealthy white male capitalists who run the network and benefit overwhelmingly from it. The widely accepted justification in incarcerating large numbers of poor People of Color is that this policy will bring down crime and make us all safe. The reality is that there is absolutely NO EVIDENCE that the increased jailing rate has had any impact on lowering crime, but made it even worse!

    The problem is that the “real criminals” are above the Law because they run the system. They are the conservative politicians who have launched illegal genocidal wars in the Middle East, the Wall Street bankers who defrauded millions of homeowners or served as money launderers for the big right-wing drug cartels, along with top law enforcement who routinely frame and murder oppressed people daily with never seeing any jail time what so ever. The solution can be seen in Iceland that did NOT consider their big banks “too big to fail”, above the Law, give them tax breaks or their corporate executives giant bonuses; Iceland JAILED their banksters and levied wind fall profit taxes on their criminal activities! The good news is that many of the American conservative politicians got voted out and, our banksters may not remain above the Law and, the next generation of Law Enforcement may be more like Robin Hood. 🙂

  2. @JOSH the credit card companies don’t care. Mine was stolen and in a day $10,000.00
    worth of Dell computer equipment was bought. I wasn’t responsible for the payment, of course, after I signed a notarized affidavit. When I tried to follow up, I was told I was no longer the victim. I asked the rep from the fraud dept of the credit card if I would be notified about anything. Her words to me were, “You aren’t in the mix any longer, and we rarely investigate under $50,000.”

  3. I assume that the guy who is pictured in the red jacket is the one who was arrested. If the employee who reported this had been wrong this would have been a story about racism, and red-jacket-guy would be suing.

  4. Kudos the the Saddle Ranch employee(s) for catching this and calling the Sheriff’s station. Credit card companies should give this employee a significant financial reward for saving them thousands of dollars (and saving their cardholders from stress and head aches!).

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