Developer Seeks Community Input on Plans for New Hotel on Sunset Boulevard

Illustration of the hotel project proposed for 8850-8878 Sunset Blvd. (Morphosis Architects)

Residents of the West Hollywood North neighborhood got an opportunity Tuesday night to look at plans for a new hotel to be built on lots at 8850-8878 Sunset Blvd., bordered by San Vicente Boulevard and Larrabee Street.

The developer, Silver Creek Development Co., is proposing a 15-story building (200 feet high) with 115 hotel rooms, a spa and gym, and outdoor pool, restaurants and lounges and a new space for the Viper Room, the rock n roll era legend that now sits on the site. It also would include 31 condo units and an additional 10 units set aside for lower income people. There would be 300 parking space with access to parking from San Vicente and exits onto Larrabee Street.

The developer is proposing east- and west-facing digital signs of about 820 square feet on the Sunset Boulevard façade and a north-facing sign of about 50 square feet. There currently is a static billboard on the property.

The architect of the project is Morphosis with Thom Mayne and Arne Emerson serving as the lead architects. The developer sought submissions from 12 architecture firms before settling on Morphosis, which has offices in Los Angeles and New York City.

Other businesses on the block are the Aahs costume store, Bar Code barber shop, the Liquor Market and Ta-Ke Sushi and Amarone restaurants. It also includes a lot at 1029 Larrabee just south of the intersection with Sunset. The businesses are housed for the most part in one-story buildings.

At the Tuesday event Silver Creek sought feedback from residents that it will consider as it finalizes the project design. It then will go to the West Hollywood Planning Commission’s Design Review Subcommittee for review before being presented to the full Planning Commission.

  1. I’m usually all for progress but this is ugly as they get. If this gets approved someone needs to check the bank accounts of the city council members because only bribes could get this past the council.

  2. Who will come to the Sunset Strip if you tear down all its landmarks in favor of hideous, non-practical architecture which is just masturbation on the part of the developers and the arhitects? This is a monstrosity and an embarrassment.

    1. The landmark to protect is the place where Britty Spears shaved her head. Need to save that strip mall landmark!

    2. Landmarks? The whole block is one big ugly dump and has been for years! Nothing worth saving. The Viper Room had some buzz about a 20 years ago but that’s about it. I’m not thrilled with this design..but saying that we need to preserve what is currently there is ridiculous.

  3. This makes me sick. LA has no pride in their history. All these developers want to do is tear down everything. 10 units for low income people? How generous. I would love to see what their idea of low income is. If you keep tearing down everything there is to do on Sunset to build hotels nobody is going to stay in them. Especially when they are that hideous.

  4. LOVE it! This city needs a refresher with modern buildings. All this studio crap and apartment buildings /small houses in this city are ugly. Time to hit the reset and price out all the complainers.

  5. You are absolutely correct about London. The future generations, if there are any around that haven’t been suffocated or drowned by global warming, may well be confounded by what happened to the centuries of revered architecture. Is the culprit sex, drugs and rock & roll? How did folks take leave of their senses? Perhaps we should be erecting 100 +story selfies on audio/digital screens and papering the walls with financial statements. Wispy trees are springing out of rooftops rather than the ground There are fortunately, some great architects that can embrace the classical and the 21st century, unfortunately they haven’t found a path to West Hollywood. Can we invite them soon?

  6. Another new Hotel?

    The “artist’s rendering” is impossible to relate to reality of the finished project.

  7. To paraphrase Churchill, in the morning we will be sober, but this “development” will still be ugly. Its PR wordplay in the Orwellian vein with chutzpah sauce to call these kind of things developments. They are retrogressions.

    1. And the planners call themselves planners? This is out of control for no one in Community Development seems to envision the possibilities of Sunset Blvd. or have any concept as to what would be interesting in an evolutionary scheme incorporating the historic remaining structures. If they have ideas they are not sharing them. The plan seems akin to throwing darts at a board and forever hiring outside consultants who are happy to take their myopic money and run. The developers each present their “Look at Me, You Can’t Top This Concept”.

      The hotels crowd in, the construction site becomes endless, the tourists that the Chamber of Commerce & Tourism Board pack in are relegated to walking along construction corridors and filthy sidewalks that look to be a few steps above Skid Row. The business owners, those that are actually doing business, don’t give a wit about the appearance of their buildings because they are too busy raking in money. No pride of place. The last interesting hotel was built in the 20’s and somehow Sunset Plaza has remained due to their standards and foresight. The Piazza del Sol which plans to transition to a hotel is being blocked by Unite Here. Where is the foresight of the extremely well compensated Community Development or is that skill beyond their pay grade? Moving papers from one side of the desk to another takes time but is not a skill.

  8. Anyone who has been to London in the last decade or so will see what ego architecture can do to a city’s skyline. In London one has to turn away from the eyesores that were conceived as edgy and brilliant but were built as awful and ugly. Clearly, those architects have found a new home in West Hollywood.

  9. Is that a giant plastic bag monument? Seriously. It looks like a humongous giant plastic bag got stuck against a fence. Can I have my $0.10 back? No bueno. Back to the drawing board, fellas

  10. I live on Larrabee and I vote Hell NO to that POS. City Council should be impeached and ran out of town. You want it…build it on SMB where the Rage or Micky’s sits and see if that gets anyones attention…Boneheads…you can’t fix Stupid.

  11. Sorry folks.

    If they own the land, they probably can build the building. I don’t think the Viper Room is a protected space.
    And I would say it’s a better addition to the Strip than most of the other buildings being built there.

  12. LOL This seriously looks like the greatest Jerry Lewis movie he never got to make.
    Thank you for the laugh. Grateful I was born here and got to live in the city when it still looked like itself – not to mention free parking everywhere – I told you not to mention it.

  13. Are we going to block out the view of the Hollywood Hills entirely, not to mention blotting out the sun on the street for large portions of the day. Building these wackado structures for the sake of trendy uniqueness doesn’t make sense in the long run. Like the garish and monstrous Petersen Building on Wilshire – it will not age well.

  14. I’ve lived in Hollywood, Worked In Hollywood & Hung Out in Hollywood … Plus, I was in a commune in Hollywood in the early 1970’s … I’m sooo glad that I moved away, because I don’t ever want to see such ugliness wipe out the atmosphere of nostalgia that was Hollywood in my day

  15. Building is hideous and it’s going to ruin the Sunset Strip. First HOB for condos and now Viper Room (even if its relocated)? Whats next, the Rainbow or the Whisky? Stop it!

  16. Glad this is including space for the Viper Room. Every new hotel built on Sunset should be required to include a live music or theater venue… get some life back to the strip.

    Wouldn’t be so bad having a big new hotel if you could go see a show there, if they had more than just some overpriced nightclub.

  17. This building’s a hideous monstrosity, and will bring a hurricane of noise pollution to surrounding areas FOR YEARS during its construction – and after, thanks to the increased traffic which will flood Larrabee, San Vicente and Sunset Blvd. Then there’s the helipad atop this nightmare, which will give nearby residents the earsplitting feeling of what it’s like to live next to an airport. NO THANKS.

    I am sick of our WeHo City Council ignoring the quality of life for us individual property owners (not to mention renters) in the Council’s endless quest to sell every inch of West Hollywood to hotel developers. We get it: this city makes lots of money from hotel taxes. But WeHo is not Las Vegas! Our City Council needs to find other ways to make money. This out-of-control development is raping our city and turning it into an unlivable, traffic-choked mess of urban design gone wrong.

    If anyone runs for City Council with a platform supporting *a cap on the number of hotels allowed in WeHo* – you have my vote right now. We desperately need Council members with the courage to say NO to greed – to preserve what’s left of our livable community of permanent residents.

  18. Although the City recently released a study it commissioned regarding hotel construction that stated the WeHo hotel market was close to being sated, we have two new developments unveiled this week that will add another 350 rooms to the Sunset Strip. The article does not state what “goodies” the developer is asking from the City such as additional height, waivers of the General Plan or Sunset Specific Plan. We need to question if these hotels actually add to the economic vibrancy of our community and if they add meaningful employment opportunities for our residents.

    1. Before the last election you stopped by my apartment and we had a conversation about this exact subject. When it was time to vote I voted for you. Please run again sir you have my vote.

  19. This developer clearly doesn’t understand the context of the neighborhood and is designing the project just to avoid a lawsuit from the London. This is a repeat of the arts club and we need great projects that stand on their own…not projects that appease neighbors to avoid lawsuits.

  20. A Giant white claw about to crunch a building! Overly dramatic and a bit silly. Not up to Mayne’s other work.

  21. Gorgeous! But with so many conservative-minded baby boomers and gen x’rs around the Strip these days I doubt it will be well-recieved.

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