Driver Flees Car Accident on Fountain at Fuller


Photo by Jim Garrecht/ ANGNews

At approximately 3 a.m. Thursday, West Hollywood sheriffs deputies and the  Los Angeles Police Department responded to a reported vehicle rollover accident near the intersection of Fountain Avenue and Fuller.

When they arrived they found a vehicle on its side on the sidewalk and another vehicle blocking traffic lanes.

Officers said the occupants of One car had crashed into a parked car and fled on foot. There were no reported injuries.

The LAPD’s Hollywood division is handling the investigation.

  1. This is happening so much on Fountain Ave
    These drivers apparently like to go out and get drunk before the holidays and still get behind the wheel because they want to pick up one nighters at the club, show off their ride or drag race while drunk or all of the above!

    These drivers are reckless and somehow survive the crash while pedestrians bicyclists or by standers on the sidewalk or bus stops somehow are fatalities not to mention the obvious hit-and-run victims we see monthly on the stretch of fountain it seems.

    Even with crosswalks installed from the la and weho neighborhoods from labrea to vista, Plummer Park to Fairfax to crescent and even newly installed at my streets of Havenhurst and Harper at fountain aren’t enough to prevent from being a walking target or inconvenience for the drivers at-large!
    I have been almost hit from labrea to Havenhurst and LaCienega on that stretch of fountain—almost 20 times in the last 7 1/2 years!
    I can’t even use designated cross walks since drivers cut curbs and cut fountain east west and north and south
    The city of West Hollywood and The city of Los Angeles must be in force stopping speeders, people cutting through and disregarding cross walks and enforcing an alcohol or drug influence checkpoints. These drivers are easily going 50-75 miles or more in a 25-35 residential zone!

    I want to walk from point A to point B down my street of Havenhurst and I witness cars being so impatient not to get traffic lights they will avoid cresecent Avenue and cut down Havenhurst Harper which don’t have lights but speed up and down all day because the clubs of sunset are convenient after 12 midnight and so are the drunks that litter, vomit, illegally drive under the influence and make dangerous u-turns and let’s not forget speed up and down fountain or while cutting Through to sunset blvd and get into accidents every weekend!

    Sick of it!

  2. Hope they find him fast since obviously they have DMV info on driver. I been hit and run victim 6 times in L.A and it includes a week away from Aids Ride being hit on bike and flying in air..landing on head and breaking neck but God appeared and saved me ..hairline fracture. I think this drunk driver should be jailed once they find his home.

    1. Do you say that because you saw this car avoiding a reckless scooter weaving in and out of traffic? If so, menace indeed, even on the street where they belong.

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