WeHo’s Halloween Carnaval: Crowded and Crazy and Safe

Photo by Matthew Alexander

  1. Fantastic clean up job- City was spotless this morning. The police were out early walking the streets lookig. For anything unusual. Great job.

  2. Unbelievable buzzkills in the comments… already! It was such a wonderful night, a great event for our city (and city’s businesses), and it looks like the immense public safety effort paid off with NO ARRESTS! Fantastic work, Weho!

  3. I saw a LOT of the backpacks and other bags that did not meet the criteria that they be see-thru. It’s as if that rule never existed. And of course there were all the dogs and little kids, even many in strollers, that is both dangerous and very, very annoying.

    Most the people who attend this event don’t live in W. Hollywood, so they don’t know what the “rules” and suggestions are. Heck, a lot of the people who DO live here don’t read the material provided to know what is expected. City Hall has to make a greater effort to expand the information that Carnaval goers need throughout all of LA, and then enforce those rules be turning away those who bring dogs, little kids, and bags/backpacks. Send them back out of the Carnaval. The word will spread.

  4. I drove past the parking structure at city hall at 9:00 pm during the Halloween Festival. It was blocked off with 126 available spaces. I thought the structure was built to serve the neighborhood. What happened? What is the city’s policy regarding their operations during these type of events?

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