Small Crowd Turns Out for ‘Trump Baby’ Protest in West Hollywood Park

The Trump Baby balloon in West Hollywood Park

Approximately three dozen people turned out at noon today for the “Trump Baby” balloon protest hosted by Mayor John Duran at West Hollywood Park.

The protest featured a large balloon image of Donald Trump as “an angry orange baby” wearing diapers and carrying a mobile phone. It was designed by Matt Bonner, who has permitted it to be copied for other demonstrations. The protest in West Hollywood was one of six held nationwide.

Duran, at whose behest the city declared May 31 “Stormy Daniels Day,” described West Hollywood as the “epicenter of the resistance” to Trump, a Republican whose stands on issues ranging from LGBT civil liberties to immigration to climate change have outraged his Democratic opponents. Daniels is the adult film star who has alleged that Trump had an overnight affair with her which his lawyer paid her to keep silent.

Duran was accompanied by four drag performers – Jasmine Flowers, Cookie, Anastasia DeTwat and Baex Jing – who helped hold the Trump Baby balloon aloft.

Also speaking was City Councilmember Lauren Meister, who shouted out: “Put that baby in place.” Other council members were not present.

The event occurred at noon with the balloon being deflated at 1:30 p.m.

Mayor John Duran, left, with drag performers and local residents at West Hollywood Park

  1. This is an absolute embarrassment. With all the serious issues facing our city, our city officials focus on the asinine and ridiculous. Grow up and do your job to improve our city and our quality of life!

  2. What an embarrassment these city officials are. Wasting money on immature stunts while ignoring Weho’s very real and serious problems.

  3. I am disappointed in Lauren Meister. This was nothing but another attempt by Mayor Duran to get media coverage.

    1. I do not think that Duran organized this nationwide protest. He made sure that West Hollywood was a part of that, for which I am grateful. This was just poorly timed, and poorly publicized.

  4. I was one of the three dozen in the “crowd” to watch this embarrassing squandering of city resources. I think the residents of the city deserve an accounting of the costs associated with this ego-driven spectacle. There appeared to be multiple paid city staff, a presence of deputies and firefighters, and equipment and staging for the so-called (elected by default when the rest of the council sat on their hands) mayor to attempt some time in the limelight, yet again on issues that seem to detract from the business of governing a small city. Where are the clean sidewalks we were promised and are paying for through significantly increased parking costs? West Hollywood needs to be more than simply “the epicenter” of the resistance (a lofty claim to make), let’s get back to the business of municipal governance–parking, traffic, local quality of life, homelessness, and more.

    I take issue with this site’s use of the word host–it was not hosted by a person, it was hosted by the people who paid for it–the residents of West Hollywood. I want an accounting of the costs.

  5. Perhaps if there had been some publicity of this people would have come. I saw just one piece on it here on your site only on Friday. I emailed a lot of friends, but no one else had heard about it. A shame.

    1. I was there, and I agree. I heard nothing about this except an article posted here, the day before, I believe. And Duran’s Facebook posts. They also scheduled it on or what is probably the biggest day for Halloween parties this year. People running around, getting their costumes together, etc.

  6. It was a great way to let off some steam. With all the bad stuff in the news right now anything we can do, in a non-violent, non-angry way is helpful.

    It’s ok to be silly once in a while. It was fun talking to all the people there. I didn’t hear one negative word. It was a happy occasion, which I love. It helped bring our Community together which I believe we need more of.

    Mayor Duran and Councilmember Meister made positive, inspiring comments which made us feel very proud to be Residents of West Hollywood.

    The Staff worked hard to make this event happen. There was a very good Deputy presence so we all felt safe.

    Job well done!

      1. They both inspired us to be proud, resist and fight to maintain our rights. I may not agree with someone on certain issues, but I do believe in giving credit where it’s due and always look for the good in everything and everyone.

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