‘A Turret Affair’ Celebrates West Hollywood’s Architectural History

‘A Turret Affair,’ Miss Brightside. (Photo by Tony Coelho, courtesy of the City of West Hollywood)

The City of West Hollywood has installed “A Turret Affair,” a 550-foot-long temporary mural by the artist Miss Brightside, which is a visual love letter to the turrets of West Hollywood and celebrates the city’s architectural history through watercolor, pen and ink illustrations fabricated on 55 colorful vinyl banners. A turret is defined as a small tower on top of a larger tower at the corner of a building or wall, typically a castle. This mural is located on the southwest corner of Santa Monica and Crescent Heights boulevards, at 8120 Santa Monica Blvd. around a lot that is being converted into a temporary parking place.

Scheduled to be displayed through October 2019, “A Turret Affair” features an array of artistic interpretations of each of the turrets Miss Brightside found throughout the city upon moving to West Hollywood in 2015. The artist believes that the City of West Hollywood is home to more turrets per person than any other city in the world. In conjunction with the mural, Miss Brightside has also developed a “Turret Affair Tour” map of each of the turrets featured on the 550-foot mural. The map can be downloaded online.

The mural is part of the city’s Art on the Outside program, managed by its Arts Division. Art on the Outside is a temporary art program that installs rotating artworks in spaces throughout the city, including on medians and in park spaces. These works include sculpture, murals and other outdoor works, most of which remain on display from between six months and three years. This program is funded through the city’s Public Art and Beautification Fund.

‘A Turret Affair,’ Miss Brightside. (Photo by Tony Coelho, courtesy of the City of West Hollywood)
‘A Turret Affair,’ Miss Brightside. (Photo by Tony Coelho, courtesy of the City of West Hollywood)
‘A Turret Affair,’ Miss Brightside. (Photo by Tony Coelho, courtesy of the City of West Hollywood)

  1. And nothing about the billionaire con-artists who put up that site “Transparent California?” Hint it’s put up by the Nevada Policy Research Institute that describes itself as a “free-market think tank that seeks private solutions to public challenges facing Nevada, the West and the nation.” Misinformation from the Koch Brothers!

  2. Welcome to the Brightside all you unfortunate complainers. Yes, this is lyrical but grounded in fantasy and serious architectural elements. The project objective was not to design of a piece for the Getty Villa….it’s screening an empty lot for heaven sakes. She does beautiful wallpaper and has a nice portfolio. Please check out her site before cutting her to pieces. I don’t even know her but applaud her effort and also live in one of the architect’s buildings she depicted.

  3. I enjoy the lovely pieces and celebration of the rich architectural history of West Hollywood, but yeah, what the heck are we doing with that eyesore of a publicly owned property? Covering chain-link fence with lovely murals is like, well, putting lipstick on a pig.

  4. How about spending less time on deciding murals and more on developing that site into affordable micro-housing with an underground parking structure for the neighborhood? WEHO was smart to buy the land, now just do something with it.
    It takes the City of West Hollywood way too long to get anything accomplished for a wealthy city of only 35,000 people.

  5. Nice, but what about that parking lot the city promised oh so long ago or a vision for what they will ultimately do with this corner???

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