Actress in Melania Trump Stripper Video Reports Death Threat to WeHo Sheriff’s Station

The Melania Trump look-alike who stars in rapper T.I.’s video showing her portraying the first lady stripping in the White House has reported receiving a death threat to her personal cell phone, authorities said Monday.

Melanie Marden filed a report at the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station on Sunday stating that she had received the threat earlier in the day that indicated someone was hired to kill her, according to Sgt. Vincent Plair of the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Information Bureau.

Marden told deputies she had been receiving threats via social media since the video was released earlier this month, but the latest threat was via a text on her cell phone, Plair said. Other details were not released. reported that “the sender … told her they’d put a tracking device on her car and bugged her apartment.”

In the video, the rapper is sitting at a desk in a fake Oval Office and the dancer enters the room and strips on the desk in front of him.

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1 year ago

O my.
They think the Dems are Snowflakes?

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