Armed Robbers Take Watch from Man on Westbourne Drive

Officers investigate armed robbery of a watch from a man (wearing a red hat) on Westbourne Drive (Photo by Jim Garrecht / ANG News)

At approximately 4:30 p.m. today, officers from the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station and the Los Angeles Fire Department responded to a reported armed robbery in progress on the 500 block of Westbourne Drive.

Officers arrived to find that two suspects, men in their twenties armed with a handgun, had robbed a victim of his Rolex watch in broad daylight.

The victim (pictured in the red hat in the photo above) was treated by paramedics for injuries sustained during a two-minute struggle with the armed robbers. He refused transport to the hospital and declined to speak about the incident with WEHOville. The West Hollywood Sheriffs Station is investigating the incident.

  1. Had lunch today on Santa Monica
    Blvd…. walked five blocks and
    Counted 9 street People.
    Welcome to the creative city.

    1. Seems like just about everyday in my life these days. Work a 9-10 hour day to afford the rent in weho; get home after a long/tiring day; change for the gym; walk downstairs and have the “ “creatives” beg and make me feel uncomfortable in my own neighborhood. Let’s just let more of them in!!! Free showers for all (paid with our tax dollars)l!

  2. Had lunch in Beverly Hills yesterday….Walked 4 blocks to the restaurant…
    Sidewalks were clean and no one was sleeping on the sidewalk …
    How strange…..

  3. The Mayor, the Sheriff and the person in charge of Safety at the City continue to do nothing about safety for those of us South of Melrose. I’ve attended Breakfast with Captain and asked for increased patrols & help, and met with scorn from Sheriff. Called Kristin and get nothing. Mayor and City Manager are to blame.

  4. Did I just post my comments on the wrong article? I was under the impression that “Armed Robbers Take Watch from Man on Westbourne Drive” was about a guy who lost his Rolex Watch in an armed robbery. From the other comments it appears that I completely missed the article “Transients with Superpowers Unleash Zombie Apocalypse upon West Hollywood!” Leave me a link to follow so I can be better informed on this topic, I’ll give you what I already have. Maybe the City Council is in league with the Umbrella Corporation and, the Great City of West Hollywood is simply ground zero for testing of a Zombie Apocalypse Bio-weapon that threatens the very existence of humanity! Figuring prominently in all this is the role of Super Villain Mayor John J. Duran whose alleged licentious behavior is only cover for something far more insidious.

    Now I’m NOT just sitting idly by while others are in a state of oblivion as this impending cataclysm approaches us, I’m getting ready to save the world by practicing on a pre-released version of BIOHAZARD RESIDENT EVIL 2 throughout the night at work! Don’t just leave it me to do this alone, get BIOHAZARD RESIDENT EVIL 2 on STEAM and help me save everyone!

    1. I cannot believe I’m agreeing with Cy, but I also wondered why the comments were referencing the homeless. There was no mention of the homeless in the article, although I did reread it to see what I missed. The crime may have been committed by people who are homeless, but it may have been committed by people who know a Rolex from across the street and want to add it to their jewelry collection.

  5. Very simply put, when you encourage bad behavior (allowing the homeless in our city to thrive), bad behavior happens. I’m in London for the week where begging is illegal…yes, there is still homeless, but far fewer than we have in our little city of Weho. Get smart City Council. Stop providing for people who don’t try to provide for themselves!!!!

    1. AMEN, Nate. Almost all the homeless we see around our neighborhood or strung up on drugs or have mental issues and we let them do whatever the hell that want…destroying our quality of life in the process. We don’t even go to the library anymore. We try not to walk the streets at night. We rode on WeHo pickup this past Sunday and it was 1/2 filled with homeless. You give people an inch and they’ll take a yard. And that’s exactly what’s happening. They know they can do whatever the hell they want and no one will touch them.

  6. Nowhere in this article does it say that the 2 male perpetrators were homeless or even drug addicts (a condition that would make them MORE likely to be a victim of such a crime an opposed to a perpetrator), while some of you have your hate on why not try to claim this is all just a part of the International Muslim Conspiracy? People with guns (you can’t get them cheaply in vending machines) able to pick out a victim with a REAL as opposed to a FAKE Rolex, rob him in under 2 minutes in broad daylight and, get away without a trace, are people with capabilities well beyond that of homeless drug addicts.

    All we know is that we have a victim claiming to have been robbed of his Rolex watch, with injuries that appear to be consistent with an altercation. The victim didn’t want to go to the hospital to make sure his injuries are not worse then he expected. A rich guy with a Rolex probably has great health insurance and, if not Obama Care and Medi-Cal would kick in. A professional Medical Examination would possibly provide even more evidence backing his claim. Imagine a case of a rape victim refusing to go to the hospital to get a rape kit examination after claiming to have been raped by republicans?

    So when the 2 perpetrators gained control of the victim, why did they not take his wallet or money? Removing a wallet or money clip from a victim is quicker and far easier than stealing a latched on watch. Serious criminals learn to lift wallets and money clips so proficiently enough that the victim is unaware at the time it even happened and, they even have plausible deniability in claiming that they simply “found” the money. A person is guilty of second degree robbery if the act was committed with an accomplice present. Second degree robbery may also occur if the perpetrator causes injury to a person not involved in the crime or uses a gun, knife or other deadly weapon while committing the robbery. In California, second degree armed robbery can carry a penalty of two to five years in prison. The crime also counts as a strike under the state’s three strikes law. The penalties WOULDN’T be reduced because they took a watch and left the money.

  7. I’m sure turning the WeHo park into a homeless shelter and drug sanctuary isn’t helping. It’s out of control. Go to Any park in Beverly hills and it’s like visiting a different country. No carts full of garbage, no homeless sleeping where kids play. They literally sit in front of the park tweaking across from the police station day and night.

  8. Agree. Homeless problem is out of control. Many are belligerent, leave trash in front of condos and homes. What has the city council done to address?

    1. File “feel good” proclamations against SCOTUS nominees.
      Hold “Stormy Daniels” day.
      Pay off hundreds of thousands of dollars for City Council SEX harassment claims.
      Spend money on “Rainbow crosswalks”

  9. Methinks the city bureaucracy and student council needs to re-prioritize local quality of life issues over grandstanding on matters of national politics. Filthy public spaces, rising crime, traffic congestion and parking remain what municipal governments are meant to manage and control–ours is failing.

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