Parents Protest WeHo Elementary’s Alleged Failure to Deal with Violent Student

UPDATE: In an email message to parents, West Hollywood Elementary School’s principal yesterday said the school had “held an impromptu parent meeting in the auditorium at school and began to address safety concerns in one of our classes. In an effort to provide support to students we will have a representative from School Mental Health Services on campus on Thursday and Friday from 8:00 a.m. – 12:00 p.m. Please reach out to me at the school office at 310.274.5313 or should you wish for your child to speak with a representative.”

Neither Principal Lehman nor the Los Angeles Unified School District has responded to date to requests from WEHOville for information about the incidents that spurred the demonstration described below by parents outside the school on Wednesday.

A half dozen parents led by “Sharknado” and “Beverly Hills 90210” star Ian Ziering led a demonstration outside West Hollywood Elementary School this morning to demand the school take action regarding a student who they accused of engaging in bullying and violent behavior.

Ziering’s celebrity status led to stories about the demonstration being posted on and

In an interview with TMZ, Ziering said the second grade student this year alone has “beaten up and bloodied” 10 students and forced the evacuation of two classrooms. Since kindergarten, Ziering said, the student has threatened to kill a fellow student and tried to suffocate one with a bean bag.

Ziering and his wife, Erin, have two daughters, ages five and seven, both of whom attend the school.

Ziering said he and other parents have asked the Los Angeles Unified School District to deal with the issue but nothing has been done.

WEHOville reached out to West Hollywood Elementary Principal Elizabeth Lehman, who refused to take our call and referred us to someone who apparently is on the LAUSD staff and hasn’t responded as of publication to our inquiry.

Ziering told TMZ he won’t drop the issue, saying there are problems that “have to be addressed. If I leave the school that’s just leaving the problem there. It has to be dealt with.”

West Hollywood Elementary School, 970 Hammond St.

  1. Beverly Hills 90210 star needs to send his kids to Beverly Hills School District a mile away. Come on buddy with all the cash you made you can’t afford a house in BH?

  2. This is an African American child being bullied by white entitled parents. This is an excellent school. There are several children who are more dangerous than this child, yet no complaints because these children are white. FYI I’m an Anglo teacher at this school.

    1. Thank you! Please do post more relevant information on this story with some supporting evidence because, we are not getting the entire story. If true, it casts a whole other light on this very serious matter! This could be a case of an African American child being the victim of racially motivated assaults and, being cornered in a flight or fight response successfully repelling his attackers.

  3. If this is a recurring problem with a single student and you don’t believe the school is handling it properly, then the parent should file a police report or call children’s services themselves. You needn’t wait for the school to respond.

  4. The Florida school shooting in Feb. was committed by a student who had been a big problem for a long time, and it was concluded the deaths could have been avoided if it weren’t for a federal policy to not remove problem students so that, upon graduation, they don’t already have a record that would prevent them from being accepted into colleges, or to qualify for jobs and other opportunities. They wanted to short-circuit what they called the “school to prison pipeline”.

    I taught in public schools and most people have no idea how bad it is. I was assaulted several times, and was injured one time badly enough that I was out of work for two weeks until I was cleared to return by a district doctor. The students who assaulted me never were expelled, and were suspended only for 2 to 3 days, as was the case for colleagues who had the same experience, often multiple times. There is a reason that public school teachers rarely enroll their own children in public schools; they send their children to private schools.

  5. If what is being said is the complete truth here, the question begs to be asked “how has this problem been allowed to go on for so long much less exist in the first place?” Yes I know the young bully may very well have his side of the story but, suffering injustice is NOT a justification to subject others to the same thing! Way back in the 20th Century when I was going to school, myself and a few of my friends were constantly being called the n word, told to return to our parents home country and, sometimes it did come down to physical violence but when it did I must admit in-spite of my bitterness for having been there the school drew the line there that was never allowed to be crossed. When Billy-Joe-Jim-Bob and his cronies were having their cross burning while yelling “white power” in front of the school, our 6’8″ cowboy principal took a garbage can full of manure and dumped it over their heads yelling “white trash!” That was High School in conservative small town USA, we should expect much better from an Elementary School in the Great City of West Hollywood!

    There is no shortage of Fully Credentialed Teachers with additional Security training that enables them to deal with even the most high risk fully grown teenagers throughout the Los Angeles area. Why was one NOT shadowing the young Elementary School bully every moment he is on school grounds the very first year he showed a consistent pattern of this very dangerous behavior? Mind you that the urgency of this matter is in NO WAY being overstated! Most people I’ve encountered serving multiple life sentences only showed real signs of trouble after puberty and, if a Kindergarten age child is constantly attacking his peers with willful intent to kill, this is a problem worthy of the full priority attention of the highest level authorities. Why was it NOT? RIGHT NOW Social Services with the escort of uniformed Police Officers needs to be visiting the home of that child and, conducting a full investigation as to the cause of these problems. If there are any legal issues that need to be addressed here so that such action can be taken, it is NOT asking too much for the Attorneys on our City Council take the necessary time to do so. In light of what has already happened, the family of the child should be in Family Court having to convince a Judge that their child and society is not better off with him being placed in a foster home or rehabilitation!

  6. We had a horrible experience at West Hollywood Elementary for years. Our child was bullied by a child physically and verbally for 3 years with zero help from the district, teachers or principal. Coach F was so unprofessional, mean, inappropriate and also bullied and belittled both of our boys and many others. He was fired. We left the school. It’s a horrible place. Sad because most of the teachers and staff are wonderful. Our kids loved their friends and the community and activities. However, they weren’t in a safe, fair, predictable environment so we pulled them out two years ago. With the recent news, I’m outraged. Something has to be done. This is criminal behavior to allow this type of violence and negligence. Anyone that wants to contact me please do. I would love to help with this matter.

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