Sheriff’s Detectives Identify Two Arrested for WeHo Vehicle Burglaries, One with Gang Ties

Joseph McWoodson

Detectives have identified one of two people arrested Thursday night for vehicle burglaries as being associated with a Bay area gang and they have property worth thousands of dollars that appears to belong to victims in West Hollywood, Beverly Hills and Los Angeles.

Joseph McWoodson, 32, was booked on burglary charges and is being held in lieu of $500,000 bail. In an announcement of the arrests, the Sheriff’s Department said that McWoodson is an associate of a Bay area gang and was arrested on Aug. 3 by Beverly Hills police officers after burglarizing a vehicle and leading the officers into a vehicle pursuit. The other suspect arrested is Desiree Hernandez, 29, who also was booked on burglary charges and is being held in lieu of $20,000 bail.

After the arrests, Sheriff’s detectives were able to identify a hotel that the two suspects were staying at and recovered over 50 pieces of stolen property with an estimated value of $15,000 to $20,000.The majority of the items are electronics, laptops and high end purses. At this time detectives have identified some of the property as belonging to victims from the West

Desiree Hernandez

Hollywood, Los Angeles and Beverly Hills areas.

The arrests validate the Sheriff’s Station’s belief that the surge in vehicle burglaries in recent month can mostly be attributed to gang members from outside West Hollywood. Over the past several months West Hollywood Station has had a significant rise in auto burglaries, specifically in the areas of Melrose Avenue and Doheny Drive.  In November officers arrested two burglars from the Oakland area.

A recent report from the Sheriff’s Station and the city’s Public Safety Department states that there were 220 vehicle burglaries reported in the first six months of year, roughly equal to the 227 reported in the same period last year. But by comparison, there were only 124 reported in the first six months of 2016 and 109 reported in the first six months of 2015.

Detectives are attempting to identify additional victims or witnesses of auto burglaries so that they can return the property they found to its owner. Anyone with additional information is asked to call Detective Gaudino at (310) 358-4026 or email him at

  1. OK if you are offended by the FACTS I presented about mass media bias in the coverage of crime in relation to race, please keep in mind that I went where the evidence leads me as opposed to those seeking to deny it in their desire to present “talking points” that represent things the way that they would “like” them to be! In examining the research and information from credible peer reviewed journals in the field we find as far back as the early 1990s scholars have analyzed how some television news stations have disproportionately portrayed Black males as notorious lawbreakers, while White males are significantly more likely to be depicted as heroes, defenders of all that is righteous, or the perpetual “good guys.” See the Journal of Mass Communication & Journalism research article Coverage of Black versus White Males in Local Television News Lead Stories. The images shown during local newscasts appear to be overwhelmingly Black males represents them as “evil forces” in society that must be controlled to maintain social order, while completely omitting the fact the majority of crime including violent crime is committed by White males! Between the Waves: Mass-Mediated Themes of Crime and Justice.

    The argument is NOT being made on my part that mug shots of serial criminals do not help investigations or protect the public interest. If anyone is genuine in this motivation as opposed to cherry picking (selectively choosing data most beneficial from what is available to promote their bias) mug shots to promote racial hostility, they should be concerned that the majority dangerous criminals can be enabled to hide under the social construct of being “White!”

    It appears that the best way to keep State Secrets from ever being known by the Public, is to publish them in credible peer reviewed academic journals! 🤦🏽

  2. I’m offended by Cys post. Can the moderator please take it down? I find it discriminatory and lacking any substance.

  3. So basically what we have here are arrests by the “beverly hells” Police Department of two individuals for being Black and Latina? Notice their pictures prominently displayed with their racial designations mentioned as supporting evidence of their “gang” association, if any of them sported a last name like “Husain” would we expect an announcement by the Department of Homeland inSecurity (the pork barrel project to give bigoted security guard caliber white males powerful well paying GOVERNMENT jobs) that they are tied to terrorists? I’m surprised that right-wing internet trolls haven’t tried to link the arrested Latina to Hillary Clinton yet!

    When the WeHo Sheriff’s Department arrests white guys for doing the same thing, their racial background is never mentioned (reinforcing the widely accepted MYTH that ONLY nonwhites commit crimes) and, no mention of any possible links to white supremacist altright hate groups. This in light of the fact that we find that from work done by the Southern Poverty Law Center that YES altright groups are heavily involved in crime up to and including murder to finance their political agenda!

    Please do follow the link to the article (which cites many credible sources) given above to learn more. We are now finding that much of what we call “crime” is really organized hate crime by the altright and, it also heavily finances their agenda to politically normalize it!

    1. There racial background was never mentioned. They were arrested because they committed crimes! They were caught with all the evidence.

      1. YES in all fairness their racial background was NOT mentioned and the mistake was entirely my own! Bad mistake in this particular instance when I’m busy responding to multiple articles at a time (most on other source than WEHOville) but, I do take issue of society’s systemic problem of racism in the representation of non-whites with their role in crime.

    2. I’ll say what everyone else is thinking, too: This is NOT about race! Racial backgrounds are not mentioned anywhere in this report. “…their pictures prominently displayed with their racial designations” made me laugh. They’re mug shots! What would you prefer? Cat photos?

      They were flat out caught breaking into two parked cars on Melrose Ave. The cops found a whole cache of stolen property. If they were white, they would have found the same thing. If they were unicorns, they would have found the same thing. BECAUSE THEY STOLE THEM.

      Further car break-ins may have been prevented with these arrests. Some victims will be getting their stolen stuff back. These are good things! I’m sorry you can’t see that.

    3. You can type the word “arrested” into the “search wehoville” box near the top right of this webpage and press your Enter key, then see many mugshots and photos of white people who have been arrested by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department and other bodies of law enforcement and reported on WEHOville. The only way for you to deny this is to say all the people arrested were not white because they were criminals. If that is what you believe, you should say that. It might be true that not all of them are “guys” and not all of them have been arrested “for doing the same thing” but that is because (1) females also get arrested, (2) people commit various crimes that are not all “the same thing,” and (3) breaking into dozens of cars over several weeks in the same area in West Hollywood is rather unique and not something that occurs often enough to establish a large portfolio of WHSD mugshots all about “the same thing.” The posting of mugshots on WEHOville is not within the control of the WHSD because mugshots are broadly considered public record and anyone can go to the Sheriff’s office and get information to post on a website, which is probably what WEHOville often does. WEHOville is not the WHSD and there might be other arrests or mugshots not shown or reported on WEHOville for reasons beyond the control of the WHSD. One such reason might be that WEHOville can find some other public photo of the person arrested and thus doesn’t need to go to the effort to get a mugshot, and another is that WEHOville has finite resources. Posting mugshots of serial criminals in an open investigation is a public benefit because other people who have been victimized by the same criminals can recognize them and come forward to recover stolen property, seek restitution and get justice. This is a legitimate objective of law abiding citizens in a law abiding society.

      I suppose you might deny that some of the arrested white people whose photos are on WEHOville are white for reasons other than their skin color. For example, you are white, an Albanian-American born in the United States, but you deny that you are white. You seem to think that you being a Quran-thumping Muslim proselyte and a Marxist has changed your skin color and genetics. If you were a Catholic, like many Albanians and Albanian-Americans, and if you were a non-Marxist, like most people and Americans of all races and colors, you would be just as white as you are when you storm into coffee shops or pester your neighbors in your apartment building, trying to spread adherence to your personal mix of Marxism and Islam. Albanians are mostly all white people who were culturally European and mostly all Catholic for over 1,000 years, until a majority converted to Islam under imperialist Ottoman pressure, especially around the 17th century. Today, practicing Muslims are a minority in Albania and very few Albanian Muslims consider Islam to be an important factor in their daily lives, and that recent development has not changed anyone’s skin color or genetics, nor did the end of Albanian communism. But if you believe that being a fundamentalist Muslim, a Marxist or a criminal automatically turns white people into nonwhite people, or vice versa, you should say that.

      WEHOville is not part of the “altright” and is more appropriately called part of the “altleft.” In one of its articles about a white man arrested by the West Hollywood Sheriff’s Department, WEHOville made a point of saying that the person’s Twitter “profile identifies him as a ‘Center-Right conservative Christian.'” WEHOville does not seem to regularly label leftists, liberals and irreligious people who are arrested. WEHOville’s story about these two people being arrested is not “organized hate crime by the altright” for reasons such as the fact that WEHOville is certainly not “altright” and does not exhibit a pattern of identifying criminals’ political and religious beliefs when they are leftists. I do not know what it is about the arrested woman that makes you think of Hillary Clinton. WEHOville has not published the political leanings or religious beliefs of the arrested people, so your “link” between the woman and Hillary Clinton is probably quite logically tenuous and without evidence. This woman is unlikely to have ever donated enough money to the Clinton Foundation or a Clinton campaign to have gotten the chance to interact with a Clinton.

      These two people were arrested because (1) they were seen breaking into a car and stealing items from it, (2) they evaded arrest, and (3) they had stolen items in their possession at the time of their arrest. After their arrest, it was discovered that they had other stolen items in their possession in various places. There is no doubt they committed crimes and were properly arrested. The only way for you to deny this is to say that all nonwhite people can break into any cars they want and steal anything they want and it is not a crime because they are not white. If that is what you believe, you should say that.

      As to your comments about the Department of Homeland Security being staffed with “security guard caliber white males,” the permanent workforce of the DHS is less white than the overall American population. According to the internet, you were fired from your DHS job not long after 9/11 because you told DHS personnel that you supported Islamic jihad against the United States. Since that time, you have been working as a security guard. Thus, you have been the “caliber” of a security guard for over fifteen years and apparently think that is fine enough for yourself. Your name and headshot photo are on guard-for-hire websites, meaning you are currently advertising to be paid to protect people’s property from crimes like break ins and thefts. Ironically.

      1. Wehobea, I applaud you for taking the time to write this (and written very well, I must add), and many thanks to WeHoVille for publishing it. You both have done us a great service.

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