‘I Remember Nicole’ Video, Calling Out Domestic Violence, Will Be Screened at WeHo City Council Chambers

“I Remember Nicole,” a music video produced by two West Hollywood residents to raise awareness about domestic violence, will be screened at the City Council Chambers at 6 p.m. on Oct. 1.

The video, produced by Renee Sotile and Mj Godges, commemorates Nicole Brown Simpson. She and Ron Goldman were found murdered on June 13, 1994. On Oct. 3, 1995, O.J. Simpson was acquitted of murder charges in a trial that got worldwide attention. The Brown-Simpson marriage was alleged to have been rife with domestic violence. October is national Domestic Violence Awareness Month.

Tanya Brown – Nicole’s sister – will join the filmmakers in accepting a proclamation presented by the West Hollywood City Council immediately following the screening of the four-minute music video.

The video is a project of passion for its creators. Working as a news photographer, Renee Sotile, covered OJ Simpson’s trial for the death of Nicole Brown Simpson for more than 100 days.

“Sotile never forgot the impact Nicole Brown Simpson’s death made on her,” says an announcement of the event. “Imprinted in her mind are the shocked and heartbreaking expressions on the faces of Nicole’s family. She and Mary Jo Godges want the world to remember Nicole and all women who suffered and continue to suffer from domestic abuse.”

“Music has an influence and reach that leaves lasting impressions. This galvanizing song inspired by Nicole Brown Simpson, ‘Nicole,’ a metaphor for a highly publicized domestic violence victim, raises awareness without shame. #NoMoreNicoles.”

“American Idol”’s Hollie Cavanagh and Melodye Perry (daughter of Edna Wright and niece of Darlene Love, legends for music aficionados) perform songs in the video, which intends to “raise awareness while raising the roof.”

  1. My daughter Angie Schroer was murdered June 21st – just two days after she turned 28. The guy she took care of (health care provider) shot her in the head – no arrest – he got nothing. WE got a life long sentence.

    I’m glad to see another step is being taken to remind people that Domestic Violence is REAL!!

  2. I am a survivor of domestic violence and it was after nicole death that made me get my kids and myself out of that bad marriage 12 yrs i was beaten shot stabbed black eyes busted face busted head busted jaws black and blue bruises from head to toe was force to have sex when i said no to him or i got beaten again now 25 yrs later i am the voice for victims i run a group on Facebook and page on Facebook to help victims get out they call me when they need to i find resources for them i have even gone to court if local for support for them

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