At Least a Dozen Cars Burglarized on WeHo’s Westside Last Night

(Photo by ANG News)

Another rash of car burglaries occurred in and near West Hollywood last night, with Sheriff’s deputies responding around 3 a.m. to at least a dozen in the West Hollywood West neighborhood and Beverly Hills police responding to roughly half a dozen in their jurisdiction.

The West Hollywood burglaries occurred within a block north and south of Santa Monica Boulevard between Almont Drive on the west and San Vicente Boulevard on the east.

A woman on the scene told a photographer for ANG News that she and her friends had just arrived from Florida and all of their luggage had been stolen. A man present during the deputies’ investigation said his business computer, camera equipment and luxury bags, which he valued at thousands of dollars, were all stolen.

It’s unclear if the West Hollywood and Beverly Hills vehicle burglaries crimes are connected. However, law-enforcement officers reported striking similarities. For example, all vehicles had the same points of entry, with the burglars shattering the rear passenger side windows of the victims’ vehicles. No description of the suspect or suspects currently is available.

Detectives suspect outside gangs may behind many of the break-ins in Greater Los Angeles, which often are concentrated in a particular area. For example, between Aug. 27 and Sept. 2, there were 33 vehicle break-ins in West Hollywood. Fifteen of them occurred during the late evening hours of Aug. 31 and into the early morning hours of Sept. 1. All of those incidents were window smashes targeting property left visible inside the vehicles on Melrose between Doheny Drive and Robertson Boulevard.

That the surge in vehicle break-ins is not an issue specific to West Hollywood is obvious from a report by the L.A. Downtown News in July that the L.A. Police Department’s Central Division, which covers most of downtown Los Angeles, said there were 893 vehicle break-ins in that area from Jan. 1 through July 14. That’s a 29.4% increase over the 690 reported for the same time in 2017.

The Sheriff’s Station has issued numerous warning that residents and visitors should not leave anything visible inside their cars and should actually remove anything of value. Even a pair of sunglasses or a sweatshirt on a back seat can prompt some burglars to break into a car.

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  1. i would love a car free west hollywood, how wonderful if we could turn every street into walkway and pathways, which engender unity and open conversation.
    could imagine gardens and orchards of lush beauty with open air seating and strolling musicians, arts and crafts stands to enrich our children.
    the city must live to meet it’s creative city moniker, and open themselves to a new way of thinking and planning.
    i actually believe that this new way of living will change the hearts and minds of those poor people who feel they need to steal and destroy property. they are misguided, not bad people.

  2. With all the stories posted about people having items stolen that they left in their cars, I’m starting to feel special about owning a scooter. 🛵 On more than a few nights I left my black Antifa hoodie jacket, face bandanna, sap gloves, mirrored sunglasses and, steel towed boots all in the basket of my scooter. Every morning I found all my stuff there completely untouched. 🙂 Now if the rest of the Great City of West Hollywood would embrace my enthusiasm for Environmentally Friendly Scooters along with Social/Political Activism, I would be willing to bet the burglary problems would come to an end real quick!

  3. I had a pair of prescription glasses stolen out of my car once. You can’t leave even a paperclip visible or some crook will steal it…

  4. In the past 2 years no one has done anything to my parked scooter! Maybe all these people with cars should consider replacing them with scooters to avoid all the problems. 🛵 What worries me are the hate crimes being committed by narcissist car owners against environmentally friendly scooters in Santa Monica and beverly hells. 😢 The scooters being vandalized were rentals as opposed to mine which is privately owned and I’m not finding reports of “privately owned” scooters getting vandalized at the rate “privately owned” automobiles are, so making the switch to a scooter might still be safe.

    The motive for broken windows on the automobiles was clearly burglary, if a large number of ostentatious automobiles had their windows smashed out and were keyed with the message “get a scooter” into its paint job, it would have resulted in top priority national news coverage with me being taken into questioning by federal law enforcement! The difference in motive for vandalism between cars and scooters concerns me in regards to efforts to establish a peaceful car free West Hollywood.☮️ Those opposed (the narcissist car owners) may likely set out on a campaign of mass scooter destruction! Even though my idea of the city providing electric scooters to everyone here to get rid of cars and the problems caused by scooter rental companies maybe a practical solution, we have to deal it being violently sabotaged. After which the free marketeer terrorists will say “see public solutions never work!” It’s like smashing out a shop owners windows periodically and pointing to their losses as evidence that “they can’t run a business!”

    1. It’s not correct to call these “hate crimes” as you frequently remark about every issue. It seems more opportunistic behavior capitalizing on the careless and foolish.

      1. What do you expect when reactionary capitalists give me so much “careless and foolish” easy material to use against them after their “opportunistic behavior” continues to destroy the lives of many violently oppressed people? I’m NOT sorry! ✊🏾

  5. This is, or should be, a no-brainer. Never, ever leave your valuables in your car for some low-life to see them and then steal them. No matter where you are in the greater L.A. area.

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