New Porsche Spins Out of Control on Sunset Boulevard

Photo by ANG News

The driver of an expensive Porsche purchased last week in Beverly Hills apparently lost control of it while driving on Sunset Boulevard around 3 a.m. Tuesday morning.

The speeding Porsche careened into the sidewalk barely missing pedestrians on Sunset just west of San Vicente Boulevard.

The driver apparently suffered no serious injuries. It is unclear at this time whether he has been cited for the accident.

  1. These idiots should book a day at Willow Springs, bring their friends and show off their lack driving skills. Anyone with a substantial credit card can rent these cars at several local agencies which are surprisingly attached to body shops. The agencies are helping to create a public menace. Owners of high powered vehicles who often easily slip out of infractions should actually have harsh measures inflicted.

  2. Can people just stop traveling at high speeds and racing to show off their torque and the ability to go 25 to 75 mph in 10 seconds. I would be infuriated if I was a victim, can you imagine if those pedestrians were killed, maimed for life or injured all because of an inebriated driver or at the very least an impatient driver trying to cut off another car or drive to avoid a red light—so is the stupidity of these drivers who think they are immune from any traffic infraction or violation and they drive on sunset as if it’s their own 2 mile driveway! You are putting the public in ignorant dangerous driver —go drive out of this neighborhood permanently and never return so we can keep our lives!

  3. It’s not the price of the car — pricey cars are a dime a dozen rolling around WeHo and Beverly Hills. It’s the drunk or high driver, usually a man, trying to show off an expensive toy to impress someone. Hope the Sheriffs gave him a test at the scene to see if he was DUI. If so he should have been arrested. If not, I hope it’s a very expensive ticket or maybe he’s charged with a felony for speeding and/or reckless driving.

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