Bentley Driver Arrested for DUI After Hitting Two Cars in WeHo

(Photo by Jim Garrett/ ANG News)

Just after 2:00 a.m. today a black-colored Bentley side swiped the driver side door of a Prius on the 700 block of Westmount Drive in the Tri-West neighborhood of West Hollywood.

The driver of the Prius, who identified himself as David, told ANG News he was standing on Westmount at the driver door ofhis Prius when the Bentley accelerated down Westmount at a high rate of speed and struck the door to his car.

“I was standing right here. I’m just glad he didn’t hit me,” he said.

A local resident said he heard the crash and it was very loud. West Hollywood Sheriff’s deputies found the Bentley with a damaged right side and the side curtain airbags deployed near the intersection of Rosewood and San Vicente.

The Watch Commander at The West Hollywood Sheriff’s Station confirmed the driver hit at least two vehicles and was taken into custody for hit and run and DUI.

  1. I’m NOT the least bit surprised that an irresponsible narcissistic driver of a bentley would of committed a hit and run and DUI against a socially responsible Prius! Bet he hates kind loving Scooter Drivers too. Instead of letting him go with a small fine and able to go out on the roads to do the same thing again, the Judge (certainly none of the picks of the current administration) should have the destructive bentley impounded and sent to the crusher to be recycled into Scooters. The driver should be forced to use ONLY Public Transit for no less than 2 years and, pay for any and all damages caused. Any violation of the Public Transit sentence should result in a lifetime driver’s license ban. Now that would help with the ostentatious car problem!

    1. No, we are all fine. Car is in shop already, but will see if we should get an attorney and go after the driver in civil court. He nearly hit David and missed him by about 2 inches. This could have been a completely different outcome.

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